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Blog: Sandra's Southern Saver Blog

This blog is about saving tips, deals,coupons,what ever I can find about pinching pennies for us in the deep South :)

McDonald's Valentine offering
Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello once more :)

  Today I wanted to tell you about the little coupon books you can buy at McDonalds for Valentines. Its a pretty good deal for only $1 and there's free coupons for hamburgers,fries,apple slices, etc... I understand its sort of like the ones they have around Halloween each year.

Have a nice rest of the weekend and I'll keep looking for more ways to save $$$ in the south :)

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My favorite site
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Day!

 I want to write about my favorite site first. I can save a great amount using the Wal-Mart grocery list tool WITH coupons! If you have never tried it, check it out. They put a great deal of work into this and it is worth a peek. I'm off to do some housework, so this is it for now, but I'll be back :)


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