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Spring is here!
Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Going out a little each day if the weather is nice at all; and doing a bit of yard cleaning up makes it so much easier; I've had violets and helebores in bloom already; roses were pruned and they have new growth showing me that though snow covered everything recently spring is coming!

 Daffodills and tulips are sprouting up slowly but they are gradually getting larger; so are the calla lilies'; in fact, if we don't get rain shortly I will be back there watering them!

Most of my pots were cleaned up; and the plants groomed; most all of them are sprouting new growth! Painting pots with yellow and tangerine/pumpkin spray made winter months so incredibly cheerful! wonderful to see when overcast or raining out! (have one out my front window where I can see it!  My neighbor enjoys my yard so much she takes pictures of the pots even when covered with snow!

Doing a little daily if possible; or a little in the AM; then going back out instead of overdoing it all at one time, just makes it look so much tidier when I go out; still have leaves left to rake though not to many; but it is getting to look so good for me to go out and enjoy a cup of coffee at the patio table even though  I have to be well bundled up!

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