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Another use for cat dog pet food bags
Monday, April 19, 2010

I used some pet food and litter bags this week as weed blocking plastic.  Just pulled the bulk of the weeds, laid down the bags (with the bottoms cut out and opened) and covered with mulch. 

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Use for mulch and potting soil, dirt bags
Monday, April 19, 2010

I worked in the yard this week, and realized a great way to use the bags that mulch or soil come in, is to cut them up and use them as weed blocking plastic.  I dumped the mulch into a large storage bin that I had outside, cut up the plastic, laid it out and then covered with the mulch.  As the weeds have taken over this past year, this will be a lot of help.

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Cheap inexpensive cat dog house shelter igloo
Thursday, April 15, 2010

Having several cats that needed a place to sleep that was their own, I adapted a Sterilite storage container into a little shelter for them.  *Please note-These have to be in a protected area that does not get rained upon or wet or harsh weather.  They are not waterproof.  Water will collect and get into them if not stored in a roofed or dry area.  We currently keep ours in our storage room that is in our carport.  The door to the carport has a square opening cut out, so that the cats can come and go from the sheltered area as they please.  We have ours sitting upon brick landscaping squares to keep them off the floor and protect them even more from moisture.  They do have small plastic grooves in the bottom, so we are sure to insert cedar chips, foam bedding, towels or fleece to keep them comfortable.  All you do is cut an opening into the front of the sterilite container.  This is the hardest part.  *Caution: Be VERY CAREFUL!  It is really easy to cut yourself when trying to cut an opening in plastic this dense.  The plastic is very hard and difficult to cut.  I used a box cutter and a flat screwdriver to create the opening.  If you know someone handy with tools, they may have an easier way to create the opening.  After creating your opening, reattach the top, flip the container over (top on the bottom), and you have a cheap little shelter.  I don't think are substantial enough for a shelter in and of themselves, but they do help.  Then we insert some bedding, and the cats/dogs/pets have a nice place to lay.  I have another post where I post how to make a pet bed/bedding from an eggcrate mattress cover or foam.  Pets seem to like this. (Just make sure they are the type to try to eat their bedding!)

While the one I have pictured looks very crude.  It is functional.  In fact, this winter, we purchased the warming mats that warm when laid upon by the pet.  We put them into the plastic containers with nothing else in them, and snaked the cord out the back.  They worked fine.  I have found the storage containers for five dollars or less.   I make sure that I get a good sized one, where they can stand up comfortably, but small enough to conserve some of their body heat.  I also take duct tape in the winter, and duct tape a piece of thick fabric or fleece etc... to the front with a slit cut in it to block some of the cold air.  


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Pet bed...recycle reuse eggcrate foam mattress cover
Thursday, April 15, 2010

 I cut two pieces of eggcrate foam the same size.  Then I cut out a strip of fabric large enough to sew into a pillowcase large enough to enclose the foam.  After inserting the foam into the pillowcase shape, I then used quilting thread and stitched up the ends.  I wanted to use a different thread and one that is easy to see and remove, as I will remove the stitching should I need to wash it.  I could have also used sewable velcro or snaps, but figured the quick basting was easier.  

Please Note* If you pet is the type that likes to try to eat his bedding, foam is not a suitable material to use for their bedding.

The eggcrate foam is great for reusing to make seatcovers for outdoor chairs  or table chairs, pet beds, etc...


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