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plant now! enjoy 2nd harvest

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just planted some lettuce and onions today! looking forward to enjoying salads FRESH from the garden (living in a mobile home park,  I plant in fruit bins I got for $1; and painted green; used organic soil from aunts compost pile of 20 years! EVERYTHING loves to florish in them!

Cut my bamboo into 2 parts, and now have 2 bamboo's in matching pots! love the willowy effect of it!

Went to the $ store today with neighbor; then to the Good Will As is store; got 4 beautiful Starbucks coffee cups for 25 cents each; a THISTLE SOCK for my finches! looks NEW! and 2 tops costing 80 cents for both tops!

Stopping at yard sales on way home, picked up a beautifully painted drop bottle that I washed thoughtly and am going to use for olive oil; and an antique small lamp with elephants on it with an old time lamp shade both for $1.00!!! Picked up a good book for 5 cents; AND the BEST of the best: I got 25 stepping stones for garden paths for $5.00!!!! and they are HUGE nice super thick ones! YES! my garden loves LOVELY and I can now enjoy it even when the rains come!


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