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Blog: Live like a Queen on less!

live like a queen, choosing wisely.

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use HEALTHY cookware!
Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you are fortunate enough to have the older cast iron cookware you are in fortunate shape! REASON: the IRON which is required by your body, cooks into the food, and then into you! Additional bonus: you can make cornbread and other items in your oven with it!

Going to the Good Will As Is store today: I picked up two glass pyrex pie pans; $1 each; joining my glass bread pans i picked up for 10 cents each at a garage sale. Glass is extremely safe to cook in or the older ones certainly are. No inkling what they might be adding to the newer ones.

The non stick teflon is horrid folks; flakes off into foods, kills birds instantly if left on without anything in it; toxic gas; 100 percent of nursing mothers years ago were found to have this substance in their milk; get rid of these if you have and they should not even be being sold in this country or any other, for that matter. Todd English and Joy Magnono I believe is the spelling; have a green technology that is amazing; little pricey for my book, but once bought, will have forever. At the As Is store today, was a wonderful Paul Revere ware skillet; the handle was in need of a little care, but this cookware is also good, or was. Can't say it is the same today.

Democracy "works" by targeting and harming us the people; for their personal profit and their personal gain; it is NOT and never HAS been a Gov system that was FOR the people at any time. It is NOT the will of the people either; for NO ONE wants to be exploited; or harmed in any way, shape or form. Exploitation: our Gov claims is the "way" democracy works. It is a crime. So do not expect ANY Gov agency in the USA to be doing anything in any manner to help the people of this nation or globally with THEIR stated plan of global dominion; which is "intellectual elites and bankers" running the world.

Democracy literally means setting the truth to the side and presenting a different idea. You will find with little research that it is the manufacturing and fabrication of THINGS or LIES or STORIES instead of the TRUTH. The AMA is done this way; the FDA works hand n hand with Monsanto, a chemical company who also owns a pharmacutical along with Dow & Rockefeller. So what we HEAR, SEE, and READ: is made up poppycock, given to us by a so called "expert"; It takes LITTLE TIME to research and find out the TRUTH. is a great site; lots of information, lots of green living and healthy ideas; and petitions to sign. This is where I signed petitions re all  the chemicals in the milk being fed to our children. Sure enough, it apparently has a "shelf life" of twinkies; because after getting a gallon and keeping it 6 weeks past the "expiration" date: it had not soured, no rotten smell; poured it down the drain and now get raw milk from a local farmer.

The information being given out to us the people is manufactured and fabricated stories; when you connect the tremendous profit: being forced to buy from their Corps; and then pay again the same folks when we get ill to "cure" us: and being way overbilled for everything, perhaps one day we will know and understand that "democracy" has nothing at all to do with freedom; in the mean time, we must educate ourselves and others as much as possible; for our own health and that of our neighbors, and our communities, and then onto the states.

Now, undoubtedly you have seen "experts" and "so called" authorities telling you they have not got a clue how to cure Alzheimers or prevent it. This is quite simply not true at all.;; and googling it and researching it takes little time. WELL worth the time spent as ignorance is NOT bliss!

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savor the flavor!
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am currently boiling some eggs to have for breakfast;  went on a long walk this AM with my neighbor; and it's currently almost noon and I have yet to eat anything! DO BUY organic or range free eggs: I know personally folks who have chickens and get from them when I can; otherwise it's on to checking under farm and garden!

The FLAVOR is SO incredibly GOOD; it makes one wonder what is DONE to the "eggs" they sell in the stores! even the so called 'range free" eggs sold in the large stores don't hold ANY flavor at all to REAL eggs from REAL chickens from REAL farmers!

With some REAL butter made from REAL milk from REAL cows! Bought direct from a creamery because the FLAVOR from it is the difference between night and day as "real butter" supposedly bought in a box from the grocery store!

I normally pay $2 to $2.50 a dozen; sometimes $2 for 18 small eggs; from HONEST farmers! Now, I COULD pay up to $5 a dozen for the SAME thing but that would just be downright silly now wouldn't it? BE WISE! and DON"T say "I can't afford it" when in TRUTH: you just need to do some checking around like you do in stores to find the BEST prices!  Find a local farmer in your area who sells RAW milk; it is NUTRICIOUS, and DELICIOUS: and that is WHY it is no longer sold in "huge stores";

In a "democracy" where targeting and harming the people for THEIR personal profit and THEIR personal gain is the way it WORKS: (which is a crime, btw) there is NOT one single Gov agency doing the job it's supposed to be doing (especially the Judicial branch!) and there is NONE working for the health and welfare and well being of ANY of us! Monsanto's employees work hand in hand with the FDA: which I call Forever Deceiving Americans into believing that anyone anywhere is doing anything that is GOOD for the PEOPLE!

Monsanto and Dow: both have huge pharmacuticals attached with them; so they profit greatly when we are ill! Democracy literally means to set the truth to the side and manufacture and fabricate something ELSE instead! (going back to the diaries of the early settlers in the 1850's ) in Rogue Valley, Oregon! The AMA, and all the information given to us the PEOPLE is then just manufactured and fabricated lies: given as "true" when in TRUTH, it is a LIE!

 This goes for MARGARINE or BUTTER as it is labeled in the stores: given the information that BUTTER was bad for our HEARTS was a LIE; what IS bad for us is the product that they used to fatten turkeys with: it caused heart disease; so they put "yellow food coloring" in it, and "sold" us the "package" that butter was bad; margarine was GOOD!  Profits folks: everything is done for THEIR self interest; and that is their pocketbooks! YIKES!

Read about a wonderful store that is available in many locations called; you can check your zip code to see if any are near you! I do NOT have one remotely  close to me, SO I am going out and contacting others in the community as MOST of us are greatly concerned and rightly SO of the content of foods that we have grown up THINKING was good and safe for us. When they put chicken manure into hot dogs as it "made it so appealing" and THAT was given the OK from the FDA is when I FIRST got suspicious of what was going on!

Am going to do what I can to CORRECT the food chain in MY area: and my hat is off to you, if you participate in it where you live!

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using food savers
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food savers can be gotten from thrift stores for very little; many times folks buy them, and do not even use them; then clean cupboards and donate them. Check them carefully to make sure as with anything how "worn" or not they are. Huge generic plastic rolls can be gotten cheaply off ebay. I have 2 of  them actually: one seals jars; vaccuum sealing removes all air out of the container it is in; and the items will last indefinitely as they do not age until exposed to air.

Buying food items in bulk, and then storing them is easy; popcorn tins emptied out make great containers; mark with a sharpie what it is; and a recipe if you are so inclined to do so. You are ahead to make a recipe box and put the recipes in it; ex organic buckwheat pancake mix; what needs to be added to it to complete the recipe.

Flour, yeast, macaroni, powdered eggs, milk, etc; can easily be broken down into smaller parts; along with herbs, teas, coffee, etc. This makes it extremely handy to have FRESH items readily available; and is fantastic to have to go hiking, camping, to give to others in need.

Be creative and start thinking outside the box: from what most of us do normally; simply go to the store, and get the items; the REASONING behind this is quite simple: we can get healthier for us foods and use THEM; and have a supply of food items handy just as our forefathers did!

I encourage ALL to check out different and healthier food choices available that we have had no inkling or knowledge that these items were even available; what they are; and how so many have included them in their cooking; not all the "rave" receipes were to my liking but I found many that contained new to me foods that are incredibly healthy and incredibly delicious! Glad that I checked some of them out!


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buy now and cook later!
Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting ripened bananas at a GREAT discount: but its 92 degrees today! SO, simply PUT IN THE FREEZER; yep, skins and all!  Nothing simpler folks; and then, when it is decidedly COOLER, when I want to heat the house up and make it smell delicious, all I do is put them on a plate, let them thaw, and peel them, smash them, and make SCRUMPTIOUS banana bread!

Loving to feed the birds: but bird seed is usually $6.99 for 20 lbs; my neighbor who gets the paper, brought over an ad: True Value has THREE 20 lbs of bird seed for $9.99!!!! It is at my GRANGE CO OP: where I usually buy my bird seed! So I got SIX BAGS of it! 3 for me, 3 for my neighbor who is now HOOKED on feeding and watering the birds as well! I got SIX stamps on my CARD: which when is FULL, I get another 20 to 25 lb of BIRD SEED FREE!

When you GET a GREAT BARGAIN: like once I was on my way somewhere and stopped off at the grocery store on the way, to get a cold drink. They were having a HUGE meat sale: look at the UNIT price: not the COST. Pork which had been running $2.99 a lb: they had 10 lb packages of it for only $1.10!!! a LB! SO: i got roasts, chops, and more: ended up 80 lbs of meat for $60.00;  some of the "cuts" were cheaper still!

MANY folks look at the TOTAL PRICE: without FIGURING IN what the UNIT cost is: and the WHOLE NET WEIGHT: and have not been CHECKING when going to STORES as to what the MEAT is running per LB!

I did not get to where I was going: I headed back home, and using FREEZER WRAP: or butcher paper it used to be called: wrapped each individually and I do NOT pay extra for "freezer" tape! I use Mainstay duct tape which is an excellent buy! Or whatever I have on hand; it ALL works FINE! Label what it IS with a BLACK SHARPIE which I KEEP inside the BOX of freezer paper.

I then have a FREEZER full of FINE food: that keeps so much better with NO freezer burn! than when I used "ziplocs"; however, I DO use ziplocks that I get at Costco; for when I make spagetti, rice, soups, etc: ALWAYS make enough to EAT several meals folks! and they LAY FLAT in the freezer; easy to pick up, thaw in hot water in sink, and eat up, with a loaf of sour dough bread, which I also keep in the freezer; and simply take out a slice or two of bread and toast it! with REAL BUTTER from the CREAMERY which is HEAVENLY, it makes a SUPER meal!

If you don't have a creamery in your area, see if you can't locate someone locally who has RAW MILK;  and make your OWN butter! Far healthier for you!

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Wonderful new sight today!
Sunday, September 26, 2010

I was out in my yard repotting some plants: and took a break on my back steps; I heard a ratatattat of a woodpecker but it always takes me a minute to figure out what the sound is.

   This time it sounded decidedly different so I sat still and watched; shortly a woodpecker came over the top of the fence and it went SIDEWAYS on my fence, up and down on the fence panels themselves getting itself ants I am sure and whatever other insects it could find! I have NEVER seen a woodpecker do THIS particular thing before! Of course I am only 30 (for the 2nd time!)

Just LOVE to see the "new" birds arriving and the various varieties of woodpeckers as they migrate on their way to more sunny weather! While 88 degrees today, it does remind me as the leaves keep falling into my birdbath that fall is indeed on it's way!

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grand pyrenees
Saturday, September 25, 2010

While at the grange today, waiting for the loader to put the 35 lb bag of peanuts for the blue jays and other birds who love them into my car, I was parked next to a 2 seated pickup truck; which had 3 HUGE dogs in it! Beautiful and big; I was talking to them, telling them how beautiful they were, and that their owner must be extremely skinny to be able to fit in their with the 3 of them!

Two were in the back seat, and one stretched out in the front seat; when the owner who was indeed a very small and skinny woman, came I told her oh, you are the luckiest person! and you are thin! I told them you MUST be in order to drive with the three of them in your vehicle!

She said they are very friendly and affectionate if you would like to pet them; so I got out of my car and walked over and talking to them, petting them. HUGE i am talking HUGE animals; I asked her what kind they were and she said Grand Pyrenees, livestock guardian dogs. And she was there of course buying supplies for the livestock!

What a WONDERFULLY GRAND adventure! If any of you gets an opportunity to ever meet one of these animals: please do so! Your  life will be enriched indeed!

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Eat fresh!
Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yesterday I got 18 small eggs for $2.00 from an FARMER; had some last night for dinner! WOW!

 Tastebuds dancing in my mouth from sheer delight at FLAVOR! Adding organic sea salt and NO it does NOT have to be "expensive" folks! CHECK your PRICES! I have seen "sea salt" that is CHEMICALLY TREATED and harmful to you! I have seen TINY spice type jars with "salt" for $8 to $9!!!! THIS IS NOT CORRECT!

I have gotten sea salt grinders with Himalayan pink salt which is EXCELLENT: and they are REFILLABLE, for about $6; and THESE are LARGE ONES! not gigantic but at least 5 times the SIZE of the "tiny" salt ones selling for $8.98!!!

I have gotten a LB of grey Celtic Sea Salt that was only $5??? if THAT! BECOME a MISER ADVISER in your area! DO go shopping to COMPARE PRICES everywhere! then LIST them perhaps on a SITE: such as "while I was out and about to day I SAW: chicken for 48 cents a lb; buy one get one free!" etc.

DO try "dill" dried dill: get a tiny amount and put in your JARS: small jars, small amounts; USE THESE instead of paying huge sums for packaging! SAME with "peppercorns"; if you NEED to order ON LINE, DO SO! or find a PLACE in your AREA where you can get a "group" going that is like minded and order together! such as azure standard, and vitacost,;; THESE sites folks have food information on them that PEOPLE are not even AWARE even EXIST! I know: I am ONE of THEM!

Am planning to buy some yum yum powder next month; to make my own fruit flavored drinks; and talk to farmers re growing ORCHARDS of this fantastic product!

DO grow your own HERBS: I live in a mobile home park: and I go out and SNIP off herbs to USE in my FOOD! Easy to do folks: incredibly EASY to DO!

OH, and on your onions: once you "cut" the ROOTS off, PLANT THEM AGAIN! and they will grow ANOTHER onion for you to ENJOY!

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plant now! enjoy 2nd harvest
Friday, September 24, 2010

Just planted some lettuce and onions today! looking forward to enjoying salads FRESH from the garden (living in a mobile home park,  I plant in fruit bins I got for $1; and painted green; used organic soil from aunts compost pile of 20 years! EVERYTHING loves to florish in them!

Cut my bamboo into 2 parts, and now have 2 bamboo's in matching pots! love the willowy effect of it!

Went to the $ store today with neighbor; then to the Good Will As is store; got 4 beautiful Starbucks coffee cups for 25 cents each; a THISTLE SOCK for my finches! looks NEW! and 2 tops costing 80 cents for both tops!

Stopping at yard sales on way home, picked up a beautifully painted drop bottle that I washed thoughtly and am going to use for olive oil; and an antique small lamp with elephants on it with an old time lamp shade both for $1.00!!! Picked up a good book for 5 cents; AND the BEST of the best: I got 25 stepping stones for garden paths for $5.00!!!! and they are HUGE nice super thick ones! YES! my garden loves LOVELY and I can now enjoy it even when the rains come!

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planning ahead
Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plan ahead NOW for the dark, gloomy days of winter, when the shortest days of the year are coming!  What I DID was simply get some SPRAY PAINT: pumpkin orange is my favoritest, looks EXACTLY like tangerine! (they were OUT of it at Walmart!) so I  got some FUSION YELLOW paint.

Took me HOURS (not really, but at LEAST 8 minutes to make up my mind: it would have been thru 2 cities, and to the very end of another to find pumpkin IF they had it in stock!) so I finally chose the YELLOW FUSION: for 2 reasons: FUSION PAINT actually BONDS to the plastic and becomes a permanent part of it! and YES it REALLY TRULY WORKS!

Makes some old planters that are marred scarred maybe even a little tear in it; look NEW! and actually I was quite surprized to find out that a can of paint goes a VERY long ways when it comes to pots to plant things in!  I am THINKING: on overcast, rainy, wet cold weather: I can look with DELIGHT and JOY out my window: and SEE bright cheery yellow and TANGERINE pots! even if the TREES in them are deciduous! YES YES YES!

Cheers to ALL!

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treasure looking!
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I shop frequently at the Good Will As is store; the other day I found a beautiful colorful peasant skirt I could not pass by for 32 cents! clothing there is by the pound: $1.29 a lb;  brand new george foremans $3; if no drip tray, simply put on cookie sheet, or the edge of a plate under the grill.

Book was $1.00; shoes run $1 to $2; many are brand spanking new; beautiful quilt was had for $6; thick thirsty towels (BE selective!) $1.50; yard art $1 or less; beautiful oil paintings $2;

Do NOT be afraid to LOOK: once I found a Lena Liu, one of my favoritest artists, picture under a very dusty, dirty glass; it was $10.00; I quickly figured that few if any would take the time to KNOW what the painting consisted of and $10 was a little high for me then; returning at a later date, just a couple of weeks later, still there, now marked 1/2 price; so for $5 I got an exquistely beautiful painting that all it took was looking BENEATH the dirt and grime! (picture glass folks, washed off wonderfully with microfiber cloth!

Church sales are FANTASTIC: spotting black garbage bags on the sidewalk not gone thru, or put out, I quickly discovered a mine of equistely beautiful super expensive leather bags; for $1 each! Probably cost more than I pay for rent each!

Birkenstocks: first I found a pair brand new for $8; didn't like them as didn't know that they had to be worn each day a little to "break" in; finally learned that and loved them! however, when it came time to get some, they were $100!  My sister lives 6 miles from Woodburn Oregon; they have a "shoe emporium there; visiting her, 2 pairs of super nice sandal Birkenstocks far cuter than any in my area, $39 each or 2 pair for $60.00; we split the 2 pair; she got one and I got the other!

Prior to leaving from my visit, I returned and picked out 2 more pair; total THREE pair for LESS than I would pay for ONE here. And I had red, a thong type black pair, and another black pair. I will NEVER need another pair in my LIFE! and these are WAY cute!

Curtains: yard sales, thrift stores, church sales! Just got 2 beautiful new pair which fit my corner of dining room, have 2 windows each one set in front, one set to the left side: complete with lace and swags that I have not yet put up; not sure that I will; beautiful sculptured; $4 for the entire SET!

Do NOT be in a hurry to BUY: WAIT until you KNOW that it is PERFECT; and will be PERFECT in YOUR home. It ALWAYS comes TO you: if you WAIT! Rather live reading a book with a flashlight than to have to live with a mediocre lamp that is NOT a thing of beauty! THIS is what a QUEEN does folks! THIS is what FRUGAL LIVING is: not 'making' ends meet; but KNOWING how to LIVE, savoring excellent, superb cooking (your own!) where your tastebuds JUMP for JOY! using the BEST and healthiest foods available, even if you get them over the internet! And SURROUNDING yourself with the things YOU LOVE!

Gastronomical delights for the EYES: is a David Austin apricot rose; yes, I looked for YEARS before I got this one: as a GIFT! his rose catalogues are FREE, and fill the dark gloomy days of winter; with sheer delight and joy of just SEEING them! THIS is how I finally made my selection! previously however I got TWO of them marked way down, and buy one get one at end of season. They had been bareroot plants, and had foliage and blooms on them. Not supposed to get them then or that way. I not only DID; after soaking them well in water, I planted them, and cut down and off ALL foliage; wanting all the energy of the plants to go directly to the ROOTS. Sure enough, they lived, bloomed out again, and have provided me with hours and days of JOY!  (these are NOT fussy like hybred teas!)

Happy hunting! And what JOY you get from the treasures you find!

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cook once eat several times!
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am currently soaking beans overnight; I will be making them tomorrow; and I always make extra so that I can freeze easily in zip lock bags; this way I will always have "prepared" food on hand that can be thawed easily. Since you are going to be "making a mess" when you cook, always and ever cook MORE than you will eat so you will always have easy to cook meals; save $ and tastes SO much better than boughten!

  Do invest in a mister or spray bottle to put your OWN oil in for use in pans, and waffle irons! so much healthier for you and you will save a LOT of $! (I DO keep krusteaz on hand, as I only need to add water to it! love the buckwheat and the whole wheat and honey!) THIS way you can save your eggs and milk for other things!

 I buy my bread always at the Orowheat Thrift bread store; I get a senior discount, and stamps on a card; that once full, I get a free loaf of bread, or cakes etc.

Do buy your "spices" etc at the "bulk" section, a tablespoon or what ever you need, a little at a time, rather than paying far more for a packaged one, that will sit in your shelf for months!

 I always check out the Grocery Outlet store here for spices, and or/oils, etc; for baking; they also carry organic items at a fraction of the cost elsewhere! (not always but keep checking back!)

Do invest in an organic sea salt grinder; that is refillable; not only healthier for you, but the taste is incredibly outstanding; provides a ton of minerals missing from our diets! Also grind fresh peppercorns, again, can get a little from bulk section. You will LOVE it. I have never liked ground pepper but THIS is outstanding! Find peppermills at thrift stores!

Do grow herbs you LOVE in a pot if nothing else; nothing will EVER taste as good as some snipped fresh from your own garden!


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don't put cash in the trash!
Saturday, September 18, 2010

discover microfiber folks! created in Germany to be used for cleaning WITHOUT CHEMICALS!!! they have 200,000 dirt and bacteria grabbing dots per square inch; you can locate them many times in the auto sections of stores; and also on; and; on hsn they also have durafiber which is the next step up.

i have a microfiber mop I will have forever! made of tubular steel, with an extension on it, flat head, and the thick special mop head microfibers go on like velcro; when done, simply remove and wash! Fantastic to do walls with as well!

For your bathtub, just sprinkle baking soda like you would comet; you can get cattle grade baking soda at grange's; not meant for human consumption; split with friends; you can make a "paste" if you want, with that and/kosher salt, and use if need more "scrubbing"; this works fantastic as an oven cleaner as well, with NO CHEMICALS!

Using microfibers or CLOTH napkins, got mine at thrift store for 10 cents each! they will STILL be going when 700,000 paper towels would have been used! BE WISE!

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buy NOW at end of season!
Saturday, September 18, 2010

If you BUY out of SEASON, you can get FANTASTIC savings! I used to tell folks: I make THEM pay ME to take it off their hands! In summer, get the 25 cents for knit hat, scarf and mittens! keep WATCHING til they get to the price YOU want to pay!

At the dollar store here in town, keep checking around the end of Feb and first part of March; they get in a supply of $1 bird feeders: both "tube" type and hummingbird feeders; also they get in a great supply of various size and colored pots, including hanging. WATCH for them!

We actually have 2 dollar stores here in the town where I live; and they get different things; I KNOW where to watch for the pots and bird feeders; these make GREAT gifts as well folks;  and you can easily pick up ever bearing BARE ROOT strawberries, around the end of Feb, which can be easily planted in hanging pots and make great mothers day and Easter gifts; who does NOT love strawberries!

Summer clothing is now 75 percent off; and keep checking Fred Meyers will have 50 percent off or 70 percent off their LOWEST MARKED PRICES!  Bought $80 coats for my grandkids for $7 EACH this way in March! (winter coats)

A beautiful white down comforter that came in package from QVC, originally $80 in thrift shop; picked up for daughters birthday in hot summer when was 50 percent OFF the reduced price tag of $20! so I got a $150 down comforter for $10 in the HOT DOG DAYS of AUGUST!

Got planting pots at a store (Rite Aid) who had some for 50 percent off; then waited and sure enough they had an EXTRA 25 percent OFF the already REDUCED price of 50 percent off!  Was able to get some beautiful URN shaped planters this way; good sized ones for less than $4 each!  THIS is the TIME also to CHECK OUT the 75 percent off prices (at SOME stores!) and pick up  wind chimes, etc, for gifts: for $2 or so! DO have a "drawer" or a box JUST for present items; if you BUY throughout the YEAR you will NOT have to pay DEAR or feel any guilt at all when holidays roll around!

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treat yourself to waffles!
Friday, September 17, 2010

Get a mister and use your own cooking oil to spray things like waffle irons, pans, etc, instead of paying for the "canned" spray on. You will save a lot of $ and be healthier and wealthier!

    Waffles are an oft times over looked treat and delight! Waffle irons can be picked up like new for $2 or $3 at a thrift store! Place on a cookie sheet, prior to cooking and clean up if any over flow is incredibly easy!

Krusteaz brand comes complete with all ingredients inside: all you need to add is water! You can get whole wheat and honey, buckwheat, oat bran and apple, blueberry, as well as the buttermilk. Having a variety is awesome!

Knowing that buckwheat is considered to be an "aquired" taste, when my grandkids requested I make some for them as well as myself I did so with a few misgivings. However they loved them so much (we had for dinner!) that they requested I make an encore for their breakfast the very next day!

Waffles are GREAT for any time of day! and if you have extra dough, cook them up; easy to toast in toaster or microwave to have later in the day;

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share your plants!
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Now is the time of year we can easily divide plants; same as in the spring! either way, by joining a garden site such as yahoo groups local gardening group where you can post things you have to offer and ask for the things you would love to have some of!

   Gardeners are the NICEST folks! now, I never COULD grow "inside" plants very well; however, the OUTSIDE is a whole different story!  Just in from watering, I noticed I have another beautiful apricot colored David Austin English rose coming on; it is SO breathtakingly beautiful: EVERYONE on the PLANET should have one!  Roses do NOT have to be high maitenance at all; just the hybred teas are: the floribunda's and the English roses which are HUGE cabbage shaped ones: are incredibly EASY to maintain: and the REWARDS are fantastic!

   NOTHING tastes as GOOD as something from your own garden; unless it's gotten locally from out of someone ELSES garden! Snipping herbs to put into your own cooking is beyond flavor; you WONDER how the FLAVOR ever gets OUT of so much stuff in grocery stores!

   Well, off to divide oriental poppies, lavenders, and other things: then will travel to meet with folks who will love them as well! This REALLY helps EVERYONE so incredibly MUCH: you SAVE on $; you get things YOU want for your own garden for FREE; and joy is had by all!

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grilled foods taste incredible!
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If you are not in the habit of using a grill, similar to George Foreman, which I found mine like new at Goodwill, you are missing out! Not only do you save electricity and/or gas by using it, the most expensive restaurants in the world use them for one simple purpose: the FLAVOR.

  Incredible flavor that is almost unknown to us delights the mouth and tastebuds! If yours does not have a 'drip tray" simply put a plate down under the edge of the grill to catch the grease, or put it on a cookie sheet, which is what I also use when making waffles, in case of overflow.

Grilling both sides at the same time cuts down on cooking time; after cooking, season with fresh ground sea salt and fresh ground peppercorns, you can easily find these also at Goodwill stores. Become a miser advisor folks: look everywhere for the least expensive healthiest to eat items!

Right now I am using Himalayn pink sea salt; I also have Celtic gray I have tried, and like; the pink is a little "sweeter"; and am thinking of picking up some of the Hawaiian red sea salt. Your body will thank you in so many ways; as they contain trace minerals that regular salt does not have. If not available in your area, check out; for free shipping over $25; many items not available locally can be found there.

Might also check to see if you have a local group in your area that does bulk ordering from health groups! Also, when using spices, herbs, etc, just grab what you need a Tablespoon or whatever in the bulk sections rather than buying the packaged high price stuff!

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health tips
Sunday, September 12, 2010

oganic salt contains minerals that the body needs; grinding your own salt and peppercorns not only makes you feel like a queen it is SO incredibly nutritious for you! won't need to buy all the supplements etc to replace the minerals that were taken out from regular salt.

  Easy to find old pepper grinders and same can be used for salt folks; at thrift stores; incredible taste! you will find your body actually craves the organic salt to begin with; once it realizes that it will now have a steady supply of it, it calms down; and you will discover that the majority of foods cooked in restarurants, and canned or boxed foods contain so much sodium that you will learn to make your own, which again, will save a great deal of $; and be incredibly delicious!

    Now: SOME of the "sea salt" is chemically treated as well; others have a huge price tag; avoid these folks; you can easily seek out nutritious and good for you foods at a fraction of cost; just like everything else: compare and buy; 

Get your 'spices" a teaspoon or so at a time from bulk, rather than buying containers of them that will sit to be used for a very long time, if ever!

NOTHING tastes as good as grinding your own salt, and your own pepper on foods folks. The cheapest foods taste incredibly delicious!

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life is fantastic!
Friday, September 10, 2010

I love to garden; feed and water the birds; and just delight in my yard; seeing all the various kinds of birds, and their antics!

  The chickadee has to be the clown of the bird world; extremely curious it will visit every feeder in the neighborhood; it will do somersaults; it likes to get 1 single sunflower seed at a time, then hop or fly from branch to branch til it finds just the RIGHT one; then it cracks open the seed, and savor it; then it flies back to the feeder, to select another one, and goes thru the same routine. NOTE: not always is the same branch the RIGHT one to eat it's new seed on!

This particular bird, KNOWS how to live like a queen, and be frugal. It chooses wisely, if to light etc it drops it on the ground to get a GOOD one; then it goes to a place that is perfect for it to enjoy and savor the delight it has chosen.

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