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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

Boy Do I hate Spending $
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 | By pamphyila

I wrote out a check for a  nice clean little used car yesterday - and boy, was it painful.  I know that paying cash for a car is the best way to go, and that we have the money, and that this is a car re-done by our local mechanic, with whom we have a good relationship - & had to be grabbed before it disappeared, and  everything checked out - price, condition and so on. (We looked it up online.) And we really trust this guy...but boy, I hate spending money!  I think I can go up to about $100 - in a pinch a bit more - without panic - but a couple of thousand? It's very hard.

I remember that in the book THE CHEAPSKATE NEXT DOOR the author talked about an aversion to spending money - plain and simple - We thrifty types just don't like to do it! I think that's why I can spend $40 in a thrift shop without too much guilt - but to spend the equivalent in NEW clothes would make me a nervous wreck. Hey, I am the type who buys $2 bathing suits in thrift shops - I have to admit - altho I know a lot of you would disapprove.  But it's clean and washed and so what's the big deal? Who wants to spend $40-50 or more on a bathing suit? I just wear it in the hot tub & it stretches out in no time. Luckily I like plain styles & as long as it fits....

The irony of all this is that I DO like to shop. Apparently most cheapskates just don't.  I confine myself to window shopping in malls when I mall walk - & gawk at the prices - Then I know what I want when I come upon good deal in thrift shops in upscale neighborhoods.  Yes, I am glad that SOMEONE paid full price presumably for that Michael Kors top - but I am happy to land it for $4. And in the end no one knows except my readers here and my good friends....

So I work out my shopping thing in browsing around thrift shops and dollar stores and other bargain outlets like Big Lots - and it's so much fun when I SCORE and land a big thing. You can tell from my other posts! But buying a car gives me the shivers! Wish me luck everybody... 

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Car Mirror Covers.
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 | By gogalyboo

What a perfect way to show your proud of the country your in. With a American flag mirror!!this company has alot of great covers and NFL, Nbs, Mlb too. check them out !


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Saving by having my car breakdown
Monday, October 17, 2011 | By Tanya39

Well I don't know when the bus became my best friend, but I can tell you that I am saving on gas prices. My gas station ran out of gas today to boot, as a lot of people came to town to buy gas and lottery tickets. I saw the gas truck yesterday filling the tanks, and now the station is out of gas. It goes without saying that the buses will never run out of gas. My pass is$ 22 a month for me and my youngest children ride free. It comes in the morning around 8 am and we can ride to the city for the day, and shop and save. I use coupons at Family Dollar in town, but when you get 20 percent coupon for Salvation Army that is when I take the bus, otherwise I walk to the store a mile away with a cart for the trip back home. Ten blocks total in town to the store. I can say if gas prices keep going up I will keep up with the busing and walking. It is a savings and exercise. I am saving $389 a year. We never did go very far even when our car was working. 

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Brake pads, broken bolt, blubbering, and bandaids
Friday, April 23, 2010 | By savannasmommy1989

OKay so Seth figured out that we need new pads and a new rotor on the one side. So we get the parts. Now the bolt for the caliper is stripped from him and his friend trying to get it off. We go buy this special tool or whatever that doesn't work. So now we have to see if a shop could take he bolt off for us, and its the weekend, of course. Savanna skinned her knee today, and when I was putting on her pajamas I noticed that it was really red. So I wiped it with an antiseptic towelette and put cream and bandaids on it and shes been screaming ever since. Sometimes I feel like I am going to lose my mind when she cries like that. The whinning and crying, when for no reason and excessively, makes me so frustrated. I feel like I can't hear anything and can't focus on anything else. Then of course Seth pins her fit on me because I put the cream and stuff on her, I am the bad guy for tending to her wound. Whatever. Like thats what I need at that moment of stress, to be told that her over the top fit is a direct reaction to what I had did. I was being a good mom by preventing infection and cleaning her cut, or I guess at least I felt like I was being a good mom in doing so. Would it have been better to let it go and get infected, would that have been a better decision. Either way, sometimes I just have too much stress on my plate to cope with her fits. I get frustrated with it very easy. I am super pregnant and work everyday. My feet hurt, I am tired and sometimes I just want to relax or go to the bathroom by myself without a melt down from a toddler. I know she is just doing her job as a toddler, and it is not her fault I have these problems, but it is still hard for me to deal with at times, especially when my main support person is not on my side. I am probably just a normal mom for my age, but sometimes I feel like I fail all of the time and she deserves so much better. Then theres that other part of me that knows that I am the best mom I can be and Savanna is very lucky in many ways, and that her life is good not inspite of me but because of me. I have realized that there is just always something to worry about, something to feel negative about....but there is also always something to treasure, something to appreciate, and something to celebrate.

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Grrrr! Dealership Prices
Wednesday, May 23, 2007 | By Rockcandy248

Oh the warranty on my Kia ran out and something that makes the heat/air-conditioning come out quit working! 

That means it will cost $95 to even look at the thing!  They tried selling me repairs that I might need before they even looked at the car! 

I'm going to take advice I read everywhere, next time I won't buy a brand new car, but I'm going to buy a new used car somewhere.  Hopefully I won't have to for a while. 

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Free Windshield Repair
Tuesday, November 21, 2006 | By fisher

At the urging of a friend, I just called my insurance company to see if they covered repairing dings on your windshield.  Sure enough, they cover it and wave the deductible.  They repair up to 3 dings for free.  They even are sending someone ot the house to perform the repair.  I have comprehensive coverage from USAA but I have heard that other insurance companies offer this as well.  Doesn't hurt to call.

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