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My blog is about how I live a frugally and tightwad life here in Minn. My finds that are frugal. My style of tightwaddery and thrift. It's about my frugal and tightwad family.

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Thrift Store Finds For The Holidays
Friday, October 24, 2008


For the Holiday season in the thrift store I found plenty of Thanksgiving items that were dang cheap in comparison to most thrift stores. 50 cents for a box of Thanksgiving string of lights. A very interesting home made from the yard centerpiece for our table 75 cents. A recipe book for a dollar. A Christmas album with Bing Crosby on it and it was all vocal no instrumental music without a scratch on it for a dollar, and for those of you who don't know who Bing Crosby is just ask MOM and GRANNY they will tell you who's the person. Oh yes I even found little turkey salt and pepper shakers that were made of ceramic for a dollar. I am going back for Christmas shopping next week now that I got my Thanksgiving shopping out of the way. I already have at home a Thanksgiving table cloth, and Thanksgiving cloth napkins. This year Thanksgiving is at our house. Family in tow too. Everyone is helping out for the gobble gobble fest thank goodness. Well Happy Holidays to everyone.

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McDonalds Is A Frugal Person's New Nightmare!
Friday, October 24, 2008

McD's is now expensive for their new meal deals. I went there with my family the other day. I got a soda and double cheeseburger that was two dollars and seven cents, but my family ordered off the main menu. To save time let's just say $30 dollars was our end total. Twice the amount it should have cost. Now that is a frugal person's real nightmare, and McDonald's use to be a cheap place to eat. You know who I really feel sorry for is the poor college kids who have been told it is cheaper to eat at McD's. They might as well go to an Applebees or truck stop diner for the same price. My older daughter thinks their prices are fine and cheaper than most places. I laugh at her, because when she was little she never went to McD's so she wouldn't know the price difference shock I am now facing, as are all of us frugal people.

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About Me:

I live in Minnesota, and I am a published author of poetry On-line. I have a hubby, and several children. I shop with coupons, and I willingly take several classes On-line thru AZU. I have several degrees, and diplomas. I am a crafting person, and I live for Octoberfest not for the beer, but the food is great too. I am mix mutt of heritages. I love to shop at thrift stores, and garage sales/yard sales. I live a green lifestyle or try too.

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