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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Found a bunch of various "make it yourself" cheeses on line; sounds exciting; may have to try! wondering if anyone else has seen these and if they have tried them, and what was the best recipes to use! SO exciting to discover new things! and ways of doing things that I have never learned before or even THOUGHT of doing!

DID find that on there are a LOT of products that are healthy that I am unable to find in the area that I live in. With the FREE S&H on orders over $25 (I am VERY careful to order things that ARE eligible for this) and put items that I would like to TRY on my wish list as I come across them! has GREAT insight as to what IS good and what is just misleading and deceiving information which is what "democracy" is sadly. Wouldn't it be fantastic to live in a country that was FOR the health welfare and well being OF the PEOPLE: instead of us being the target to harm for their personal profit and gain!

Bob's Red Mill has a MILK POWDER which is DIFFERENT than powdered milk; it comes from cows that have NOT been fed with chemicals; and sounds very interesting. Have THIS on my wish list since everything I find is geared to HARM me physically as the greatest wealth seems to come from us being ill. I HAVE tried the "coconut" milk; one that WAS organic; but when I went back to get more, they were OUT of it! (grocery outlet store!) and even THESE you have to be KNOWLEDGEABLE about as they like to claim "organic" or "natural" and THIS IS OK by our "government".

BE SMART! What you DO NOT KNOW can INDEED harm you and yours greatly! and not one gov agency in a "democracy" is there FOR the HEALTH and WELFARE and WELL BEING of ANY of the PEOPLE folks! DO be WISE and SHOP around; many times you CAN find things at GREAT prices in odd and out of the way places! is a FANTASTIC resource that teaches you all kinds of neat and wonderful things: that are HEALTHY for you! Along with all kinds of tips, and do it yourself that we have NEVER had access to in mindless void of mainstream media that is dedicated to keeping us ignorant of what is REALLY going on! they have do it yourself solar ovens, homes that are green, inexpensive, and make it yourself recipes that are tried and true.

I am just discovering all kinds of NEW and EXCITING things; including all kinds of FOODS and SPICES that I get by the Tablespoon now instead of buying high priced packaging! Was UNAWARE of the FANTASTIC variety of RICES available; LOVE the LUNDBERG ones that are eco grown in California but they are difficult to FIND in my area. DO try these folks: the JASMINE and others are FANTASTIC. So is the WILD RICE BLEND: which cooked in my rice cooker, DID take a little more liquid than it called for; but when it was done, crunchy and DELICIOUS! LOVE the things that are delicious AND nutricious!

Thank goodness we DO have a store that is about 15 miles away that DOES carry things that ARE nutricious and sometimes I can get GREAT savings there. DO stay AWAY from all the genetically modified seeds and foods that are DESIGNED to contain pesticides and chemicals as well as all kinds of horrid things! (they are NOT going to be marked) and if they were, they would mark them as NON GENETICALLY MODIFIED; cuz THIS is what THIS nation is all about, sadly. In France and other countries, they rip them up and are REFUSING to eat or have anything to do with them. THEY are FAR more knowledgeable than WE are folks!

Raw milk is GOOD for us; so is REAL butter and REAL cheese MADE from raw milk; this is WHY they took them AWAY from us; pretty sad, huh! Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a GOVERNMENT system that was FOR us, instead of AGAINST us? I thought that was what governing was all about! 

SO: better to have holes in apples and have to cut them out; than to have all the chemicals inside of us! and I am going to learn to make my own cheese with GOOD milk; I can do this easily after all I am only 30 (for the 2nd time!)


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