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Saturday, October 02, 2010

My neighbor Marci has joined me in a walk every morning that is normally an hour long, or just about that. Today, was her day to determine where we were walking. We came home 3 1/2 hours later! YIKES!

Tomorrow I am going to Costco to get some granola oat and honey bars; 96 of them for $12; I carry them WITH me so when i leave for a walk and get hungry, I can eat them! and they are GOOD! I have a stainless steel water bottle, that stayed at home today; FROM now on, it goes WITH me!

Good news: while I was away, my sister came by, and left me a couple of books she said were good reading, and a HUGE 25 lb bag of peanuts so I can feed the blue jays and other birds who love the peanuts!  I send them emails re the humerous and funny  antics of the birds, and pics of them, that Marci takes, and sends me over the internet; so they can enjoy them as well!  I had mentioned to her that I was having trouble finding peanuts that were unsalted to feed them and that $2 a lb was just TO HIGH! But she KNEW how much I love to feed them and so she brought me a bag by! My aunt brings me large bags of thistle seed so I can feed my finches for my birthday!

It has been near 90 here almost every day this week; pretty warm for October;  so we try and go walking early in the day. But we are still warm when we get back from it after an hour: and 3 1/2 hours later, we need another shower! But we are gearing up with boots etc to be able to continue to do this even after the weather is not so warm!  Got a wonderful journal today at Goodwill to put my writings in; and 3 cards for $1.00; TWO of them were beautiful with book marks that could be removed and used! FAR cheaper than getting one in a regular store! Also picked up 2 of the Harry Potter series a friend had asked me to keep an eye out for! and only $2 a piece! THIS is what life is about: asking OTHERS to help you on their journeys in their lives: for what YOU are looking for; my sister blessed me with a  bag of peanuts she found; I blessed a friend with 2 books SHE had been looking for; I blessed my neighbor with a wonderful card and a beautiful bookmark that she can use!

Cheers to all as we go on walkabouts and have adventures daily!



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