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Blog: Grannie Annie's Ramblings

It is my hope that by sharing my daily trials and past experiences someone will learn and be helped or at least get a kick out of my quirky sense of humor. They say it takes give and take to make a marriage work, well let me tell you it takes give and take to make a life work. What you put into life makes the path you choose rocky or smooth it is up to us to choose. I have made my mistakes, stubbed my toe many times now I hope to save someone some sore toes.

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Home Jewelry Parties
Friday, September 24, 2010

Well I finally bit the bullet and had my first home jewelry party. What a hoot! It was really a lot fun. It was so nice to hear all of the compliments, to know that other people actually liked my designs and would want to buy them was so rewarding. That was the whole idea I know but to have it happen in real life was something else.

My sister hosted this party which was easier on the nerves for me. Now I just have to get out there and find someone else who will host more parties. I have restocked my inventory, the really fun part, and am ready to sell, sell, sell!

I am working on a catalog but the trouble with that is all of my pieces are one of a kind so updating the catalog would be a real problem. The thing that those attending my party did like was that they didn't have to wait for their orders. They could just take their purchase with them and they really liked that. People aren't used to that so that is a real plus.

You will find some of my designs on my public blog

My thought is to put more  of my designs on Cabin Annie's and use it for online parties. When I get it all figured out I will let you know so if any of you want to earn some free jewelry you can get in on it. For now you really should check out what's going on at the cabin.

Take care- until later tater!

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