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Blog: Dingybat's thrifty idea blog

Here I will share all my ideas for doing ANYTHING on a budget. All my life I have had to make due with what I had and stretch to get what I needed, so I have learned alot and wish to share it with you all!

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I feared I had been too cheap!
Monday, September 07, 2009

I had known I was going to marry this man, so I began picking up things to transform into centerpieces and other decorations and such- at Good Wills, thrift stores, garage and yard sales and church rummage sales.  When he asked me August 28, 2009, I took inventory of what I had and was pleasantly surprised!  I had all the invitations for the bridal shower, bachelorette party and the wedding itself.  I had bags and a hat for the bachelorette party, and plenty of wedding books (IE, guest sign in book, record keeping book, ect).  Candles, ribbon, Tulle, embellishments of all sorts.  Poster board, stencils, paints, glue sticks, silk flowers and greenery.  Favors and place cards.  I was at a Good Will and I found my wedding dress!  It was a pale yellow dress with a small train.  At a bargain price of $10.00!  With that find, I had my color reference.  I was at a craft store when they had a "all-you-can-stuff-in-a-large-bag-for-$5" sale, so I got miles and miles of ribbon, tulle and other accessories.  (I can stuff a bag, I tell you!)  I started making the decorations, center pieces and my headpiece.  I was sitting on my living room floor, after finishing one particularly wonderful piece and I was overcome with emotion.  I started crying.  I was suddenly terrified that everyone would think I was hoakie and cheap, that it would all look that way.  My fiance laughed and hugged me, telling me that he was proud I could do all these things.  He reminded me we will have more money for our honeymoon because of my ability to make a buck stretch and I snapped out of it!  I found a wedding chapel that is a historical site and rented it for $95 for the day.  I work with a minister who will marry us for a $50 donation, and I have a friend who owns a tavern with a party room who is letting me use it for free, as long as my guests buy the drinks from the bar.  So, with all this, I have spent about $200 so far.  With food I expect to spend no more than $300-350.  I wouldn't mind hearing comments from members after they view my pics about this.  Can someone be too cheap?  Sometimes I am very proud of myself, and sometimes I wonder!


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dingybat (Contact)
Vermilion, Ohio Erie
About Me:

I am a hard working mother of two grown children. I am getting married for the second time in November. I have never before been in a stable financial situation, and now that I am, I cant stop with my frugal ways. I love to craft, including decorating and jewelry making. I also love collecting vintage video game systems and games. I can tell you, when the grandkids come along, I will be one handy grandma to have!!

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