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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tons of recipes are available on line for make it yourself mixes; everything from cake mixes; to cookie mixes; to bean soup recipes;  pudding mixes; and wow! can u really save a bundle by doing this!

Buy seasonings by the Tablespoon or whatever small amount to be used quickly from bulk rather than in containers; 

There is so much chemically treated salt being used in processed foods now, you are far ahead to make your own everything folks;  you can get healthy organic salt cheaply; search out places like my health food store had 1 lb of grey celtic salt for less than $5.00;

I also get himalayan sea salt inexpensively from a store 20 miles away; grind my own; also get organic peppers and grind my own;  never liked pepper much til I started grinding my own peppercorns! 

I was unaware of various types of rice til I started searching them out for healthier foods to try; now I love jasmine, and various others I can get thru searching various stores, on line, etc; for less expensively sadly than I can locate locally; did get a 25 lb bag of basmatic rice organic at the store 20 miles away;  love eating it with salsa on top; and with using spagetti sauces, make it yourself chicken stock; beef stock etc;

With you making your own, YOU have the control over what is going into the mixes; do check out; which only charges $4.99 s&h irregardless of how much you order!

Recently discovered a type of bean that is so outstandingly superb in taste irregardless of how it is cooked that I am going to buy 25 lbs of it; keeps best refrigeratored or frozen; so I plan on filling my freezer with them!  these are called anasazi beans;  I order from;  or from; with subscribe and save; but they have yet to offer the 25 lbs from him that I like;

His products are always and ever superb; hard to locate many of them in my area; and I love his whole wheat farina which is available only from his site!

Do google "dehydrated foods"; go to library and get information; is simple and easy to do; then you have your own herbs; and it's very rewarding to have your own dried veggies grown yourself handy to have to eat!  very simple to do; including mints for teas!

I have recently started using Bob's red mill milk powder; which is not instant milk at all; and learned that putting the water 1st the blender; then mixing for quite a bit; and putting into a ceramic pitcher is outstandingly good for a creamer for coffee and far healthier for me; and have even enjoyed being able to enjoy the taste of milk again!

Recently got a book on cheese making; and you can google this as well; very rewarding and easy and simple to do!  and far healthier for you as well!

Using healthier sugar is incredibly rewarding as well;  I have tried several various kinds; and the change in taste is incredible!

I actually have 2 food dehydrators that I have used this past summer; and would love to find a way to do it in the sun on screens;  someone told me that a friend of hers had done this with grapes she made into raisons and they were absolutely the best she had ever tasted in her life!  Hope to find some "free" this summer to try this with!

Eating healthier doesn't have to be expensive;  lots of research is available out there and just like finding what stores carry the best prices on what is what needs to be done;  working with others can be fun and rewarding as well! sharing ideas is like suddenly realizing wow! if I had only had a brain I would have thought of this a long time ago!

Taking a thermos of coffee with you; a REAL cup instead of a paper one; and having your own home made banana bread with you makes you feel like a queen; far healthier; far cheaper; and satisfying to boot!

Here's to your health!


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