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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

Walking in the Cemetery
Thursday, May 13, 2010 | By ljblalock0317

 Yesterday I cried. I was surprised to know I too had a tender side...first, I walked up the longest dirt road ever through the cemetery only glancing. My feet continued to carry me on what was probably the sweetest walk ever - I saw the love birds planted on the top of a monument. I saw a single blue bird on a plaque; I cried. How many mom's & dad's have lost their little one after having only known them in uteri? How many children have lost their mom and or dad due to war? Oh God, I don't want to go any further down this road - it just hurts too much. Thank you for my life that I am not just a monument or plaque placed over a deep me Lord to do what matters.

Mother's day comes but once a year. Father's day, just once. Birthday's, also just once. Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving...all but once a year. What about all of the other day's?! Easter...once a year. MLK day, also, once a year. Black history...a MONTH. No, I am not complaining, simply a fact. President's day? Once a year. Cinco de Mayo? Once a year. Valentine's Day? once a year. Saint Patrick's Day? hmmm, also once a year. Christmas Eve?! You see, every day means something whether you believe it or not. What we do may very well not seem significant at the time we are doing it but, believe me, it ALL MATTERS!!!

When I was a kid, I remember riding my bike not just up the road but, AROUND the neighborhood. I was so happy 'look Daddy, no hands' then, fell only to skin up both knees and elbows not to mention the tummy ache or heartache from losing my breath! I had friends on every corner - ­­­­Joy, out my door and to the left. Rhonda? Next door. Tony? Down the road on the right. 

Also, as a kid, I remember these long drives. Hours in the car with Dad - hours in the car with Mom and longer yet hours with my Sister, Alysia. I love them all even when I disagree with them.

As a teenager, I was allowed to drive. Notice, allowed. It was a privilege. I didn't have my own vehicle, I borrowed Daddy's. Whatever would I have done if I'd had to walk all those 40 miles to work daily?! Oh, wait, I found out the hard way exactly what I'd do: I'd place one foot in front of the other and keep hoofing it! 

Did I mention when I was little I walked up to the corner grocery for a gallon of milk & Daddy's newspaper?! Oh yeah. Later, I got a 3 speed bicycle - I only rode that bike once to get milk as I learned YOU CANNOT carry milk on the handle bars of a bike - oh no, you must CARRY IT WITH YOUR OWN 2 hands! <sigh> The good old days come back to me clearly now. The newspaper, if there were sections A-H listed on the front, you BETTER have every section by the time you got home with that paper or you would be going back WITH YOUR MONEY!!! Thank you Daddy & Mom for teaching me the alphabet!! <3

Oh, oh. Wait. I almost forgot. One of my fave hangouts was Carolina Circle Mall - I wanted to go to Four Seasons but, it was just too far. I was hanging out with a couple of my friends, just playing around and goofing off - GUESS WHO I WALKED UP BEHIND?! Yep, Daddy! He didn't speak to me, just kept putting one foot in front of the other but, he did look behind him long enough to see that crazy fool that was talking was me. Oh, I dreaded going home that evening....

Movies. Once, I was dropped off at the movies. "Sweet Dreams". I didn't go see that movie - oh no, I was AT THE MALL. I walked around feeling like the queen of ??? All I know is that it was great fun to see my friends outside of school, away from home/their parents. When Dad came to pick me up, he says to me "How was the movie?" I was BUSTED! 

So, on this Mother's Day, I not only thank my Mother but, my Daddy, My Aunts' & Uncles, My Sister, My Brother, My Friends, all my loved ones because w/out them, I would not be who I am today. Thank you.

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A life-long-lasting Mothersday gift:To that special women!
Friday, April 04, 2008 | By isettrends

I've got the tips to keep you on top-of the mother's favorite list that is!All you need to know is her favorite stuff-color, scent, ect.

This first crafty tip is for a gift called "Mothers scent"!

You will need...                                                                                                A candle(your Mothers fav. scent)                                                                 A little Jar(make sure the label is off!)                                                        Glue                                                                                                                  And some EZ gluable items of things your mom likes!

Take the candle, place it neatly into the jar(Neat makes a Sweet gift)and then glue on some of those items! EZer than making a simple card!

This second tip is for a gift called "Little pack of BIG love?"

You will need...                                                 

A die(dice, medium sized)                                                                               A patch of fabric(5 inces by 5 inches)                                                            A ribbon or rubber band                                                                               Scissors                                                                                                            A tag with a loop of string on end to attach it 

All you need to do is take the die(dice),place it in the middle of the fabric and if you are using a ribbon, attach the tag on the ribbon then tie the top of the left over fabric. If you are using a rubber band, tie the tag onto the band then keep winding the rubber band around the left over fabric until it is shut tightly. Then on the tag (if you would like to write this first go ahead) write "do NOT open this little package or all my love for you might fall out".

Hint: For your fabric DO NOT yous a napkin, paper towel or anything paper for the reasons that if it gets wet, it will fall apart and it could rip, wet or dry!

I sure hope that your mom LOVES her gifts!                                                                      

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