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Blog: Keri's Blog

No Strict Diets

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are you one of the people who doesn't want to lose weight because it will mean you have to go on a strict diet?

I can completely relate to that. I hate diets and don't like being restricted. What I love about what we teach is that depending on the level of results you want, you don't have to restrict yourself with everything.

Instead of thinking about restricting your diet, start to think about adding in healthy whole foods. The more good foods you eat, the less of the others you will want.

Make sure you are eating protein at every meal. Toast and jam doesn't have protein and neither do most cereals. At breakfast, eat eggs. Yes... you do have time. Hard boil them when you are making dinner the night before. You can also make a quiche on the weekend that will last you the first half of the week (very easy to make). Your other option for breakfast... leftovers! Who says you need to have cereals or eggs in the morning?

If you want to have porridge for breakfast, make sure you add some protein sources to it. We add some protein powder to ours as well as LSA and coconut flakes for some added fat.

At lunch and dinner, make sure you have some protein and vegetable. Snack on fruit, nuts, cheese, or other protein throughout the day.

Commit to increasing the amount of protein and vegetables you eat in your diet. Then if you have a piece of chocolate or a packet of chips in the day, don't worry about it. If you feel guilty about it; that will take away from the experience and generally speaking make it worse. It's that horrible spiral then, isn't it? I had one bad thing, so I might as well have a bad day.

If you can stop that behavior... you are on your way to eating healthy as a lifestyle choice, loosing the fat and keeping it off.

So for now... concentrate on increasing the healthy foods you eat and not worrying so much about the other stuff. You will start to crave the healthy stuff the more and more you eat it. And the pasta, bread, chips, etc... you will look at and not want to eat it. I know it sounds crazy, but I have helped lots of people do this and have changed myself. You can do it too.

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