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Blog Posts on My Frugal Life:

Friday, October 23, 2015 | By pamphyila

Gee wiz, it's back to the future, and I haven't posted in almost a YEAR???? So sorry, folks.  but, ok, I was in a dowwards cycle, as part of my bipolar disorder.  But I worked very hard on it with my Dr.s and changed meds and vitamins (I added COQ10 to my regimen, hwic h seems to give me more energy) and here I am.  AS I tried to share on Thriftyfun, I did a movie called HOW TO BEAT A BULLY, and it is finally out of Google Play.  That's the new reality of indie distribution.

Sio I get to put on my PR hat and get to tell everyone about my movie!! It is a really lcute comedic take on the whole issue of bullying, and is timely as October is National Anti-Bullying Month!  In it, I play the humorous, clueless teacher in a home sc hool, who loves hats! It's really a cute little movie, and a way to start a dialogue with your kids about the whole issue of bullying.  This is even true for older kids, as I was bullied in high school as a new kid in town, and a "brain"/  Wish I had had the resources that are now available to kids.  It took me years of thereapy to work all that through, and if it had been addressed at the time, it would have been much, much easier.....

So, hello again, thrifty funners.  As we all know, frugality is timeless!!









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Frugality & a Money Diet
Monday, July 23, 2012 | By pamphyila

Teachers do'nt make oodles of money - but they DO have long summer vacations a la Europe & so we have been spending what a friend calls our "endless summer vacation" on the boat - a few days on & then back for doctor's appointments and so on & then back -

Hubby has been maintaining the boat - the frugal way - he managed, after a year, to fix up our roller reefing (an automatic way the from sail gets wrappd up in the front) - just by asking a lot of questions - & finally finding the right answer - saving us lots of money -

He also managed to fix a broken pin in our outboard engine - now I know that taking that simple repair to a mechanic would have cost us $100 or more - & hubby did it for less than $20!! I was so proud of him!

He also had had the rigging checked by a rigger whom we just ended up tipping for  a beer - & hubby repainted the deck of the boat, too.

He even took some extra stainless steel boat parts into a resale store & got $100 for them!

At the same time, I went on a money diet - spending tiny bits of money at my thrift shops - when on SALE - & irresistible - but for the most part avoiding temptation.  All my summer clothes had been bought & hubby had found a cache of tshirts in storage - so I am OK there - there are always other thins to BUY - copays on new glasses, etc.& maybe more work on the car -

But we will skate through until hubby gets paid as of 8/15 - an accomplishment after not having been paid for a whole MONTH.

Although I did pick up some yarn - as I have to start making Xmas presents...a few bucks....

So that's how we are being frugal this month.  We could do it all the time if we had to - but it's not necessary - life is to be enjoyed, after all, no?



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Thursday, July 05, 2012 | By begonia

Hi Pam: Just wanted you to know that I am still reading and enjoying your posts! Unfortunately, the folks who oversee this site don't seem to be allowing comments any more. So--you have to have a blog on this site in order to give feedback! Take care, Begonia

P.S. Thanks for the Mod Podge tip. I am going to try that!

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Easter Menu
Sunday, April 15, 2012 | By begonia

Dear Chrystal:

Sounds like you had delightful meal! Here's what I made for Easter dinner.

  • Ham--89 cents per pound with a $50 purchase at the local grocery store.
  • Party Bean Casserole--bacon, onion, brown sugar, cider vinegar sauce mixed into butter beans, lima beans, kidney beans, and Bush's baked beans
  • Fruit Salad--fresh pineapple, apples, bananas, manderine oranges, and canned sweet cherries
  • Sweet Corn
  • Potatoes Delmonico--small red potatoes, boiled until tender with the skins on and sliced with a thick cream white sauce and cheddar cheese on top. Baked in a casserole until bubbly
  • Lamb pound cake frosted with mallow whip and coconut with jelly bean eyes (for a picture see my website The pound cake is made with butter and a can of coconut milk! Talk about breakin' trainin'
  • Ice Tea with papaya ice cubes and Kick Ass coffee (wonderful coffee despite the name)

What did you have for Easter Dinner Pam? Begonia


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Thursday, November 24, 2011 | By pamphyila

We are “grapefruit” – that’s the secret language between hubby & me for GRATEFUL  (maybe because walking around saying grateful all the time in the real word feels soppy). 

The blog is back up (we had been having tech problems) and I am thankful to the tech guys & everybody else at Thriftyfun for fixing the problems we had been having.

Getting used to writing FIRST on Word – because I lost another post a few days ago – alas & alack.  Takes me a few days to get the steam up to go back & cover it again.

So – last weekend hubby & I went up to the boat.  The weatherman had been dissuaded us from going the 2 previous weekends & then the weather had been FINE, so we risked it.  We had a lovely day on Saturday in Ojai & then it did rain on Sunday – but it was worth it….

So – our splurge(s) over the weekend:

  • At the Goodwill in Moorpark – I found several dresses for $4.99 each.  Two were new Target stock (worth $25 or so) – One was Joseph Magnin vintage (!) & another that just fit right. I buy dresses when I see them, because my squarish body is hard to fit – so, when I see the styles that fit me, I grab them…as I couldn’t just waltz into a store & pick them up!
  • Also at Goodwill – a long-sleeved tee with shirring (also new Target stock). $4.99 = $25+ new.
  • The one problem is the pants I bought – they don’t fit right – fine on the bottom but not on the top.  I don’t know whether to donate them or to try to alter them…
  • IN OJAI – the find of the day – a 50’s? vintage camel-colored swing coat (no buttons) for $15!!! At first hubby said that it looked like a bathrobe, but he had to admit that it looks great ON. (I stayed up the night before last knitting a very LONG scarf in beige/white/brown to wear so the gap is covered in colder weather…)
  • Also  two $1 sweaters which need minor repairs.
  • At the LIBRARY store, we found some music (me Italian songs & hubby an old James Taylor songbook) & I found 2 old obscure mysteries.

We had a pizza dinner with friends – our real Thanksgiving dinner, I suppose.

Sunday it was pouring, so we drove on home & used the two AMC free movie coupons to see the movie J. EDGAR – we usually see movies at home on cable – so actually sitting in a THEATRE with POPCORN felt like a terrible SPLURGE & all the more fun! 

I also redeemed the Torani coupons I got for their Italian syrups (for coffee, etc., originally used in coffee houses) which I received for being part of the She Speaks program.  The salted caramel is yummy in coffee - & the raspberry is super in champagne to make a champagne cocktail.  I am looking forward to other experiments with other flavors. I have tried the peppermint they had sent me…..  These syrups are reasonably priced (@$7) & LARGE bottles, so they are would make nice Xmas gifts.

Also redeemed the free PAM & Hunt’s tomato coupons – so I am looking forward to making a lasagna-type thing in the Pyrex baking dish I was sent as part of the Smiley360 sampling program. (The dish is $20 retail….)

I am knitting things for Xmas – some fingerless gloves are the latest experiment.  Finally seem to be getting the hang of them! Perhaps I will have the courage to go back to slippers if I get enough gloves done….their virtue is that they are fast.  Using yarn from my bargain stash & a FREE online patterns. (Note: there are LOTS of FREE knitting patterns on the net now!)

Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving.  Despite trials and difficulties, we still have MUCH to be grateful  for, no?


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Homemade conveince foods
Monday, March 09, 2009 | By leftthesanebehind

How many of you are making your own foods at home? We started with our Laundry soap, gather that is not a food, but it started a trend in our home. I have now sucessfully, made my own bread, granola bars from stratch, cookies once a week and Tried but failed with the homemade maple syrup(that is one thing i will buy). So share your stories of the impossible, the things you never thought you would have made, but tried and liked! thanks and god bless! 

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the insanity of it all
Friday, March 06, 2009 | By snowbird49908

I have been home from the hospital a bit over a week and Im already going insane with bordome. Ive been working of crafting alot and doing alot of cooking and thankfully my kids help keep me occupied but Im so use to just doing whatever. I will be able to drive again on Tuesday so that will be nice but still a bit over 4 weeks of takeing it easy ahead for me.

My dog had to get surgery a couple days ago to remove a tumor on his neck so he has been my partner in misery.

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Food Business Recycling
Friday, March 06, 2009 | By Sally_Admin


 In my small town we have recycle bins for paper, plastic milk jugs, tin & aluminum cans, and glass. Food service paper is not recyclable there. We rinse and sort these items and take them to the town bins, and the rest goes in the garbage. 

The food scraps go to chickens. The coffee skins and grounds go to the compost pile. I'm looking for ideas to do more.


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German Sheppard Growling
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 | By Newby

I Bought My Daughter a German Sheppard Male Puppy for her 8th Grade Graduation gift 2 years ago.Just Yesterday He started to Growl at her.We Have 4 Family Member and he only Growls at her.I quickly tried to correct the problem saying No,No Growlong and using time outs returning him to his crate.He (Rocky) Continues to do it and the last time he showed his teeth.So I know he means business.If anyone can give me ideas on how to correct the problem I would be gratefull..If I cant correct the problem obviously the Dog Must go..We Love him and dont want that to happen Please Help.

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Quick Report from the Dominican
Tuesday, February 17, 2009 | By freya1970

Hi everyone!

Well, I never made it to Mexico. After two days of trying and 4 failed attempts, my friend and I ended up in Toronto to see if we had more success getting a flight there. Long story short, mexico wasn't an option anymore so the airline rep told us to go look on the departures board and see where else we wanted to go. Since it was already 3pm, most of the departures were for Europe, one for Peru and one for Puerto Plata. Peru would have been great but since we only had a few days it was a bit far to go and the trip would have cost more since there are SO many things to do in Peru. We entertained the thought of going to Europe but I've lived there and been there many times and right now the weather isn't great. We asked what our chances were for Puerto Plata...she said there were 5 seats left and 5 standbys including us so we were in as the flight was boarding in 30mins. So the Dominican it was. I got a first class seat, my friend let me take it and he sit in the back of the plane. I sat next to a friendly girl and we laughed about our first class experience. She had never been on first class and I had (we lucked out on our Montreal-Toronto flight) so technically this was my second. We were treated like gold, had a nice free hot meal, chocolate and all kinds of other luxuries. Oh, how the other half live! :)

When we got here, I spoke to the rep for the company my friend works for. Luckily she is french too so she helped us out and bartered with the cab driver to give us a deal into town. Normally the price was $35US, we paid $20 canadian...woohoo. My spanish is ok, but not good enough to barter. Cab driver took a liking to us and took us to a reasonable hotel in Sosua which includes breakfast, internet, pool access and walking distance to the beach. We spent $80 a night as opposed to the $35 a night I had booked in Mexico but sadly this place is touristy and even the rep said we'd be lucky if we got anything under $100 last minute. I've been a bit sick since we got here but have managed to do the beach thing and a little shopping.

My friend and I shop at the grocery store for either lunch or dinner, we only eat out once a day but find the cheapest spots around and end up ordering appetizers.

When we got here, my friend was worried about getting back and I also had to get back to work. Luckily, there is a flight tomorrow which is only once a week back to where I live!! THere are 6 first class seats available, which means another luxury ride back and the time zone is the same so no jetlag either. My hubby will pick us up at the airport at 7pm and I will get a good nights sleep & back to work Thursday.

Stay tuned for more............

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