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Saturday, September 18, 2010

discover microfiber folks! created in Germany to be used for cleaning WITHOUT CHEMICALS!!! they have 200,000 dirt and bacteria grabbing dots per square inch; you can locate them many times in the auto sections of stores; and also on; and; on hsn they also have durafiber which is the next step up.

i have a microfiber mop I will have forever! made of tubular steel, with an extension on it, flat head, and the thick special mop head microfibers go on like velcro; when done, simply remove and wash! Fantastic to do walls with as well!

For your bathtub, just sprinkle baking soda like you would comet; you can get cattle grade baking soda at grange's; not meant for human consumption; split with friends; you can make a "paste" if you want, with that and/kosher salt, and use if need more "scrubbing"; this works fantastic as an oven cleaner as well, with NO CHEMICALS!

Using microfibers or CLOTH napkins, got mine at thrift store for 10 cents each! they will STILL be going when 700,000 paper towels would have been used! BE WISE!


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