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Blog: Live like a Queen on less!

live like a queen, choosing wisely.

Showing 17 posts from October 2010 for this blog.
Yikes! i've been adopted!
Thursday, October 28, 2010

I have lived in my current mobile for 17 months now; I noticed a beautiful pure Siamese cat sunning himself, here and there but learned he was a stray. Didn't belong to anyone here in the park. A woman who loved cats fed it and others or rather I did FOR her, as she is so disabled she is unable to do it easily herself.

At first, he was skitterish, and to frightened to eat whenever anyone was around; I would put the "food" down on the lawn, stand on the deck; and talk to him. He would grab a little food with his tongue, and jump about 2 feet back from it; I kept talking to him, and gradually he started answering me.

Deciding on a name, I called him Mr B, (for Mr Blue Eyes); but being so distinguished a cat, Mr B fit him to a T, so that is what he now responds to. Gradually, he would come to eat when I was near. Then I let him sniff my hand, and he let me pet him a "short" time. He used to "sleep" in my oriental poppies outside my bedroom window!

Now, I LOVE feeding and watering the birds; so they are plentiful around my place; and while I much prefer STATUE cats, which are in my yard, as art: with allergies etc I was not wanting to have a "cat" adopt me! However, he has; and I have found that he loves sleeping in the "cat bed" I have put on the back steps with the awning overhead; also have an old "rug" down on a chair on the deck, which he sometimes sleeps on.

The weather here has been wet, wild and COLD; giving him and the birds food yesterday, I attempted to bring him into the house for warmth, but he jumped right out of my arms and fled! Which is ok with me, as it is far better for him to be an outside cat than an inside one!

I have found that even when he "sleeps" in my flowers, yard, etc, he has yet to bother any of the birds (wow isn't THAT strange!); so as long as I keep him well fed, it appears that the two of us will do fine together!

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Good friends on rainy days!
Monday, October 25, 2010

I LOVE books! So glad our mom was a reader; I read to my daughter when carrying her, after she was born, and she also loved to read, and did the same with her 3 boys; and they all now love reading as well!

Love cookbooks as well; though have to admit my favoritest is the Farm Journal ones that I have picked up. I do pick others up, but then just jot down the recipes I really love, and freecycle them on to others! FAR better as my bookshelves can reach over flowing easily! Have a bunch of books picked up and ready to be read on days like today when it's cold, and raining buckets!

And my favorite: magazines! a  neighbor down the street gets tons of them; I take her birds and blooms ones and the stack them in the magazine rack to look at and enjoy during the dreary cold days of rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc. I DROOL over David Austin's FREE English rose book; so incredibly beautiful to see. Jot down plants that interest me, but don't really have much room for to very many more of them!

Not a TV watcher hardly at all; get internet and basic channels for $39 a month; do upgrade in winter to $10 more; gives me more channels if I DO decide to watch. And the LOVELY music channels! They did NOT tell me that I would get them; tried just for fun, and love the golden oldies! Listen to it all day long without interruptions or commercials; HEAVENLY!

During the summer, I am outside a lot and do read at times, but not near as much as during the winter months. LOVE to get a cup of tea, and just put my bathrobe on over my clothes to get warmer, and just read an excellent story teller!

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buy in bluk to have on hand
Friday, October 22, 2010

My grandson's LOVE getting cards and I had gotten them quite a few different ones from Leanin Tree; they have a huge variety with various animals, etc that are just outstandingly good quality, and they have matching envelopes.

I went to their website: to see if possible to buy cards at bulk rather than pay the individual price. Glad that I did! They have a clearance section: and I could get 20 cards for a fraction of the cost of buying them individually; and if I ordered $50 worth free S&H. SO: what I DID was: I ordered 2 of the 20 card packages; and a huge bunch of the outstandingly fun and wise flexible magnets that were marked down to only 50 cents each!

I still have quite a few of them; and everyone loves to get one. My sister even comes over to pick out some for her "friends" to give as a gift to!

Grandson's still love getting the cards, as well as magnets. So do my neighbors and everyone else. And I never have to worry about getting a "gift" as I have them on hand!

And it is FUN: to pick ones out for the various people; sometimes putting the $ out can seem like a lot: but in the LONG run, it can REALLY and TRULY save you a TON!

Be wise: and be smart!

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shop at smaller markets!
Thursday, October 21, 2010

On my way to my aunt's house today; taking her some oriental poppies from my garden, I stopped by a small market which is like a fruit and veggie stand; I got a BUNCH of fresh local carrots for only $2.00 for a very large bag; it included the "new colored" ones as well as the regular ones; I was able to get a bag of 10 bell peppers for $2.00 (they sell in stores here for 49 cents a piece; I also got a very large bag of about 8 to 10 yams for $3.00; shared some with my neighbor! And also a very large bag of organic spinach for only $1.00!!! Oh, and at least 8 if not 10 very large fresh limes for $2.00 as well!

 Many times you can find not only FRESHER but local produce such as apples, peaches, pears, figs, dates, and get FANTASTICALLY great buys on them as well! You DO have to know prices; for example, I can still go and pick my own tomatos which I may be doing tomorrow for only 29 cents a lb!!!! But don't neglect the SMALLER STORES for the great big ones!

An Ace Hardware store, locally, which is also a UPS pick up store, and the liquor store, is far friendlier and can give GREAT advice freely on how to repair things, as well  as being CHEAPER than Walmart! which is just down the ROAD from them!

When a Walmart store FIRST goes into an area, they run GREAT savings! However, they then start RAISING their prices, and raising them, and raising them: however PEOPLE still many times THINK that "oh they have fantastic prices" when in REALITY they could find and buy the SAME things ELSEWHERE for FAR CHEAPER than they can at Walmart. I KNOW this as I used to walk DAILY to one and back for exercise, pricing the items!

Not saying do NOT shop there for items you CAN get great deals on: and the PEOPLE are always fantastic! But WATCH your "mindset" and BE SMART! BE WISE! I actually stopped by there today thinking on making a purchase; however, I LEFT the STORE without buying anything at all. The item I had thought about purchasing was NOT less expensive there than I could get elsewhere; being in no hurry, I will continue to look til I find the BEST price for the item I am looking to buy!

And DO BUY on line if it will SAVE you $, and be far healthier for you than you can find locally! Especially when you can get FREE SHIPPING on the items! I normally do this with FOOD ITEMS like from where I make SURE that they qualify for free shipping if over $25.00 purchase!

Also: local HEALTH FOOD STORES can carry FANTASTIC prices on items; like any other store, some are good prices and others are not! DO try some of the TEAS to be found there; the LEAF and FLOWER teas found there are NORMALLY NOT irradiated (you can ask!) and you can easily get a "ball" or wire mesh do hickey to put the TEA into; THIS is the BEST TEA that there is folks! What is in the TEA BAGS is what is LEFT after the BEST has been removed! Oh, and teas can be heavenly!

I go out to a local creamery in a nearby town to get FRESH REAL BUTTER; NOTHING in a store can even compare to the taste! not even the so called 'real butter"; If you do not have a local creamery in your area, DO see if you can get some RAW milk from a dairy farmer, to make your OWN real butter from! Contrary to what the MEDIA told us years ago: butter is FAR HEALTHIER for us than margarine! As a matter of fact, the "margarine" was actually used to fatten turkeys, and IT caused heart problems. So the MEDIA which works along with the Gov gave us the information that butter was bad. It was NOT! The margarine which they simply added yellow food coloring to, is what caused the heart problems.

But it is still making them billions of dollars a year if not trillions, and put many dairy farmers out of business, sadly. When "exploitation" which is the targeting and harming of us the people is the "way" democracy works: for THEIR personal profit and THEIR personal interest: we need to be WISE enough to CHECK that what is being SAID is true. Usually I have discovered that this is not true at all! Mislead and deceive and over bill is the way of the Gov of the USA. What a shame!

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this is hilarious!
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is just to funny not to share! Spoke with one of my grandkids today; he is 18 years old and just out on his own and sharing a place with others. He sounded a little funny so I asked him if he had been sleeping. He said no, his head was hurting.

 He had cleaned (and he is excellent at cleaning and helping) the bathroom, and it has shower doors; he was cleaning the top of the doors, said it was real linty and a dead frog covered with lint came off and it startled him so much that he jumped, hitting his head on the metal on the doors.

He said he had a little cut, had put neosporin on it and a bandage; said it was out in the yard. I said well either no one had cleaned the top of the shower doors in a long time or someone had pulled a prank on him; he said no one had cleaned it in a long time grandma it was just covered with lint.

I was laughing at the visual of a dead frog coming off and it scaring him so much so that I was crying. He said it will be something to tell your grandkids huh! I said you ARE my grandkid!

He said oh, well, something to tell your GREAT grandkids then huh!

He had gone to see the new Harry Potter movie and said it was the best yet; so good in fact he would have liked to have seen it again a second time!

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learning new things
Sunday, October 17, 2010

Found a bunch of various "make it yourself" cheeses on line; sounds exciting; may have to try! wondering if anyone else has seen these and if they have tried them, and what was the best recipes to use! SO exciting to discover new things! and ways of doing things that I have never learned before or even THOUGHT of doing!

DID find that on there are a LOT of products that are healthy that I am unable to find in the area that I live in. With the FREE S&H on orders over $25 (I am VERY careful to order things that ARE eligible for this) and put items that I would like to TRY on my wish list as I come across them! has GREAT insight as to what IS good and what is just misleading and deceiving information which is what "democracy" is sadly. Wouldn't it be fantastic to live in a country that was FOR the health welfare and well being OF the PEOPLE: instead of us being the target to harm for their personal profit and gain!

Bob's Red Mill has a MILK POWDER which is DIFFERENT than powdered milk; it comes from cows that have NOT been fed with chemicals; and sounds very interesting. Have THIS on my wish list since everything I find is geared to HARM me physically as the greatest wealth seems to come from us being ill. I HAVE tried the "coconut" milk; one that WAS organic; but when I went back to get more, they were OUT of it! (grocery outlet store!) and even THESE you have to be KNOWLEDGEABLE about as they like to claim "organic" or "natural" and THIS IS OK by our "government".

BE SMART! What you DO NOT KNOW can INDEED harm you and yours greatly! and not one gov agency in a "democracy" is there FOR the HEALTH and WELFARE and WELL BEING of ANY of the PEOPLE folks! DO be WISE and SHOP around; many times you CAN find things at GREAT prices in odd and out of the way places! is a FANTASTIC resource that teaches you all kinds of neat and wonderful things: that are HEALTHY for you! Along with all kinds of tips, and do it yourself that we have NEVER had access to in mindless void of mainstream media that is dedicated to keeping us ignorant of what is REALLY going on! they have do it yourself solar ovens, homes that are green, inexpensive, and make it yourself recipes that are tried and true.

I am just discovering all kinds of NEW and EXCITING things; including all kinds of FOODS and SPICES that I get by the Tablespoon now instead of buying high priced packaging! Was UNAWARE of the FANTASTIC variety of RICES available; LOVE the LUNDBERG ones that are eco grown in California but they are difficult to FIND in my area. DO try these folks: the JASMINE and others are FANTASTIC. So is the WILD RICE BLEND: which cooked in my rice cooker, DID take a little more liquid than it called for; but when it was done, crunchy and DELICIOUS! LOVE the things that are delicious AND nutricious!

Thank goodness we DO have a store that is about 15 miles away that DOES carry things that ARE nutricious and sometimes I can get GREAT savings there. DO stay AWAY from all the genetically modified seeds and foods that are DESIGNED to contain pesticides and chemicals as well as all kinds of horrid things! (they are NOT going to be marked) and if they were, they would mark them as NON GENETICALLY MODIFIED; cuz THIS is what THIS nation is all about, sadly. In France and other countries, they rip them up and are REFUSING to eat or have anything to do with them. THEY are FAR more knowledgeable than WE are folks!

Raw milk is GOOD for us; so is REAL butter and REAL cheese MADE from raw milk; this is WHY they took them AWAY from us; pretty sad, huh! Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a GOVERNMENT system that was FOR us, instead of AGAINST us? I thought that was what governing was all about! 

SO: better to have holes in apples and have to cut them out; than to have all the chemicals inside of us! and I am going to learn to make my own cheese with GOOD milk; I can do this easily after all I am only 30 (for the 2nd time!)

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Surround yourself with beauty
Friday, October 15, 2010

Surround your self with BEAUTY. Things that YOU love; being frugal does NOT mean miserable; Lena Liu is a wonderful artist I admired for years; I got one of her beautiful paintings under a bunch of grime; spotting it I KNEW what it was and who it was done by; short of $ then, returned a week later and got it for 1/2 price of $5.00; It has a treasured place in my home; and I DELIGHT in it's beauty!

I have CUPS that I LOVE to drink out of; I have plates I LOVE to eat off of; do they match? NO; neither do my bowls but I LOVE to eat out of them as well! I have 4 Royal Dalton plates of wild flowers, all different, got for $2 each; and I LOVE them; my silverware doesn't have to match either! I recently just got a glass sqare cake pan for $1.00!!! I have glass bread pans, and several glass skillets; as well as cast iron ones. THESE are HEALTHY for us to use; and yes it took TIME to find them but I DID! Steadily removing ALL aluminium even COOKING ware from my house; it causes so much medical problems folks it should not even be available for SALE in this country! And if we had a WORKING and FUNCITIONING Government we would NOT!

My curtains in my kitchen I just love so much; I got at yard sale for $4.00; I NEVER just "buy" to COVER them; I WAIT til I find something I LOVE! And at a price I am wiling to pay for them; I have glass jars of various sizes and shapes filled with things; and I LOVE them!

Find beautiful things that appeal to YOU; and then, surround yourself with BEAUTY; in your everyday life. You will then ENJOY life to the fullest and SAVOR the sheer joy of life and living!

Tangerine planters and yellow planters etc; ALL appeal to us as BEAUTY; and they LIFT our spirits up; THIS is the joy of having BEAUTY around you. THIS is I believe what seperates the women from the men. Even if one single rose bush; outside a mud hut, women DELIGHT in BEAUTY!

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Frost is coming! YIKES!
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watching the news today; it was 80 degrees today; and then lower tomorrow and then into the 60's and it is going to be near freezing tomorrow night. I am NOT READY to have it so cold; yet it IS October. Soon the days will be shorter and shorter and shorter.

 It is difficult time for me to deal with little sun; so I keep Birds and Blooms magazine that a friend gives to me; I have a magazine holder, and they stay there until winter time. David Austin's free rose catalogue is also there. How I  LOVE looking at the beautiful roses in the gloomy dreary days of winter.

I have 2 stacks of books actually that I have put aside for me to read; this is something that I do when winter is here and the weather not clear; I can curl up and read a GREAT book! And sip a cup of tea; with raw honey in it! mmmm, it doesn't sound quite so bad after all!

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Save $ on laundry soaps
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Laundry soap are so full of chemicals they can affect me from 3 feet away with an instant heada che; I used to make my own laundry soap using Fels Naptha or Zete; then the makers of THOSE products heaped the chemicals SO MUCH on THESE: that I could not even keep the laundry soap in my own HOUSE!

SO: what I LEARNED: was I bought Biokleen; I had HEARD reports of how excellent it was but had to TRY it for myself to BELIEVE it. NO CHEMICALS are used in it at all. The SAME AMOUNT you use for HOME MADE soap aprox 2 to 3 Tablespoons is ALL YOU USE of this marvelous product! THERE ARE NO FILLERS INVOLVED HERE FOLKS!

So, while yes, the INITIAL OUTPUT is $10 or $11, NO FILLERS mean LOTS of LAUNDRY as you are ONLY USING a VERY SMALL AMOUNT! I LOVED it, and am STILL WORKING on the FIRST box of it I got quite a LONG time ago! BTW, I DID buy another box when they had a great sale on it; so am probably good for at least another 8 months! WHEN I SEE it on SALE, at a GREAT savings, I WILL pick it up, knowing that I will indeed be using it later. However, if I had KNOWN that the original box would last THIS long, I probably wouldn't have picked it up when I did!

This actually saves you a GREAT deal of $; and not only THAT: it saves your lungs, and sinuses!

ALSO: while checking things on ebay the other day, I spotted some "soap nuts" which are supposed to be wonderful for doing laundry with! I have never tried myself, but the opening bid for these on auction was 99 cents! WORTH checking it out folks! Be sure you know what the going price is elsewhere so you do not overbid!

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dehydrate! dehydrate!
Monday, October 11, 2010

My friend Liz gave me a bunch of fresh basil; she had been drying a bunch herself; and she showed me how she had dried tomatoes, onions, both green and regular; also peppers; THE LIGHT WENT ON!

I got a dehydrator, and started with the basil; then I made banana chips; now I am looking forward to doing apple chips with the crabapples that fall in my yard! And my mints: I am going to dehydrate to make my own teas; chives, thyme, rosemary, etc; YES YES YES! If I had ONLY had a brain I would have KNOWN to have done this a VERY long time ago!

I LOVE the idea that I can make dried fruits and send them inexpensively to my grandkids; with total control over the quality of the products. All my soil in my planting bins are organic soil I got from my aunts compost pile of 20 years with no one ever using the EARTH!

WOW! things LOVE it and they just do so very well! I have a HUGE lavender plant that quadrupled in 1 year's time; I am going to prune it, and dry it; and then use it to make some really neat things; to give as Christmas gifts, and just because I love to give gifts to others!

Perhaps I will put some in my soap and shampoo bars I am going to start making; just as soon as the weather turns a little bit nastier. Right now I am LOVING the sun shine; and spending time outside even tho it's getting darker far earlier than I would like for it to!

I actually got TWO dehydrators each for less than $5; barely used. LOVE the idea of how many various things I can start drying. Wow, what wonderful possibilities!

Think tomorrow I am going to go out to the farms who sell produce and see what I can find; amazing that SQUASH dried tastes BETTER and far SUPERIOR to potato chips! Incredible!

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healthier rice is available
Friday, October 08, 2010

Going to Winco today to pick up a few items,  I checked out some items; the rice selection there is sadly lacking in showing what is definetly available at SOME stores, not all of them. This is why many times i order through Amazon folks. However I did not yet check out the Asian and India stores in my area yet. Now, back in the back of the store, near the bullk IF you know what you are looking for and where they are located, you can find basmati  rice which is extremely flavorful and makes your house smell outstandingly wonderful! This is a highly treasured rice folks: and if all you have ever tasted is regular white rice and regular brown rice you are in for delicious delights!

 One of my favoritest is Jasmine rice. Just outstandingly delicious. This is also one of my neighbors favorites. Now, I have a store located about 15 miles away that carries OODLES of organic and GOOD for you items; which is wherec I can go shop, and do so, with my neighbor who is now getting to know quite a LOT about the chemicals and other horrid things in the food chain, that is all geared to harm us for the greater good of their pocket books when we get ill. We have to OUTSMART them folks!

THIS is the reason everyone is talking about eating healthier; once you UNDERSTAND the connections between chemicals/pharmacuticals/and "politicians" and other elected officials: and that "exploitation" which is targeting and harming us the people for THEIR personal profit and gain (which is a crime) and the judicial system that has always and forever simply gone right along with this at great profit to their own pocketbooks: you also will start implimenting all you can as it is NOT nor has it EVER been the "will of the people" to be exploited in such manners

Trust me, rather go hungry than eat some of the gross vile and disgusting things that I have been eating most my life with the THOUGHT that there were agencies in place to prevent such atrocities from happening! THESE agencies folks work AGAINST the people and the population: NOT for us at all. And all of this was done with premeditated planned out right along with the media who knowing all along what the plan was, kept their discretion for if the lights of publicity had shown on what was going on for the past 40 years we never could have gotten away with it (David Rockefeller speech given back in 1991).

FIRST of all: HEALTH is and always SHOULD be the #1 priority of MOMS; so I encourage you to check out;;;; etc. Won't take very long to get to the understanding of what has happened at all.

Organic farming has been proven to yield 3 x's the amount of crops in any area at all;  other than chemical/the; chemical company Monsanto: and all the manufactured and fabricated (which is what democracy literally means) stories that are presented by so called "doctors" scientists, experts etc: are just that. Big fat lies! Democracy literally means setting the truth to the side and presenting a DIFFERENT idea instead. (gotten from the diaries of the settlers back in the 1800's in the area I live in)

Fuel: the book, outlned a marvelously wonderful way of feeding even huge cities in a healthly, nutriciously and green, with recycled water, etc: method; it was rejected just like all the other marvelously wonderful methods and plans that have been coming up from the farmers of this nation for a century. There is NO REASON for the chemicals etc to be in the foods at all folks; other than that it makes certain folks wealthier; just like all the plastic and petroleum does, and the chemicals added in every area and arena of our homes. They also profit greatly when we get ill, and THIS is their biggest profit of all.

Anyway: check out Asian and India stores in your area; google and or go to Amazon and check out the various types of rice; and beans; and other products. Talk to your locals to see who has eggs, and pigs or cattle and see if you can't share crop or share farm with them. I also belong to a local harvest group who harvests fruits, etc, that folks prefer not to do themselves. We give 1/3 to  the owners (if they want them) 1/3 to people who harvested and in group, then try to sell at very reasonable price to others locally or simply give them to those interested in receiving them. We do not harvest chemically treated items: better wholes in apples, and/or worms, than chemicals in children!

Anyway: $4.99 for "wild rice blend" in bulk, none available in smaller packages; so  I really LIKE Lundberg rice, here in USA, and they eco farm and use as few as possible chemicals, etc. You can check out their site. On Amazon I scored 6 packages of wild rice blend for $15 something; these are 2 lbs packages; no, I haven't tried them but have always wanted to do so! Very aromatic, and one lady from Calif couldn't understand why the Jasmine rice in a package here didn't smell wonderful like they did in California!

I went to Ashland today with my neighbor, who wanted to go as I told her they had a great buy on chicken legs and thighs, smart chicken (organic) for only 89 cents a lb. I have not had chicken or other meat in a VERY long time due to what I found to be done to them, and what they are serving us in these. One woman I spoke to had been to see an agriculture farm; of cattle; lined up, unable to move, in excrement 2 to 3 feet high; they feed them hormones, and other chemicals, etc, to try to make them "fat" as they are so  unhealthy. NONE of these even NEEDED to be done folks. The FARMERS wanted to keep their farms, but they were taken away with laws, and by deliberately underselling them and any other way they could put them out of business, because "exploitation" is the way "democracy" works, sadly.

So: I got 4 packages of these; these normally run $2.49 a lb; it said previously frozen, but mine were still frozen; I am going to cook, make chicken stock, and shred the chicken; will put into zip locks; or containers, and use to make salads, tacos, etc, to make them go as far as I can.

While there, I enjoyed looking at the various rices: forbidden rice, which is black; I googled when I got home, and found out that it turns purple when cooked. A reader tip was a woman used 1/8th cup of this to her regular rice, and all the rice turned color and gave the other rice a superb flavor! (gotta LOVE reader tips!)  I saw a Burmese Red or something like that; a yellow rice; as well as small packages of basmati and white and brown jasmine rice; I have never had brown jasmine rice, just the white. Am looking forward to trying it one day!

Rice is NOT just "rice" folks!  a huge selection and variety is available to us; many extremely nutricious and delicious! I DO have a rice cooker (got at thrift for $4) works fantastically; I have put in "soup" as a base; and added liquid; DO check to see if need to add MORE water, as sometimes you do! Also have used spagetti sauces; including Alfredo; I have added fresh basil, onions, garlic, etc; simply INTO the rice and let it all cook together. One of my FAVORITEST things to do is to once done, ADD SALSA to the top of it. Heavenly !

 I LOVE salsa but do NOT like chips! My solution was to try salsa on my rice: and I LOVE it! I DO check around for various recipes, etc, for ideas: and found a great one for fried rice which I am going to try.

Also saw a box of something called "dirty rice" which I am going to google and find out what it is and perhaps try it!

Marci was thrilled beyond words with all the healthy products available in the store; she walked out with 5 full bags of food: for $100!!! And she said oh, my gosh! I thought that I had spent way to much $; I like this store SO much better than Winco! She said I stocked up on a lot of things but I  am just thrilled, I got HEALTHY things for me; and so MUCH of them! Doubt she is going to do much shopping elsewhere; and it's fantastic as we can split the cost of gas and go together, which somehow makes it far nicer and worth the drive there!

Start with a little, and gradually find alternatives that work well for you! Like I said: natural news exposes a lot of things that claim to be organic and are not! Just like I was saying: I bought a lb of organic Celtic salt for $4.65; yet I have SEEN tiny little jars perhaps an OUNCE for $7.99; folks: you have to SEARCH for the BEST prices just like anything else you buy!

Your health is the most important thing in your life: and your families. It takes LITTLE to find out ways to improve your life: here is to your well being!

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gifts from a gardener!
Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My friend Liz is an avid gardener; she and her husband have had huge gardens and still have them going. I found 2 of the Harry Potter books she has been wanting for her grandkids so took them by today for her. She gave me lots of regular and lemon basil. Told me to strip the leaves and dehydrate it, then crumble the leaves and put in a jar.

She showed me her dehydrated tomatoes, squash which was OUTSTANDING in flavor; FAR superior to any potato chip! green onions as well as a white onion. She then simply keeps them in jars and they look very interesting on her counter!

She also gave me an inside needle ivy, which I passed on to my neighbor, and an aster! I am heading out to get my dehydrator and using it on the basil. I have never even heard of lemon basil before! How exciting to get and try new things! I would NEVER have thought of dehydrating a squash: nor that it would literally taste superior to potato chips! has lots of do it yourself items to make for far less money than you would think! Am going to check there for possible do it yourself screens to make where can just dry in the sun next summer! My sister told me she had been given some raisins made out of grapes from a friend who had simply dried them on screen in the sun and it was far superior than any she had ever tasted from a store!

I am telling you folks: you cannot go wrong with having gardeners in your life as friends!

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become a SNOOP
Wednesday, October 06, 2010

By this, I mean every time you are in a store, DO LOOK and SNOOP at the prices! Think of it THIS way: as you are walking you are LOSING calories, gaining tone, and best of all KNOWLEDGE!

Do NOT go there necessarily to BUY: and NEVER go there hungry! I carried cloth bags with me before they ever became "popular": always carried water bottle, and granola bars, or crackers and peanut butter, and reading material! No need to fret waiting in line, grab a few lines of your favorite book! Backed up traffic, no need to fret, good music, good books, good food! If you find yourself getting "restless" practice a little meditation! Get back into harmony; and begin to think of GOOD things;  jot down things you might forget if not noted.

DO carry something to write with; and jot in a journal or notebook when you get home. SHARE what you have learned with OTHERS as well! Looking at the "Mexican" food aisles, and the Asian items etc: is extremely rewarding. Many times great buys can be found there; as well as foods that grab your attention; note them down; google them when home, and find recipes that might have gone unheard of by you and not tasted as you had never heard of the items before!

I noticed that the Mexican aisles have very small packages available for herbs and spices at GREAT prices as opposed to the "AMERICAN" prepackaged HIGH prices. Enlightening huh! I found out that buying a Tablespoon or so at a TIME, from BULK was FAR cheaper than buying off the "shelf". Though I have not yet tried it, I am going to: make my own mayonnaise: I have read repeatedly that it is SO GOOD tasting that you will NEVER go back to store bought again!

Incredibly ENLIGHTENING again! Had never even THOUGHT of making my own: it had simply never even occured to me that THIS was something that I could easily DO! (snoop on line as well!) When my neighbor weed eating cut my phone line (the inside wiring), I  went to; then went to the local hardware store as Walmart wanted far more than I wanted to pay for inside wiring. The man quickly cut it off a reel, and quite simply explained in very simple terms HOW I could DO IT myself! And I DID: for less than $3 I was ABLE to SAVE myself $150 in having someone else FIX it for me!

TRUST ME: I have NEVER conquored using an electric can opener folks: and if I can do something THIS complex: (to ME) or what I had THOUGHT was complex: ANY one any where any time can DO this and it was SIMPLE!

Shatter MINDSETS: when Walmart goes into a location: they have low prices on many things! then they actually INFLATE the prices, and they are oft times FAR HIGHER than you can find things ELSE where! Many stores that are HIGH in prices normally: can offer on certain items and at certain times things FAR CHEAPER than you can buy ELSE where!

Every store: has things that are higher, and things that are lower in price than others. You HAVE to take the TIME or have someone LOCALLY who can become a MISER ADVISOR: and even THIS person will be learning NEW things from others who have done THIS practice as well!

ALWAYS and EVER be willing to LEARN and to TRY new and different things! And DO pass information on to others that will benefit them as well!

Instead of snooping ON people: snoop FOR people: and enjoy the process along the way! And if you run into a store for an item needed: PLEASE take the time to just PEEK as you are there: for any pricing information that can be passed on to others!

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great breakfast!
Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Simply get some oat bran; to make it into a delicious cereal, make 2 cups boiling water; then slowly add the oat bran, stirring it. Lower heat, will be thick in just a moment;

 Organic oat bran: no need to pay more for "cereal"; simply use the oat bran! Quick, simple, easy, delicious and nutricious! feel free to add berries, banana's what have you to!

Since I stay away from milk, I simply put on a little REAL butter, from REAL cows, bought at a local creamery (NOTHING tastes as good as THIS); and add a little organic raw sugar to it.

Similar to cream of wheat but thicker, and not as thin. Great change of pace from oatmeal, which I still like!

Though I say "breakfast" I have enjoyed this for lunch, and for dinner!  Think tomorrow I will add some organic raisins to it!

To your HEALTH!

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Eating healthy on a budget!
Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stopped by the Walmart super store as was in a neighboring town that has one; every time for the past month or so that i have gone in, they have offered a great savings on grapes; on the shelf beneath the grapes they have the cost at $1.88 a lb; however on a "sign" stuck up sideways by them, they offer the green seedless one week at 50 cents a lb; then the red seedless for 50 cents a lb; just be VERY careful to READ which one is on sale! Fantastic savings!

Stopped by Target today, and found 8 o clock coffee 11 oz for $3.97; I picked up some hazelnut that I have not enjoyed for a very long time, and the aroma that floods my house is amazing!

Placed an order from today: for the Lundberg wild rice gourmet blend rice, six 1 lb bags of rice, for $15.91 which is $2.65 a lb! and a 16 oz More than gourmet gold roasted chicken stock Glace de Poule; have never tried it before but it was recommended and due to the reviews and the ingredients I am looking forward to trying it. Very concentrated, use very little to a gallon of water (so i will be using far less than that!) to make the stock; it states that it keeps very well in the refrig; however, one lady said she freezes it by the tablespoonful on a cookie sheet; then puts into a container to use as needed! All organic ingredients, and no msg, very little sodium; sounds yummy! Both qualified (REQUIRED for ME!) for the FREE shipping over $25; the rice can be frozen, and keep nicely or vacuum sealed to preserve freshness; Since wild rice blends even in bulk here normally go for at least $7 a lb this is a fantastic buy for me! And the notes saying that this is far superior (the stock) than the hours spent cooking, canning, etc: did it for me to at least TRY it! LOVE that the woman put the note about freezing it by the Tablespoons on a cookie sheet to preserve it!

Lundberg is grown in Calif and is eco friendly and I LOVE their rices! Looking forward to trying their Christmas rice that is going to be available soon! Signed up to be notified when it is available! IF I cannot get the price I want locally, I do not mind at all ordering especially when I do not have to pay S&H!

Costco: went there with my sister; got 5 lbs of peeled and cut organic carrots for $4.95; gave some to my neighbor to enjoy as well; smells OUTSTANDINGLY like those that I get at the Farmers Market; NOTHING tastes as good as carrots from a garden or organic! got 3 lbs of bananas for $1.32; got a 10 lb bag of SWEET onions for $6.99 (shared with neighbor) but in the regular stores they are at least $1 a lb or more; got Tillamook 2 lbs of sliced REAL cheese made without the chemicals normally in milk for $4.99 (in stores they are around $4 for 1 lb!)

What I got there that was NOT food: Kirkland brand toilet paper; 420 sheets per roll; twin ply; 35 rolls; the sheets per roll is higher and in fact 2 1/2 times the amount usually found on any other toilet paper; THIS will last at least a year, so the $17.99 is well worth it!

Also got Allclear which is their BRAND of clariton; same ingredients; and I get 300 pills for $12.45; cheapest found elsewhere is 120 pills generic at Walmart for $18.99; quite a bit of savings here! and again, it will last me a year or just about so!

Picked up a book by Lee Child that I had not read yet nor been able to get from the library; out in paperback it was $5.50; and used IF you could find it, it would be at least $5 from a used book store! My sister will read it after me, and then on to others who enjoy so it was well worth it! Incredibly amazing that a book can be around for 100 years or more: and cost so very little once figured out how long it will last and how many times enjoyed indefinetly over generations!

Going to enjoy the coffee and read a good book! Does life get any better than this? Especially since it is supposed to rain tonight! (tho many times tea is just as loved and savored by me anyway!)

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

My neighbor Marci has joined me in a walk every morning that is normally an hour long, or just about that. Today, was her day to determine where we were walking. We came home 3 1/2 hours later! YIKES!

Tomorrow I am going to Costco to get some granola oat and honey bars; 96 of them for $12; I carry them WITH me so when i leave for a walk and get hungry, I can eat them! and they are GOOD! I have a stainless steel water bottle, that stayed at home today; FROM now on, it goes WITH me!

Good news: while I was away, my sister came by, and left me a couple of books she said were good reading, and a HUGE 25 lb bag of peanuts so I can feed the blue jays and other birds who love the peanuts!  I send them emails re the humerous and funny  antics of the birds, and pics of them, that Marci takes, and sends me over the internet; so they can enjoy them as well!  I had mentioned to her that I was having trouble finding peanuts that were unsalted to feed them and that $2 a lb was just TO HIGH! But she KNEW how much I love to feed them and so she brought me a bag by! My aunt brings me large bags of thistle seed so I can feed my finches for my birthday!

It has been near 90 here almost every day this week; pretty warm for October;  so we try and go walking early in the day. But we are still warm when we get back from it after an hour: and 3 1/2 hours later, we need another shower! But we are gearing up with boots etc to be able to continue to do this even after the weather is not so warm!  Got a wonderful journal today at Goodwill to put my writings in; and 3 cards for $1.00; TWO of them were beautiful with book marks that could be removed and used! FAR cheaper than getting one in a regular store! Also picked up 2 of the Harry Potter series a friend had asked me to keep an eye out for! and only $2 a piece! THIS is what life is about: asking OTHERS to help you on their journeys in their lives: for what YOU are looking for; my sister blessed me with a  bag of peanuts she found; I blessed a friend with 2 books SHE had been looking for; I blessed my neighbor with a wonderful card and a beautiful bookmark that she can use!

Cheers to all as we go on walkabouts and have adventures daily!


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the sheer JOY of it all!
Friday, October 01, 2010

The store that my bank is in, that is very close to me, normally is higher priced than others, but I STILL look to see what I might find that is a great buy! Found: marked down organic buffalo meat: that I am going to cut up for stew meat; and freeze (3 packages!); 2 packages of wild fresh caught fish; got a Tablespoon of cumin to use in chili I am going to cook shortly (FAR FRESHER to buy spices, and seasonings by the Tablespoon than in the higher priced packaging where it sits in your cupboard to be used! Heavenly smell!

Further on down in the store was a shelf with marked down items: including organic and fair trade teas: Earl Grey, one of my favoritest! and also Ceylon black! not only marked down but an additional 50 percent off the lowest marked price! YES!

I stocked up on these, and gave my neighbor a package of fish, and of buffalo meat and told her what I planned on doing with mine! (she's been having a hard time lately just recently last month started getting a steady income! And in return, she blessed me with some fresh figs, and 2 dinasour eggs; looks like an apple but is soft like a plum! I am looking forward with delight to TASTE one tonight! 

I went to the grange and they STILL had 20 lb bags of birdseed 3 for $9.99!!! normally it's $6.99 or more for the same item! and they had a HUGE bird seed feeder made for woodpeckers for only $6.99!!! I had looked at some previously that were not even a 4th of the size for $3.97! All kinds of nuts galore; at least 2 lbs of them I would think! AND: last but not least: they had a beautiful bird dripper on a rock base marked clearance from $36 to $8.74!!!!! Got one for both me AND one for my neighbor, who has joined me in gardening, and in feeding and watering and watching the birds!

I had been wanting a bird dripper for a VERY long time; EVERYTHING comes to he who waits: and for the PRICE that they are WILLING to pay for it! TWO beautiful drippers: with all the supplies needed; for LESS than 1/2 the cost of what ONE would normally run!

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