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Litter box from storage box container tub

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I was needing a litter box with higher sides than I owned.   I already had the Jumbo sided litter box, but was still having a problem with spillage above the top of the box.  (Is that a nice way to put it? lol.)  None of the litter boxes I saw in stores were tall enough, or had two pieces that fit together as a covered litter box.  As my friends had told me, they can still get fluid through the tiny cracks where the top and bottom fit together.    So I decided to try using the storage box container tubs that you can get for less than $5.00 at a large retail store.    I had to be sure it didn't have large grooves or details sticking up in the inside of the container as some of them do.

Using a hot knife to help cut through the plastic and a heavy utility knife.  *Be very careful; very easy to cut yourself,  I cut the shape out of the front.  I traced with a pencil where I wanted to cut before cutting, that way I could get it halfway straight.  (Used a folded piece of paper as a template.) 

The cats adjusted to it well.  I leave the top off.   Mine aren't used to a covered box. 




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