Janet's Jolly Junk http://www.myfrugallife.com/blog_jan_lee.html I love to collect junk. I have an eye for junk & can figure out right away when I see junk what I'm going to use it for. If it's fabic I start thinking of doll clothes or stuffed toys or one year I made Christmas rag wreaths & kissing balls all from donated junk fabric. We sold them at our church Holiday fair. I love to collect pottery pieces & plates decoritive jars almost anyhting & I silicone glue them together to make Garden Art. I've been known to raid people's trash for funiture & other goodies...Oh, it's addicting so I guess I'm a junk-a-holic. en-us Hudson River walkway Fri, 22 Oct 2010 17:29:03 GMT http://www.myfrugallife.com/post68378345_jan_lee.html <p> The best things happen when you don&#39;t expext them.....we took a walk on the Hudson River walkway bridge. It crosses the Hudson River &amp; is&nbsp;the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. It goes from Highland NY&nbsp;&nbsp;to Poughkeepsie NY. it was a beautiful sight to see the boats&nbsp;&amp; tugs chugging along the river with the lovely trees many with&nbsp;changing leaves in the background. You could see the Tappanzee bridge in the distance....just a beautiful sight. We made it half way across &amp; were proud of ourselves.&nbsp;&nbsp;We knew we weren&#39;t going to go the whole distance since we would have to come back again......the bridge used to be a railroad bridge&nbsp;&amp; was active during WW2 transporting troops&nbsp;&amp; cargo to the east coast. Now it&#39;s a volunteer project supported strictly by donated funds. It was one&nbsp;of the best decisions we made to take the ride to the river &amp; walk the bridge...it&#39;s free&nbsp;of charge but they accept donations.&nbsp;We also enjoyed the ride home too. Some of those little towns are lovely...with the old houses all decorated for fall with&nbsp;their pots of mums, corn stalks,&nbsp;&amp; pumpkins. We rode through the college town of New Paltz...talk about a quaint town.....&amp; a bustling one too especially on the week end.....anyway,&nbsp;I would highly recommend a trip up to the Hudson River walkway especially&nbsp;this time of year..</p> daffodils & phlox Mon, 18 Oct 2010 03:16:55 GMT http://www.myfrugallife.com/post88258459_jan_lee.html <p> I think everyone likes daffodils. It&nbsp;is one of my favorite flowers too. I had ordered three sets of the pretty yellow jonquils &amp; also some phlox that&nbsp;I had never had in my garden. So&nbsp;when they came I realized I had some work ahead of me. I got out my trusty spade&nbsp;&amp; dug some beds for the bulbs. I don&#39;t have a big space so this was a bit of a&nbsp;dilemma. I had ordered more bulbs than I had space for. You know, when you get those catalogs you see all the beautiful flowers&nbsp;&amp; you become obsesses. I ordered giant daffodils, mediums daffodils &amp; petite&nbsp;daffodils all looked so lovely in the&nbsp;&nbsp;VAN BOURGONDIEN&nbsp;&nbsp;catalog so&nbsp;I went overboard. I had to have those lovelies.&nbsp;I also had 3 roots of phlox to find room for. I have two gardens on my small piece of property. One is a perennial garden&nbsp;&amp; in one I plant my annuals. Actually I have three garden cause another small area that&nbsp;has both annuals &amp; perennials.&nbsp;I got out my bone meal &amp; got those bulb planted. I found room for the phlox &amp; when&nbsp;I was finished&nbsp;I was tired &amp; my back &amp; joints were aching but all was&nbsp;right with the world. Now I can&#39;t wait till spring when the daffodils bloom. &nbsp;</p> finding stuff for my Garden art projects Thu, 07 Oct 2010 22:21:29 GMT http://www.myfrugallife.com/post96327526_jan_lee.html <p> Another beautiful day here on the east coast. I&#39;d rate it a &quot;10&quot;. So, in my on-going quest for pottery, plates, bowls, glassware, figurines etc. for my craft called &quot;Garden Art&quot; I took a trip to my local Salvation Army. I hadn&#39;t been there is years &amp; thought it would be the usual ares of semi-clutter. I wasn&#39;t sure they would even have a china section but to my surprise I found a lovely well organized beautifully displayed area. There was a gorgeous end display of red glassware&nbsp;with stemware, plates, bowls &amp; vases all artfully displayed with several stems of flowers &amp; a lovely silk-like scarf. There were equally lovely displays in blues, yellows, greens &amp; clear crystal &amp; a striking display of black glassware &amp; dishes&nbsp;also with vases &amp; figurines. For a moment I thought I was at Neiman Marcus. I bought a few more items for my craft project&nbsp;&amp; had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Take a few minutes or hours &amp; go to your local Salvation Army. You&#39;ll have just as much fun as I did while helping a good cause.</p> garage sale items at our flea market Wed, 06 Oct 2010 06:05:45 GMT http://www.myfrugallife.com/post61711969_jan_lee.html <p> The flea market happened at our church last Saturday. It was sponsored by our UMW the ladies of the church. There were 10 tables. We rent the tables to local vendors&nbsp;&amp; they can sell what they want. Most tables are garage sale type things. I was surprised when my friend got a brand new Dirt Devil for $4 ...now that was a bargain.&nbsp;We got some great junk at our table&nbsp;....I went home with bags &amp; bags. We made almost $400 just on our one table of junk....I think I was our best customer. One of the men in our church makes his&nbsp;own Italian sausage&nbsp;&amp; every year he donates sausage &amp; pepper &amp; onions for good old fashion hero sandwiches. He does all the cooking too. He also cooks hamburgers &amp; hot dogs &amp; we&nbsp;sell soft drinks &amp; coffee.&nbsp;We have home made cakes, cookies&nbsp;&amp; cup cakes too for sale. The day was perfect ...sunshine galore &amp; lots of laughs &amp; friendly socializing! Our annual fair is on November 6th....come on down!</p>