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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food savers can be gotten from thrift stores for very little; many times folks buy them, and do not even use them; then clean cupboards and donate them. Check them carefully to make sure as with anything how "worn" or not they are. Huge generic plastic rolls can be gotten cheaply off ebay. I have 2 of  them actually: one seals jars; vaccuum sealing removes all air out of the container it is in; and the items will last indefinitely as they do not age until exposed to air.

Buying food items in bulk, and then storing them is easy; popcorn tins emptied out make great containers; mark with a sharpie what it is; and a recipe if you are so inclined to do so. You are ahead to make a recipe box and put the recipes in it; ex organic buckwheat pancake mix; what needs to be added to it to complete the recipe.

Flour, yeast, macaroni, powdered eggs, milk, etc; can easily be broken down into smaller parts; along with herbs, teas, coffee, etc. This makes it extremely handy to have FRESH items readily available; and is fantastic to have to go hiking, camping, to give to others in need.

Be creative and start thinking outside the box: from what most of us do normally; simply go to the store, and get the items; the REASONING behind this is quite simple: we can get healthier for us foods and use THEM; and have a supply of food items handy just as our forefathers did!

I encourage ALL to check out different and healthier food choices available that we have had no inkling or knowledge that these items were even available; what they are; and how so many have included them in their cooking; not all the "rave" receipes were to my liking but I found many that contained new to me foods that are incredibly healthy and incredibly delicious! Glad that I checked some of them out!



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