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YK-VIII Lamp glass frosting/etching powder

Sell : glass frosting/etching powder 1.Products Name:glass frosting/etching powder by directly manufacturer. 2.Adopting Standards: ISO14001:2004 EMSC and ISO 90001:2008 QMSC 3.chemical Composition: H2O NH4+ F- Insoluble Substance,ect 4. Specifications: 25kg/bag 5.etching time:50-60 seconds (at above 15 centigrade) 6:Validity: 2 years 7.Application: Used in kinds of glass surface processing. 8. Package: plastic bag 9.The Minimum Order: 1 T. 10. Delivery Time: 3-5 days 11. Payment Item: T/T L/C. 12.Trading Item: FOB CIF CFR CNF 13: etching capacity:8-10 m2/kg 14:characteristic:Permanent valid,etching steady,powder apperance,quick ecthing/frosting speed,simple operation Need more information, Please pay more attention to Contact ways as folllows: 1.Company Name: Zhengzhou Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd 2.Contact Person: Ms Amee Wang Mobile:86-13838031744 3.E-mail:zzyukexuewei(at)hotmail(dot)com 4.T:86-371--68665788 F:86-371--68665899 5.MSN ID:zzyukexuewei(at)hotmail(dot)com 6.Skype ID:zzyukexuewei 7.Address :Room 320-321.NO.9 Building , Dihu Huayuan Hanghai Road , Zhengzhou City Henan, China.

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