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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

Wednesday, February 02, 2011 | By begonia

We’ve gotten over 16-20 inches of snow since Monday. It really blew last night with winds gusting up to 45 and 50 miles per hour. I found little snow drifts in the corners of the chicken coop this morning. My husband had to shovel through a waist-deep drift to free the furnace exhaust and intake pipes on the south side of the house, while being careful not to fall into window wells.

Road crews were working all night. We heard them working on the streets at 2:00 a.m., and the streets were plowed when we woke at 6:30--which is really quite amazing considering. Of course, there are still the 3 to 4-foot piles of snow between the sidewalk and plowed street to contend with. Good thing we don’t have anywhere to go today!

We put on our snowshoes this morning to check on elderly neighbors. I was concerned that their furnace pipes might be covered with snow drifts like ours were. They were fine. They had other worries. One had a dog that needed to go out, but her side door was drifted shut. Another just wanted to be able to open her front door. Even though she had nowhere to go, I think it made her feel less trapped. When these things happen, it is good to remember that you have neighbors, and they are all still there. It is easy to feel isolated otherwise. Count your blessings! Begonia


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Hudson River walkway
Friday, October 22, 2010 | By Jan Lee

The best things happen when you don't expext them.....we took a walk on the Hudson River walkway bridge. It crosses the Hudson River & is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. It goes from Highland NY  to Poughkeepsie NY. it was a beautiful sight to see the boats & tugs chugging along the river with the lovely trees many with changing leaves in the background. You could see the Tappanzee bridge in the distance....just a beautiful sight. We made it half way across & were proud of ourselves.  We knew we weren't going to go the whole distance since we would have to come back again......the bridge used to be a railroad bridge & was active during WW2 transporting troops & cargo to the east coast. Now it's a volunteer project supported strictly by donated funds. It was one of the best decisions we made to take the ride to the river & walk the's free of charge but they accept donations. We also enjoyed the ride home too. Some of those little towns are lovely...with the old houses all decorated for fall with their pots of mums, corn stalks, & pumpkins. We rode through the college town of New about a quaint town.....& a bustling one too especially on the week end.....anyway, I would highly recommend a trip up to the Hudson River walkway especially this time of year..


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My Own Secret to Frugal Living!
Saturday, July 25, 2009 | By Cricketnc

I admit it. If I set foot in Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, or any other store, I will not walk out empty handed. It just ain't gonna happen! But I have found a way around so many trips to the store.

Whenever I get that urge to hit the stores, I just get online (especially at ThriftyFun!) and I can spend hours reading what everyone else has written!

A lot of times I'll find so many things that I want to buy, so I'll make myself a list. And add, and add, and add to it!

But then every nite before I go to bed, I take my list(s) and start running them thru the shredder. I've saved so much money, while at the same time had so much fun and learned a lot from reading everyone else's posts! And I have fun posting my own thoughts too!

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how to spend a day cheaply
Sunday, February 15, 2009 | By abboortz

Yesterday was ST. Valentine's Day and unbeknownst to me my daughter had plans for the house so she and her boyfriend could spend the day together and have a romantic dinner.

I didn't have any plans myself and ran through the multitude of cheap things I could do.  If I went to the beach, I would have to shave my legs, find a bathing suit that fit (gained weight this year) get quarters for the meters, gather food etc. and well, it just didn't seem like a spontaneous day for me.

So I decided to do something that I had been planning on for a long time.

In Palm Beach County we have the Palm Tran bus system. The number 1 bus runs almost the entire length of the county.  I live in the southernmost city of the county and the bus ride takes two entire hours traveling along Federal and Dixie Highways.  I packed my left over lunch from yesterday's work day (too busy to actually eat it), grabbed my Jon Grishom book I started the night before, and drove to the bus stop. (that is the embarrassing part since there is a bus stop two blocks from my house, but I had more plans with friends that evening and would be needing the car).

I purchased some drinks and waited for the bus. Apparently there had been a problem with the bus that day, and the people waiting where I picked up the bus had been there for the good part of an hour if not longer.

The bus took so long to get there, that when I realized I had forgotten the untensils for my lunch, I had time to drive the 2 miles back home, go to the bathroom, get the fork and spoon and some tissue for my nose, and return to the bus stop just as the bus was approaching.

I bought the one day pass for $3.50 and settled in. The bus was comfortable, cool, and clean. As we got into different areas of the county we picked up a wide variety of people.  Many had been out in the sun for 2 hours waiting for the bus to come.  Some people were going to work and knew they were going to be late and some people were getting off of work.

There were immigrants from many different countries, and people of varying socioeconomic backgrounds.  Let's just say that waiting so long for the bus to come didn't do much good for people's tempers and some people were more vocal about it than others.

The ride took 2 hours almost exactly to get to the Gardens Mall in North Palm Beach.  I got off, used the bathroom at Sears, ate my lunch at the bus stop and got on the next south bound number 1 bus. 

I enjoyed the scenery and the people and was able to finish my book for only $3.50 and was gone from my house for over 5 hours all together.  I got off at the wrong stop, however and at first thought my car had been towed, but then realized I had parked closer to where I had to go that evening.  My friends had already called me and I was running out of battery on my phone.  I had to walk 1.5 miles back to where the car really was, found free parking in Delray and found my friends.  Los Lonely Boys were late starting anyway so I had time to get a beer and something garlicky.

None of that was cheap, by the way.

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Oh really now?
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 | By laurabeadle

Is this an effective use of the Congress's time in Washington?

Investingating professional basball and now they are asking the Justice Department to investigate if Roger Clemens lied to them.

Skyrocketing inflation, a war overseas and your worried about a bunch of overpriced sports players using growth hormones?

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A gotta see...
Wednesday, March 21, 2007 | By adams123

I just had the opportunity to a viewing of Sharkwater by Canadian film writer and film-maker Rob Stewart.

This documentary is an eye-opener. Everyone should see it!

We need to boycott the meaningless hunting of shark for their fins.

Open for discussion.....

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I love my new place
Friday, November 03, 2006 | By Rockcandy248

I feel so at home at my new apartment.  I think it looks really great.  I am making valances for over the blinds out of the flat sheet that came with my bed-in-the-bag.  I don't think it should be that hard, I'm sure my non-sewing self can make some valances, of course spending money on a curtain rod and installing it might throw me for a loop!

Last night I had company, my other apartment (an upper flat in an old house) was so small that two people in it were one to many. 

I am planning on throwing a martini party and serving two kinds of martini's (probably apple and peppermint) and then having a mashed potato bar for snacking.  I'll have different kinds of topping for the mashed potatos and serve them in martini glasses.

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