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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

this is hilarious!
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 | By MzScarlett

This is just to funny not to share! Spoke with one of my grandkids today; he is 18 years old and just out on his own and sharing a place with others. He sounded a little funny so I asked him if he had been sleeping. He said no, his head was hurting.

 He had cleaned (and he is excellent at cleaning and helping) the bathroom, and it has shower doors; he was cleaning the top of the doors, said it was real linty and a dead frog covered with lint came off and it startled him so much that he jumped, hitting his head on the metal on the doors.

He said he had a little cut, had put neosporin on it and a bandage; said it was out in the yard. I said well either no one had cleaned the top of the shower doors in a long time or someone had pulled a prank on him; he said no one had cleaned it in a long time grandma it was just covered with lint.

I was laughing at the visual of a dead frog coming off and it scaring him so much so that I was crying. He said it will be something to tell your grandkids huh! I said you ARE my grandkid!

He said oh, well, something to tell your GREAT grandkids then huh!

He had gone to see the new Harry Potter movie and said it was the best yet; so good in fact he would have liked to have seen it again a second time!

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My Idea of a Good Life
Thursday, July 22, 2010 | By Grandmagoofie

          Hello all you Frugality fans! I thought I should write a little about myself to explain why I think I have a good life. I guess a lot of people wouldn't agree with me that I do. We aren't rich. As a matter of fact my husband has been laid off from the construction industry long enough that the unemployment benefits have run out, including all the state and federal extensions. But we still laugh every day, and after 23 years of being married, still enjoy each others company. I have a home based business, but it doesn't generate enough income to pay all the bills. Only about half. Of our 3 grown children, 2 have come back home to live. They have 1 young child each, and one has a spouse. Luckily we DO have enough space, as we put an addition on our house 6 years ago that gave us 2800 square feet, so there is plenty of room to get away from each other if we feel the need. Because we waited until we paid off our home to do this and did all the construction ourselves, our mortgage is under $500 a month, so THATS all right! We all agreed on a fair division of expenses so I am confident we will make it through these tough times without having to go bankrupt or sell our home and live in our cars! I have practiced what I call "The fine art of Tightwaddery" since I first set out on my own so I think I'm pretty good at it. I yard sale for clothes and household needs, garden and preserve the produce to feed us through the winter months, and try to improvise and create anything I can before I will run out to the store to give my money to some guy who IS rich. Hopefully I can teach them a few things (by example, not preaching) before they fly the nest for the second time. They both are spendthrifts in my opinion, but as long as they pay their share I have to keep my mouth shut about it.( as much as I'm able to, anyway! LOL) I find that to be the hardest part about being the parents of grown kids, shuttin' up! We live each day with a little laughter, a lot of love and prayers to the good Lord to help us keep good attitudes and work hard to make it. I don't need money or material things to keep me happy. If we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, clothes on our backs, and each others love, then this is a good life and I'm happy to be living it!                                                                                         gg

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And here we go......
Friday, June 04, 2010 | By grahamcl

Well, it looks like we may be working with less income sooner than we expected.  Yesterday I was told that my current teaching position will be split between the middle school and the high school, and that I will be teaching a high school course that I don't feel prepared to teach.  Not that I couldn't teach it, but I have very little experience, knowledge, or skill in this particular branch of my content area, and it's not something you can fluff through and hope the kids don't notice.  The course?  Apparel design, of all things!  I am no seamstress, and I haven't even looked at a pattern in years.

Not only that, but they would want me at the high school the first half of the day, and it starts earlier than the middle school.  The kids and I would have to get up even earlier?  Fabulous.  I'm already dragging myself out of bed to go to work when I'd rather be home.  How will I ever get out the door earlier????

I know this sounds whiny when so many are without work and want it, and I apologize if it comes across that way.  My problem is that I want to be home full time, but my husband wants me to work full time, and I figure if I have to work somewhere, at least I know this job, I like the people I work with, and I'm used to it's ups and downs (I thought).  Now I'm looking at staying at a job where I spend a good portion of my day doing something I really don't like.

I asked if they would consider letting me just stay here a half day, and that's all.  No high school.  Yes, for half my current pay.  So far, no word on that, but it doesn't seem like they're very excited about that.  I guess we'll see!

I could manage that, and then I'd be home to do at least some of the things that aren't being done now.  Maybe I'd be able to keep decent meals on the table and a semblence of cleanliness going.

My husband is not looking forward to cutting back more financially, but he knows that I'm already very close to a breaking point.  If the half time thing doesn't work out, then I may have to look for something else.  I'm praying for God to give us guidance as this sorts out.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010 | By gskon

i have just graduted from my middle school and am now going to high school. my high school is huge omg i hate it. i just know im going to get lost. though now i am  out of school and it is great till next week when i have summer school takin world history. should be fun not. i only know one person in my class. though i am getting a laptop omg i am going to love it. i would just like to say that i dont have a laptop yet or a ipod so this is a really big thing. if you have any suggestions for the laptop please tell me. i would like to know. i am going to buy the laptop with my grandpa. snice it is my graduation present.

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CRAZY people make me CRAZY
Thursday, April 29, 2010 | By savannasmommy1989

Okay so, like always, I am struggling to keep my sanity living with my completely insane mother. She must ne going through one of her little fits or whatever. She is being so loud, with everything she does. And is looking for reasons to be in my area. She is just driving me up the wall, I just want her to go away. She is so attention hungry, and I am so over buying into the schemes and games and acts she plays to get this attention. If she is such in a terrible mood, why doesn't she just stay away. Why does she insist on spreading her misery to everyone around her. She is fucking nuts and I am fucking over it. I am not going to buy into her stupid fake falls or faking gettting hurt or fake falling. I see her fake fall all of the time. She will really slip, catch herself, then make herself fall on purpose, and she thinks no one notices but everyone does and she just looks stupid and crazy. That's what I don't understand about her, everyone knows she is tottally off of her rocker and just being crazy and trying to get attention, and she acts like its so real. Does she really believe that everyone can't see through it and doesn't see how ridiculous she always is? It's just that no one wants to be the one she freaks out on, so no one will say anything. She is so toxic. So poisonous for me, for everyone. She says things like, "oh Savanna you should be wearing socks or a jacket its too cold." "Savanna I think you should already be potty trained"  "Savanna I think your too big for a baba. Grandma will have to buy you sippy sups" These things to me sound like she is trying to demean my parenting, telling me I should be doing it that way. It pisses me off because she is the last person on the planet I would take parenting advice from. If I wanted to know the wrong way or the way not to raise a child, that is when I would ask her for advice, until then I feel like she has no right to say things like that and she needs to shut the fuck up. I feel like I could just go off on her sometimes for the things she does or says. I feel that there is so much I want to just scream in her face. I hold it all back because I also feel that in doing so it would make more tension and stress in my life so I just avoid it. Luckily I wont have to do this forever, and I can move out next tax season. I wount have to deal with her at all, or her toxic behavior, or her toxic mouth. I wont have to see her, or hear her, or walk around her feelings anymore. I wont have to worry about things dealing with her. I could feel somfortable in my house because there will be less tension and stress on me. I will feel cleansed of this poison. I will feel better. She will need to realize that I am not dealing with her delusional world anymore. She is jsut plain crazy and is so crazy she doesnt even think she is being crazy when she is being her craziest. It is just so illogical and I am not doing it anymore than I have to. My life is not about her and her problems or what she wants or needs. She is a grown woman and will have to start acting like one, or she can deal with the consequences. I dont know why everyone lets her get away with everything but eventually that will catch up with her. There is just no fixing something as broke as she is. If I had a car as fucked up as she is I would junk it, it wouldnt even have to be something I would even think about, thats just what you would have to do is start over because there are too many problems. I think she likes being crazy and causing all this drama and havoc. She is so terrible insane. She is a real danger to herself, only because she wants to be. She is absolutley unstable, because she wants to be. She is crazy, because she wants to be. She is the way she is because she wants to be. Maybe I am wrong for thinking that way but I have lived with her for long enough to know how she is and know her capability. She does this to herself and it seems like she wants it. She wants the drama and she wants the havoc and chaos. And that is why she is so utterly crazy to me.

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Dear Ms. Drama
Thursday, April 15, 2010 | By savannasmommy1989

Oh tax season 2011, if you can please come next month instead of next year. I NEED to get away from my mom. Living together just does not work. Our relationship is never ever good, but it is so much better when we are far apart. She is very toxic to me, and for me. She is just such a difficult person to deal with. There are so many things she does that bother me and hurt me and just frustrate me. I feel like being around her drags me down. I feel that a lot of my time and energy goes into thinking about what not to say and what to do to make her not be crazy on me. I'm tired of bending and being the one to make all these special adjustments in my thoughts and feelings and actions, when she doesnt seem to hold anything back. For some reason, in her mind alone, her bi polar is some kind of "i can get away with anything" pass. But how is it that she can pick and choose when she's crazy. Doesn't that mean that she really isn't crazy if she can decide when to be? I'm not a doctor but it seems to me that bi polar is supposed to be something you cannot control, so how is it that around certain people or certain times she can be so normal. Some people have never seen her be all crazy, to me that says she really isn't that crazy and it's all for attention. That is why I have such a hard time involving myself with her. i feel like it's all some kind of show, a try for some attention. If you are so starved for attention, why are you only seeking negative attention. Why would'nt you want positive attention? She's so selfish and self serving. She says she is so giving and tries to buy people off with garbage and junk, but it's only so she can be like "oh this is what I did for you" its to make herself feel good, not the other person. Literally everything has to be about her. Nothing I do, or say, or feel, can not have anything to do with her in her mind. She just is not that special to me to think about all day long and obsess about what I am going to do next. She needs to get real. She'll never change, and she doesn't even want to. Everyone just enables her, because they dont want to deal with her. It is just so much easier to make her happy than it is to deal with her not. I am not the only person she is toxic to, many people feel the same way. They just will not, and will never, say that because of her pills. I wish she'd just get busted, and get comitted and get normal. Some kind of reality check to take her out of her bubble where everyone but her is wrong. It's not that I want bad things to happen to her, I just don't see how else this would happen. She claims to be so sick in the head, but never ever goes to therapy. She has no excuse because not only does she have nothing to do all day everyday, it would be free and its right down the block. I think she dont go because a therapist could see through her, and all there is to her is lies and bad things. She thinks she is so much better because she has all this extra money-that she shouldnt- and can buy things because her rent and bills are so cheap from us living together. Get off your high horse. You are crazy, a drug addict, and liar. If the people that allow you to live this way knew what you really do they would no longer enable. Your entire allaby is a lie and your whole life situation is based on lies and deciet. If you were living honestly and legitamently, you would not be living the way you do now. I'm tired of feeling like a bad person. I am a good person. I am a better person than she is. I don't cheat lie or steal. I am not a drug addict. I go to work and handle my own reaponsiblities. I am a good mother. I am so many things that she is not and never has been and never will be. I think thats why she does this to me. She is jealous or mad that at such a young age I am so much more adult than her. I think she is resentful that after 18 months I have been a better mother than her in 21 years. I think her mistakes kill her inside, and she tries to spread the blame because its too much for her. I also feel like I have my own problems and at 50 she should have her shit together for herself. I shouldn't feel responsible for her bullshit made up problems that cause her to have feelings. I can't help her feelings, I can only help mine. I need to focus on me. I need to heal. My mom has always hurt me and caused me these feelings. I have to accept there is nothing I can so for her, I can only do for me. She is the onle that needs help. I need change.

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Sticking Together
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | By moonseekerjade

It's been awhile since i've been online,or to this site-Things have been going from bad to worse-my landlord's house(the one I was renting) got forclosed on,what a freakin nitemare for us! I am currently staying w/ my cousin,from a three bdrm house to a room in the basement isn't a picinic,little ones have to get up at 5am so they can be dropped off at a friends house to catch bus,so they don't have to switch schools,that's costing me,then paying board where we are is costing me-how the hell can I save to get my own place......Things have to get better,don't they?


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a pretty hairy weekend.
Sunday, April 11, 2010 | By tara moore

ok the weekend started badly, my dad was rushed to hospital with stomach pains, a long term problem that he has. He looks so's hard seeing parents ill. My mum and dad are in their 60's now...

bb( big boy, teenager) was very good and spent night at the hospital with his grandfather. He is such a gentle giant. sb( my 4 year old) was off to see my husband for the day. I HATE it when he goes, really miss him.

Today just draggd by, worried about my dad and just feeling a bit hopeless.....I am very close to my parents, I am the youngest of 3.


Right I am off to bed.anyone else had an eventful weekend??

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | By savannasmommy1989

I love my daughter so much. She makes me such a better person at times. I have to be so selfless and giving, not like thats hard to me, but she makes me feel like I have a purpose. I day after day remind myself how lucky I am to have such a healthy beautiful and smart little girl. There is just so much that can go wrong and all too often does go wrong when you have kids. I mean, what new mom isnt waking up in the middle of the night to check their newborns breathing. I remember with Savanna there were times I was so worried about her not breathing that if I didnt see her chest rise and fall I would move her or touch her to try to make her move, sometimes resulting in her waking up. I know I'm so obsessive compulsive when it comes to basically everything but when it comes to her it gets way worse. If she becomes sick, I check her temperature constantly, always checking for fever and listening to her breath for wheeziness. I know its so bad but I feel like if I dont check on all of these things that something could happen that I could have stopped or prevented and I will be filled with guilt and regret. Anyways, I just hope that we can be so lucky or blessed or whatever it is with this next baby. God, Budda, genash, or whoever please let it happen.

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4 year old pooping refusing to poop in potty
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | By kiera Fo

HELP!!!  I am in a power struggle with my 4 year old son who is refusing to poop in the potty.  We have tried charts, treats, getting a bike. He wears underwear all day long and is going pee-pee in the potty, no problem.  He will go hide in his room and poop in his underwear.  I have tried to catch him a couple of times before the pooping has occured and sit him on the potty, he does but cries and cries.  I don't know.  I don't want to go back to the pull-ups, because that seems like a step backward.  I need some guidance.


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