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Surround yourself with beauty

Friday, October 15, 2010

Surround your self with BEAUTY. Things that YOU love; being frugal does NOT mean miserable; Lena Liu is a wonderful artist I admired for years; I got one of her beautiful paintings under a bunch of grime; spotting it I KNEW what it was and who it was done by; short of $ then, returned a week later and got it for 1/2 price of $5.00; It has a treasured place in my home; and I DELIGHT in it's beauty!

I have CUPS that I LOVE to drink out of; I have plates I LOVE to eat off of; do they match? NO; neither do my bowls but I LOVE to eat out of them as well! I have 4 Royal Dalton plates of wild flowers, all different, got for $2 each; and I LOVE them; my silverware doesn't have to match either! I recently just got a glass sqare cake pan for $1.00!!! I have glass bread pans, and several glass skillets; as well as cast iron ones. THESE are HEALTHY for us to use; and yes it took TIME to find them but I DID! Steadily removing ALL aluminium even COOKING ware from my house; it causes so much medical problems folks it should not even be available for SALE in this country! And if we had a WORKING and FUNCITIONING Government we would NOT!

My curtains in my kitchen I just love so much; I got at yard sale for $4.00; I NEVER just "buy" to COVER them; I WAIT til I find something I LOVE! And at a price I am wiling to pay for them; I have glass jars of various sizes and shapes filled with things; and I LOVE them!

Find beautiful things that appeal to YOU; and then, surround yourself with BEAUTY; in your everyday life. You will then ENJOY life to the fullest and SAVOR the sheer joy of life and living!

Tangerine planters and yellow planters etc; ALL appeal to us as BEAUTY; and they LIFT our spirits up; THIS is the joy of having BEAUTY around you. THIS is I believe what seperates the women from the men. Even if one single rose bush; outside a mud hut, women DELIGHT in BEAUTY!


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