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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yesterday I got 18 small eggs for $2.00 from an FARMER; had some last night for dinner! WOW!

 Tastebuds dancing in my mouth from sheer delight at FLAVOR! Adding organic sea salt and NO it does NOT have to be "expensive" folks! CHECK your PRICES! I have seen "sea salt" that is CHEMICALLY TREATED and harmful to you! I have seen TINY spice type jars with "salt" for $8 to $9!!!! THIS IS NOT CORRECT!

I have gotten sea salt grinders with Himalayan pink salt which is EXCELLENT: and they are REFILLABLE, for about $6; and THESE are LARGE ONES! not gigantic but at least 5 times the SIZE of the "tiny" salt ones selling for $8.98!!!

I have gotten a LB of grey Celtic Sea Salt that was only $5??? if THAT! BECOME a MISER ADVISER in your area! DO go shopping to COMPARE PRICES everywhere! then LIST them perhaps on a SITE: such as "while I was out and about to day I SAW: chicken for 48 cents a lb; buy one get one free!" etc.

DO try "dill" dried dill: get a tiny amount and put in your JARS: small jars, small amounts; USE THESE instead of paying huge sums for packaging! SAME with "peppercorns"; if you NEED to order ON LINE, DO SO! or find a PLACE in your AREA where you can get a "group" going that is like minded and order together! such as azure standard, and vitacost,;; THESE sites folks have food information on them that PEOPLE are not even AWARE even EXIST! I know: I am ONE of THEM!

Am planning to buy some yum yum powder next month; to make my own fruit flavored drinks; and talk to farmers re growing ORCHARDS of this fantastic product!

DO grow your own HERBS: I live in a mobile home park: and I go out and SNIP off herbs to USE in my FOOD! Easy to do folks: incredibly EASY to DO!

OH, and on your onions: once you "cut" the ROOTS off, PLANT THEM AGAIN! and they will grow ANOTHER onion for you to ENJOY!


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