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Blog: Random Thoughts

No, it's not my new perfume. It's the spit-up on my shirt.

Where's my sleep?
Monday, April 30, 2007

It has been some time since I've had to do late night feedings - 8 years as a matter of fact. I had finally gotten used to sleeping all night. Until I brought my wonderful daughter home from the hospital that is. I am now wandering around like a zombie wondering what sleep is. I've gotten used to the fact that the car stopping in front of my house every morning at 4am is the man delivering the newspaper. I've also learned that every morning at exactly 5am there's a happy little bird singing his heart out right outside my front door and has no idea that i am inside wanting to tear his singer out. I have watched the sun come up many mornings and watched my beautiful daughters eyes light up as she watches the window go from dark to a brilliant orange. And I have to wonder if she thinks it's a huge glow worm. I do have to give great thanks to my wonderful husband - 1st for working at home and taking the time to help me IF i ask him and 2nd for getting up in the mornings and letting me sleep in. I love him so much for being there and helping. I love to watch him with her. I am amazed at how much she loves him. He's a wonderful father and a terrific husband. I know he's just as tired, but he just doesn't show it like i do. But then again, i guess bags only form under women's eyes and only they are allowed to walk around with tangled hair jammed back into a pony tail all day. I'm sure i'm a walking sex machine now, with my wonderful spit-up stained shirt and holy socks. God bless all new moms!


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I'm 29, have been married for 3.5 years, have an 8-year old son, a 9-year old step-son, and have just had mine and my husband's 1st child together on March 31, 2007. I am currently working towards my associates degree in medical billing and coding. I am a stay-at-home mom who loves to read. I love all types of music, but mainly rock and metal. I love to make scrapbooks and welcome any new ideas.

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