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Fantastic Teas for Great Price!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Amazon has some great buys organically etc that are difficult to locate locally; since I enjoy drinking teas a lot especially in the winter months; but also enjoy ice teas; I found that Davidson's on amazon are organic and just got a lb of it! for $12 or less! I subscribed to the subscribe and save; no shipping & handling fees this way; and got a whole lb of chamomile tea (loose) which is the very best I have ever had in my life! Normally I don't care for the "tea bags" so mix mint with it to make it better;

 This was the whole heads of dried chamomile heads; crush them together and it releases more of the "flavor"; I made a pot of it in my coffee pot and it was wonderful beyond words with a little honey in it!

I have also gotten whole hibiscus heads this way; oh, and it is delicious as well; and the Earl Grey I enjoyed greatly as well; in fact, I mixed a little of the English tea in with it because it was kind of "bland" by itself!

From the remarks on hibiscus it makes fantastic iced tea; so I am going to try that when it gets a little warmer! been so cold here don't even like the idea of anything iced! Oh, I am looking so forward to spring and summer!


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