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Friday, October 01, 2010

The store that my bank is in, that is very close to me, normally is higher priced than others, but I STILL look to see what I might find that is a great buy! Found: marked down organic buffalo meat: that I am going to cut up for stew meat; and freeze (3 packages!); 2 packages of wild fresh caught fish; got a Tablespoon of cumin to use in chili I am going to cook shortly (FAR FRESHER to buy spices, and seasonings by the Tablespoon than in the higher priced packaging where it sits in your cupboard to be used! Heavenly smell!

Further on down in the store was a shelf with marked down items: including organic and fair trade teas: Earl Grey, one of my favoritest! and also Ceylon black! not only marked down but an additional 50 percent off the lowest marked price! YES!

I stocked up on these, and gave my neighbor a package of fish, and of buffalo meat and told her what I planned on doing with mine! (she's been having a hard time lately just recently last month started getting a steady income! And in return, she blessed me with some fresh figs, and 2 dinasour eggs; looks like an apple but is soft like a plum! I am looking forward with delight to TASTE one tonight! 

I went to the grange and they STILL had 20 lb bags of birdseed 3 for $9.99!!! normally it's $6.99 or more for the same item! and they had a HUGE bird seed feeder made for woodpeckers for only $6.99!!! I had looked at some previously that were not even a 4th of the size for $3.97! All kinds of nuts galore; at least 2 lbs of them I would think! AND: last but not least: they had a beautiful bird dripper on a rock base marked clearance from $36 to $8.74!!!!! Got one for both me AND one for my neighbor, who has joined me in gardening, and in feeding and watering and watching the birds!

I had been wanting a bird dripper for a VERY long time; EVERYTHING comes to he who waits: and for the PRICE that they are WILLING to pay for it! TWO beautiful drippers: with all the supplies needed; for LESS than 1/2 the cost of what ONE would normally run!


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