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Great Australian Droubt

This is a photo of the Victorian South Australia New South Wales major water catchment dam called the "Murray Darling Basin."This is how dry our parched land truly is.Australia has been in severe Droubt for 40yrs with no real sighn of relenting.Yes it rain but when it does it rains too hard too quickly so the land cannot soak up the water,severe flooding is a result which furthur contaminates ourdrinking water,completly decimates farmers crops and produce to the point that nothing really grows or if so in very poor quality so much is being imported where once Australia was ome of the leading countries in the export industry.


Tipping Pt.
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sorry to say the tipping point was reached quite some time ago - We have to give Mother Earth some TLC and clean up our act! Welcome to the thrifty fun community!

Morwell,Latrobe Valley, Victoria AUSTRALIA
About Me:

I am a loveing caring wife,with a loving caring Husband whom both are very challenged with severe multiple disabilities.I am not truly a resident of Australia neither is my Hubby;we were both part of the stolen generatiom from the Great Plains of Sth Dakota Nth American Indian Reservation known as "Pine Ridge."I and my Hubby is a lot older than we are legally able to say as both our birthdays were made up by an orphanage.Both our lives are very complex that I have not the room to mention all about me here;I am severly deaf & Legally Blind & have Genetic Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis,I am a Disability Ambassador,Visual Artist/Craftperson living an enforced harsh lifestyle that I have learnt to cope & use as an asset rather than a hinderrance,thats not to say life is easy-it's actually very hard & Challenging.I love Nature,Music,Pets,Gardening,I am told I give too much of myself away toward helping others.Live strongly in my native Culture mixed with that of the Australian Aborigal Culture,We both have had children from former marriages which failed,do not see our children mostly grown up now,nor gre=andchildren & some great Grandchildren.Not popular in the town we live in,Try as much as I can to keep a positive attitude in life,ppl see me as strange because I live closely in tune with nature,my other senses of smell,touch,sensing,empathy,born with a strong psychic ability which I now know is part of being an Nth American Holywoman/Healer,nothing new-age about it just a gift and with my primary senses going down the drain these have become very finely tuned that I am judged,discriminated and seen as strange,others think -wow wish I had such a gift,if they only knew that it's not all fun it's actually very hard as I am very empathatic & pick up everything from everyone around me as well as globally that it's rather overwhelming and draining. one example was when my daughter came home to introduce her new friends from school to me saying"this is my way cool mum,but you have to be careful as you cannot keep any secrets around her-she reads you like a book"I didn't even realise just how difficult it was being a teenager unable to keep any secrets around her mum!!These days I am a lot older,wiser and know and understand myself a whole lot better,am I strange & wierd?to many ppl I am as well as scary,but this is me,this is whom I am,I can accept everyone for whom they are,but not everyone can accept me for whom I am...I am really no different than anyone else,I still am at time like an innocent child and everything I do is in the name of LOVE.Well this is me.More in my blogs. Thanks for taking the time to look me up and read about me.

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