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Our green Porch
Monday, June 28, 2010


Last year we ran across a craiglslisting, for a free deck, just take it down.

to my regret we did not take any photos. but it was a dual layer deck 20x25 and 20x15, with railings and stairs.

after 3 days of tear down and removing. we stack the wood behind our house till this spring.

And then we de nailed , and removed the bolts.. Easier than it sounds.

My neighbor is a scrapper so all those when to him!! Go recycle..


Got our city permits, wow expensive I may add.


Cut the boards to length. yoo-hoo I learned how to use a table saw, measuring twice and cutting once. Some of the ends were bad, so they did get thrown out, as you can not burn treated lumber.

I then learned how to use a chaulk line(for straight lines), and a post hole digger , which I may add I don't like any more!!!!LOL

we then started on the base of the deck(3 decks actually) the MANque(boyfriends Non girly bbq area), main floor, and upper deck( because we have central air it needed to be higher).

Then we laid the flooring. More table saw and measuring. But what we did not use went to neighbors for their projects. 1 is part of a ramp for wheelchair bound little girl.. parts of the railing went to another neighbor for her deck. And most of the railing we reused for a fence in our back yard ( see photos)!!!!

Next I learned about a belt sander and wood putty.. to fill all the extra holes from the used wood.

wow never thought it would take that long(5 days)  but the end result was worth it!!!

We went to lowes Got to love clearance paint. we wanted Cabots paint but reluctant at 36$ a gallon, I found 2 gallons , semi close in color,(what they call misTint paint) for 10$ a piece!!!! Woohoo.

Taking a break!! next blog painting

With the stripping, filling painting all done whewww.

The arm rails we had left from the porch removal.. hmm what to do with them. Our backyard boarders a city park. And people sneak threw our yard. The city refused to put up a new fence.. So we recycled once again. See attached photos!!!

Our next project is putting the sides up. Some time this week will start..

Craiglist list once again I found a 7 step stairs for 30$ what a huge money saver!!! I installed with a few nails, and bolts actually very easy, will take pics soon.

Whew we got a couple walls up, and allot of the framing done I will post some more pics later >>Outside to saw again... sure my neighbors love me  LOL


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