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Blog: color verses confirmation?

this is a web site for people who love their dogs weather they show them or just parts of the family.anyone is welcome here as long as we can behave!no bashing or downing each other or other breeders.lets use professional curtacy here!however opinions are ok and welcomed.LETS HAVE FUN!

color verses structure
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ok.whenever you herar people talking about breeding,confirmation and soundness should be number one, right?so why is it that color plays such a big role in especially akc shows?what i dont like is, youre telling me that if i have a solid white dog or tri dog that is drop dead beautiful,and as near perfet as can be,you would place him over a brown or any other color dog that is less correct because of his color?what happened to bettering the breed?

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September 2010
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