Frugal And Tightwad Tanya My blog is about how I live a frugally and tightwad life here in Minn. My finds that are frugal. My style of tightwaddery and thrift. It's about my frugal and tightwad family. en-us Couponing my style Wed, 19 Oct 2011 03:01:08 GMT <p> <strong>Well in case you haven&#39;t guessed I love to save. My favorite sites are <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "1"></span></a> ,&nbsp;<a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "2"></span></a> ,&nbsp;<a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "3"></span></a>&nbsp;which I just found thru here on <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "someones" data-scaytid "8">someones</span> blog who no longer blogs here, <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "4"></span></a> and&nbsp;<a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "5"></span></a> a <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "WalMart" data-scaytid "10">WalMart</span> site. Those are just a few I get my coupons from for shopping which I still&nbsp;use my&nbsp;<a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "6"></span></a>, and <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "7"></span></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;which I plan my groceries and clothing buys from each day.</strong></p> <p> <strong>I tend to go by what the coupon says when shopping. I never clear a shelf of jeans or food or other. Clearing a shelf is a clear ethical violation in my opinion for coupon use. I am self declared frugal and tightwad woman who just happens to be a coupon queen as well in my state of Minnesota. Others claim they are coupon queens and frugal, but I know different. They may want to be a coupon queen, but they don&#39;t have what it takes to be a coupon queen. They don&#39;t spend hours hunting down bargains on the computer, or searching for printable coupons while their children study nearby making you multitask between mom and coupon queen like me. They don&#39;t ask a stranger at the local dump and recycle center for the coupons they are throwing away, because I don&#39;t want to go back into the bin. They don&#39;t plan every hour and minute of the day with sites of stores. That is what it takes to be a coupon queen like me. I will even go out in a blizzard to get the store deal with coupons. Yea I do it in the lull of the blizzard, but still if they want to be a coupon queen like me that&#39;s what they have to do.</strong></p> <p> <strong>a woman in the library system in my town claims she is a coupon queen like me to the point that she was chosen to teach&nbsp;classes on how to be a coupon queen, instead of me when all know it is really me and not her. Long story short she had to refund all class attendees when her teaching did not work. They had to come to me for clarification on how to be one. To this day people still stop me in stores and thank me for teaching them how to coupon responsibly and legally. </strong></p> <p> <strong><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "E.L.F" data-scaytid "40">E.L.F</span>. Cosmetics at <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "42"></span></a></strong><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;is a makeup company that has cheap good makeup for the new woman in your family and you can use an online coupon for extra savings. Oh&nbsp;yes&nbsp;always ask for refund if the product you purchase&nbsp;is found to be damaged in the package, or bad tasting like it has expired. Always check expire dates in any grocery store you visit. If you have a coupon for the product that is expired make sure the manager knows it, so you can get rain check on the item you want, but they are out of good dated items. I got a rain check on a good deal on cheese slices that are usually&nbsp;$4 each for 2/$5. If&nbsp;it hadn&#39;t been for the new program extreme coupon I would have gotten it&nbsp;when it was on sale for&nbsp;2/$5 when all the products were not expired, but someone cleared all, but the expired ones the immoral idiot! No etiquette just left it for whoever like found it. Like we want food poisoning. Etiquette requires if you know&nbsp;products are expired but don&#39;t say anything to a manager it is the same as attempted murder, and punishable by law, because we have a moral obligation to report it to manager, so they aren&#39;t left with the lawsuit of attempted murder. All grocery stores now have cameras in every isle, so there is no hiding who did the clearing shelf and leaving&nbsp;the bad.&nbsp;Come on woman you know who you are show some coupon use&nbsp;morals like I do. And she calls herself a coupon queen. I at least have morals and etiquette when I coupon.</strong></p> Cat Food Free Tue, 18 Oct 2011 22:27:09 GMT <p> My daughter has her own cats now, and when I visit her we go shop, but she doesn&#39;t buy much cat food. I always think those poor kitties of hers must starve, and I tell her not to forget he cats at home. She told me that she takes the bus to a thrift store that helps out animals by rescuing them from being abandoned and abused and that is where she gets her cat food for the month. She also goes to her vet who gives her coupons for free cans of cat food. She buys dollar store cat food otherwise for a dollar, and that <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "doesn" data-scaytid "9">doesn</span>&#39;t go that far, so she gets good sources for cat food. I wish our vet did that for our <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "pets....she" data-scaytid "17">pets....she</span> is <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "ingenius" data-scaytid "15">ingenius</span> don&#39;t you think. My youngest child wants a guinea pig <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "now....I" data-scaytid "25">now....I</span> wonder what that will cost me. Well it is back to craigslist and <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "freecycle" data-scaytid "23">freecycle</span> for guinea pigs maybe?</p> Saving by having my car breakdown Tue, 18 Oct 2011 01:01:22 GMT <p> Well I don&#39;t know when the bus became my best friend, but I can tell you that I am saving on gas prices. My gas station ran out of gas today to boot, as a lot of people came to town to buy gas and lottery tickets. I saw the gas truck yesterday filling the tanks, and now the station is out of gas. It goes without saying that the <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "buses" data-scaytid "11">buses</span> will never run out of gas. My pass is$ 22 a month for me and my youngest children ride free. It comes in the morning around 8 am and we can&nbsp;ride to&nbsp;the city for the day, and shop and save. I use coupons at&nbsp;Family Dollar in town, but when you get 20 percent&nbsp;coupon for Salvation Army that is when I take the bus, otherwise I walk to the store a mile away with a cart for the trip back home.&nbsp;Ten blocks total in town to the store. I can say if gas prices keep going up I will keep up with the <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "busing" data-scaytid "29">busing</span> and walking. It is a savings and exercise. I am saving $389 a year. We never did go very far even when our car was working.&nbsp;</p> On-line Freebies for Real? Sun, 16 Oct 2011 18:01:17 GMT <p> <strong>I use Craigslist it is at <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "9"></span></a>, or is it com? Well what the heck let us go on by saying that there is a freebie section where peps in you state can post what they don&#39;t need or want, but they can&#39;t sell it. Giving away dirt for instant is&nbsp; way of getting rid of a yard mess when the city you live in is insisting on a clean yard. Also, try <a href ""></a>. They have several listings of what you can trade for free, but the only thing is <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "freecycle" data-scaytid "38">freecycle</span> you have to trade otherwise people no trade or contact you.</strong></p> <p> <strong>Coupons from manufacturers can be had with a simple email or phone call to their 800 number. The trick is to praise them to no end. Just make sure you give your actual address as some email accounts don&#39;t print out their inbox emails.</strong></p> <p> <strong>List of freebies that can be had:</strong></p> <p> dirt</p> <p> children books</p> <p> clothes that people have outgrown</p> <p> apartment furniture</p> <p> bibles</p> <p> food that people have leftover from harvest</p> <p> beauty supplies</p> <p> costumes</p> <p> cars</p> <p> trucks</p> <p> RV&#39;s</p> <p> Campers</p> <p> moving signs</p> <p> garage sale signs</p> <p> cats</p> <p> dogs</p> <p> etc....</p> <p> You get the message. I hope you like freebies like I do.</p> Joke Sun, 16 Oct 2011 17:44:17 GMT <p> How many ghosts does it take to fill a hot tub......?</p> <p> Answer none they float and would not be able to get into the water! <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "HAHAHAHAHA" data-scaytid "1">HAHAHAHAHA</span>!</p> Here are a Few Tightwad Links for Living Frugal Sun, 16 Oct 2011 15:59:24 GMT <p> <strong><a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "1"></span></a>&nbsp;you can order in bulk online from them for everything your family or business would need in life. I am using it to order my home school supplies. Erasers, Pencils, Math sheets, Writing sheets, <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "etc....another" data-scaytid "2">etc....another</span> thing if there is a blizzard don&#39;t expect delivery of the items until the storm clears. People have been known to die 5 feet from their car/vehicle because they couldn&#39;t find it in the storm and that goes for house and apartments too. The postman is a person too, so why should he risk his life for your frugal lifestyle. Those who are lucky enough to live in Arizona still, and yea I really miss it in the winter lol. Order what you can on-line, and save your sanity for trying to find what you need when the store is out and they have to order more for you. Bypass them and use the site to order it yourself.</strong></p> <p> <strong>Here is a list of what you can order in bulk on-line:</strong></p> <p> Crayons</p> <p> Paper</p> <p> Toilet Paper</p> <p> Food</p> <p> Kitchen cutlery</p> <p> Cleaning supplies</p> <p> and the most important Halloween Candy.</p> <p> <strong>It is a short list, but you can go check it out on-line.</strong></p> <p> <strong>Another link is <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "4"></span></a>&nbsp;sign up to be a member and you will get advance notice to sales that are upcoming, and fliers in the mail with special coupons. On the outskirts of town of Moorhead, MN there&#39;s a Super Target now. I was just there visiting my daughter and we went to get Halloween Candy for a dollar too. Another link <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "5"></span></a> a warning <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "tho" data-scaytid "9">tho</span> most of the super list coupon area is ineffective except for my coupons it is good, and you can print them off at the library in any town, as the site for my coupons is safe. Coupon use at <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "WalMart" data-scaytid "11">WalMart</span> is iffy now at best. The cheapskates are constantly trying to make you pay more even with coupons. I like my DL <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "WalMart" data-scaytid "13">WalMart</span> for emergency picnic supplies&nbsp;in the summer for the <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "Sams" data-scaytid "17">Sams</span> Pop that is 78 cents for 2 liters. Especially when Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are closed for the 4th of July. Not <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "WalMart" data-scaytid "15">WalMart</span> the only thing I will God Bless them for in life. Here is another on-line link you may like if you are a book enthusiast <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "6"></span></a> it is an <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "Ebay" data-scaytid "19">Ebay</span> link. I count <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "Ebay" data-scaytid "21">Ebay</span> as an excellent Winter garage sale saver for kids clothes, and adults. What I don&#39;t make aka sew, knit, or crochet I buy here for books and clothes cheaply. I recently lost 90 lbs and I&#39;m in size 16 jeans again after 22 years, so I entered an auction on <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "7"></span></a> for a lot of jeans that started at one penny for 18 pairs of Wranglers. I lost of course because someone beat me. It did have a reserve that had to be met, and I could have met it, but someone wanted it more than me and went over the reserve price the little <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "turd" data-scaytid "23">turd</span>! Still a good site to go to in the Winter. If you are a grocery store shopper like <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "Cashwise" data-scaytid "25">Cashwise</span> foods like my daughter uses. Go online to their site at <a href ""><span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "" data-scaytid "8"></span></a> plan your trip ahead of time they even give you a list to make of what you need that can be printed out at the library for a dime, or cheaper yet 6 cents on campus library, if you are a student. Well I will keep thinking and finding links I and my family like that you may find useful in your life. by for now and no I am not going on Hiatus anytime soon. Frugal and Tightwad Tanya</strong></p> Living A Healthy and Active Life Sun, 16 Oct 2011 15:12:28 GMT <p> <strong>Well living a healthy frugal lifestyle is what we should all be about especially us moms. Gyms are ok, but you get a lot of people there who judge by the way you look. I tend to glare when that happens to me. Scholarships can be had at the YMCA. If, you really want privacy try Snap Fitness an all night gym. I think that the yearly cost <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "outweights" data-scaytid "15">outweights</span> the <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "spendiness" data-scaytid "19">spendiness</span> of the gym and is total a good price for living longer and healthier. A membership there for a year is 300 dollars. I tend to think that is more a frugal price than 500 dollars or 450 dollars like other places. If, you aren&#39;t shy you can try a Planet Fitness for 10 dollars a month and&nbsp;120&nbsp;dollars&nbsp;a year for membership. It is a more younger crowd of college kids, but if you don&#39;t mind that go for the cheapest.</strong></p> <p> <strong>Colleges now have fitness centers on campus, and all students can use it free when classes aren&#39;t in session. <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "MSUM" data-scaytid "29">MSUM</span> in Minneapolis has one for their Fitness courses and majors. They also have a clinic with doctors and all right on campus. Eating healthy is the best way to stay well. Living frugal and tightwad for health and body may be tough if you are poor, but not impossible. If, you are an adult who is auditing a college course in writing or something you can gain access now with the same <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "priviledges" data-scaytid "37">priviledges</span> the regular students have at college. Meaning you can use their gym for free, and the health facility too. You may have to pay for meds, but it is free with your student card that is given to you for picking their school to audit a class. You don&#39;t get graded, but you pay tuition and that is where the catch <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "is....aka" data-scaytid "45">is....aka</span> they have to give you total access to campus and that can only be had now with student id cards. Last year alone several older students audited classes used the same facilities for the duration of their class time as regular college students do. In closing treating our bodies bad for years <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "doesn" data-scaytid "47">doesn</span>&#39;t have to hurt the budget to get healthy and fit, so we can live longer for our families. Think about what you can do frugally and then follow your own advice on staying healthy and living healthy.</strong></p> sorry for the Long Hiatus Sun, 16 Oct 2011 14:36:51 GMT <p> <strong>Well let&#39;s get back to it. My family would say I live the green lifestyle of crafty creativeness. I am relearning crocheting. I am in the process of crocheting a scarf for winter and a baby quilt for my first grandson. I have several thrift stores that I go to in the lakes area and in Fargo, ND within an hour from us. I get yarn on sale at thrift stores. I can get multiple color products in various amounts of yarn. I get mostly black yarn for mittens about a dollar for a huge amount where you would pay $7 for the same amount in <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "WalMart" data-scaytid "9">WalMart</span> and other stores.</strong></p> <p> <strong>My crafting doesn&#39;t stop with thrift store finds, as I like to branch out. I hit garage sales in the summer for items that I can use in my crafting and art. I am now apart of an art community that we display our items we have made. People who are my friends say I have some of the most unique crafts made. I tell them I get my supplies at thrift stores and garage sales. I hardly ever go into stores that are not second hand anymore. In my younger days I thought <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "WalMart" data-scaytid "23">WalMart</span> was the bomb <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "diggity" data-scaytid "29">diggity</span>, and now at 43 I know better. My children and my hubby all tell me thank you for my homemade gift. My hubby loves his mitts I make him. I am trying my hand at darning socks next. Again staying thrifty and green by buying from thrift stores for supplies. I also reuse old worn out mitts, as long as they are not moldy. </strong></p> <p> <strong>We are looking to get back to the land so to speak, so I am researching for free at the library on land up near Bagley, MN where my family has origins. Any 20 to 40 acres would be fine for our family, as I miss having a farm of animals around me. I miss having a horse I can see daily. Our idea is to live frugally and tightwad on our land. Renting or owning we don&#39;t care. My youngest I am home schooling, as she just can&#39;t stand regular school. You know a child is miserable when she comes home crying, because kids make fun of her home made mitts, and clothes with thrift store finds for lunch companions such as Transformer lunch box minus the matching thermos I got at a garage sale for 75 cents.</strong></p> <p> <strong>My guru Amy <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "Dacyzyn" data-scaytid "71">Dacyzyn</span> the Tightwad Queen of America I assume self proclaimed, as all of us in here would like that role of Tightwad Queen or King. She inspires me to this day. I recently discovered YouTube online and caught up with her now in 2011 still living a tightwad lifestyle. Her daughter is a post grad student now and living the way her mom and dad lived and Amy said &quot;she was the one who complained about their lifestyle growing up&quot;.</strong></p> <p> <strong>Living green to me is reuse, refuge, and recycle. I intend to remain true to that way of life. I will keep you updated of course, and I hope no one who used to read my blog last year is offended by long absences.</strong></p> Easy Sweet Bread Mon, 09 Aug 2010 20:23:54 GMT <p> I make two loaves a week and all it cost me is 79 cents a loaf. I use <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "WalMart" data-scaytid "1">WalMart</span> flour, Family Dollar store baking soda and yeast at 50 cents and 34 cents each. I use my oven in the late evening when fuel is the cheapest usually around 10 at night, since we moved to Fargo, ND last 6 months ago. We rent a three bedroom on rental assistance, but we pay for everything utility wise. Fargo housing doesn&#39;t pay for heat, so we keep a space heater too. But back to baking bread, and sweets. Bread is the easiest in the oven it only takes a half hour with rapid rise yeast. Try late night baking it is fun, because there is no distractions. Making my own saves me $5 dollars a month, and in this economy every penny counts!</p> Flood Evac Readiness Fri, 26 Mar 2010 17:17:33 GMT <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> Well if you do flood like we do in the <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "midwest" data-scaytid "1">midwest</span>, evacuate with as little clothes as possible. The phrase &quot;clothes on your back&quot; comes to mind. Food is easy to get, but if you must <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "evac" data-scaytid "3">evac</span> with all clothes garbage bags that are new and clean and washable is the way to go. For kids get the small kind as their things tend to be small.</p> <p> We didn&#39;t have to evacuate this year last year we did <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "tho" data-scaytid "7">tho</span>. It was a <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "caotic" data-scaytid "9">caotic</span> mess. Organize is all I can say and keep an emergency junk food kit too from the dollar store buys. A heads up to all in the five state area of Minnesota. You can now use food benefits card SNAP in all Family Dollar Stores now <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "whereever" data-scaytid "11">whereever</span> they may be. I am not sure about the money part of it though.</p> <p> But back to flood <span class "scayt-misspell" data-scayt word "evac" data-scaytid "5">evac</span> news. A makeshift rain gear can be had from garbage bags sewn together and v cut a whole for the head and arms, but be careful with infants. Well luck to all and sorry for the long break. I have been EXTREMELY busy.</p> <p> your frugal and tightwad Tanya</p> Very Black Friday Christmas Shopping Thu, 26 Nov 2009 14:40:43 GMT <p><strong><span style "font-family: Verdana;"><span style "background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"><span style "font-size: medium;">Hi well it is Christmas time soon, and I tend to start serious toy shopping at the Family Dollar Store at the end of town. I get dolls for $5 a piece, and crafting items for preteens at that price too. My adult child gets a gift basket filled with goodies, and kitchen things to cook and bake.I don't even have to wait til Black Friday to do this shopping. It is just when they have the most toys in the store. For Instance, the store has a flyer with all their sales items every day. Now they have a Christmas toy book/flyer. It is given out in October, November, and December. By December though it has been dwindled down. The teens in my family all get prepaid cell phones, you know the ones you have to buy minutes for each month, to add minutes to their current plan. All my children have these for safety winter reasons. The crafting bone in me gets giddy when I hit the Dollar Tree in Fargo, ND. I get tons of things for my craft room/dining area. I should really make craft closet, so my dining area isn't such a&nbsp;busy mess. I intend to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for Black Friday adult shopping. I got a coupon for 15% off my entire purchases. My adults in my family will really love what I get them there. I have a $200 cash fall this year that I have been saving for Black Friday shopping for Christmas. This year should be a nice Christmas. I even buy a present for the charity giving tree in the area. I use Black Friday for that shopping, otherwise with our finances I couldn't do it. My dh finally got a job he can do with his disability, so our bills are now paid in full. I can hardly wait til tomorrow. Yipee! Frugal and Tightwad Tanya</span></span></span></strong></p> Holiday Cooking Sat, 07 Nov 2009 17:19:33 GMT <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">Well to start with Thanksgiving Day is what I like to call the hectic start off. I go a month ahead of time, and see where I can get real cranberries at a good price, and take what I can home canning them for Thanksgiving &amp; Christmas. Instead of the can of Cranberry Sauce, I go for the real sauce. I know most can't stand the poignent taste, and aroma of Cranberries. I use what I don't cook on the Christmas tree. Still I keep them frozen. Here is my recipe for Cranberry Sauce.</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">take:</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">1 pint of Cranberries canned</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">3 cups white sugar</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">1 tablespoon lemon juice.</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">Mix all ingredience in a pot on the stove once the cranberry are purried with a blender, and thawed. You have to freeze the canned cranberries in order for them to stay good in waiting. When the pot comes to a boil remove it from the burner, and pour the sauce into a serving bowl, and walla homemade cranberries. You can always use the can at the store too. Mine is just what my family likes.</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">Pumpkin Pie-</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">take:</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">1 can whipped cream</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">1&nbsp;can pumpkin pie</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">1 pie tin from the Dollar Tree, General, Family Dollar, or whereever it is cheap.</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">Then spread the pumpkin pie after opening the can in the tin, and&nbsp;bake it in the oven for 15 minutes. Top with whipped cream spread out over it. Serve. I wanted to make it as simple as I could for ya. This can't get any simpler. In all I say delicious.</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">The rest is history, as we all have our traditions.</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-size: medium">Well happy holidays from Frugal and Tightwad Tanya</span></strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Affording You Kids Halloween Sun, 27 Sep 2009 16:52:29 GMT <p><span style "font-family: Times New Roman"><strong><span style "font-size: large">Avon Rep like me I go to my brochures to afford Halloween for my kids that are young enough to afford the $19.99 costumes like wizards, Snow White, princess and Pirates, because I get them at a discount being a rep for Avon. My older kids go to their friends for Halloween parties, and use make up to look scary, that is their costumes. I never have to worry about money now that my business is started. I hope to sell, so we can get off welfare and disability. Did you guys hear about what is going on in Social Security. That is scary in itself. Well my birthday is next month too. I will be 41 yrs. old. Cool! I think I will celebrate frugally, and financially sound too.</span></strong></span></p> Gamy Hamburger Sun, 27 Sep 2009 16:42:01 GMT <p><strong><span style "font-family: Times New Roman"><span style "font-size: medium">For meat that is from Sam's Club that is sold the day it is sell by date. I freeze it right away, then when I need it. It is usually gamy, so I make hamburger out of it. I would not suggest using it in hotdishes tho. Buy hamburger in bulk at regular grocery stores, so the hamburgers don't taste gamy. These tend to be on sale during Superbowl time, and football season. The sell by date isn't on the same day you buy it like at Sam's Club. Well let's discuss what I put in Chili tomorrow for my family.</span></span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-family: Times New Roman"><span style "font-size: medium">Frugal and Tightwad Tanya</span></span></strong></p> SUPPLIES Fri, 07 Aug 2009 19:17:15 GMT <p><strong><span style "font-family: Comic Sans MS;"><span style "font-size: larger;">I read that you can get three ringed binders for 79 cents on a KMart receipt if you buy $20. of there KMart supplies of non school, or regular items. Well I can do you better for price. Dollar Tree has 2 for a dollar, plus tax. The binders are 79 cents each that is 3 dollars after tax. Minnesota has no sales tax on clothing state and store wide. Canadians come down to here, but they save a bundle of money on our mall clothes, but for us US citizens that are frugal I tend to stick to the dollar stores, Kmart sales, WalMart,&nbsp; and JCPenny's. The store sales are worth it to me during this month of back to school in August I saved $500 shopping in these stores. My girls all wear generic brands. Any one of them want a name brand jeans, or shoes I tell them get a babysitting job, because we are not made of money. Rent went up again, so we are looking for a house now to buy with the money we saved this year we can afford a downpayment. Well lets see how you all do savings wise. The challenge I give you is to save at least $200. on&nbsp; total school supplies. Good luck to you all.</span></span></strong></p> Frugally Mine Mon, 03 Aug 2009 15:22:48 GMT <p><span style "font-family: Comic Sans MS;"><span style "font-size: larger;"><strong>Well I have to say that I know that now any landlord in my town doesn't care about anyone, but themselves. Our laundry machine is in constant disrepair, so I now only pay 1 dollar to dry, instead of 2. I continue to dry them on a clothes line after their dryer has had a broken go at my laundry. Thank goodness the washer isn't broken</strong></span></span>. <strong>I would love to hear about how others are fairing with their landlords in the USA. Frugally and Tightwadingly yours, Tanya</strong></p> They Call Me The Frugal Coupon Queen Sun, 24 May 2009 23:24:51 GMT <p><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">They call me the Frugal Coupon Queen of my area of the USA in Minnesota that is unofficially. I know I don't use what society calls normal stores. I use dollar stores almost all the time KMart, and Walgreens sometimes, and WalMart seldom. If, I do use KMart, Walgreens, and WalMart I use coupons. Frugal T thats what they call me. You can use coupons from fliers in any store that has fliers. I like Family Dollar stores. They have fliers and use manufactured coupons too. I have cut coupons for a long time before the Internet, and now I get coupons&nbsp;On-line. Family Dollar has a website that has them sometimes. The one an hour from me really likes my business. I am word of mouth business for them. The store clerks always call me Coupon&nbsp;Queen, or Frugal Queen of&nbsp;Minnesota.I guess it is a compliment. Our Christmas gifts are from there. Coupons is what I use year around<em> </em>there for gifts and food. I cook from scratch too. I have recipes that I get from the Dollar Stretcher and Tightwad community. I now know that struggling is going to always be in our future, unless we win the lotto, so I utilize the stuff like you would not believe. Try Tightwad Tess website as well. I recently found it On-line, and I thought it was cool to know someone else is nicknamed tightwad too.</span></span></span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">I got an MP3 player for $20 dollars last week at the Family Dollar. It is much cheaper than most places in town for that electronic stuff. Cabbage Patch Kids can be had there for $20 dollars too, if you are lucky enough to find them there. A $100 dollars goes a long way at the Family Dollar Store enough to get all my family birthday gifts and Christmas gifts during the year, and bring home supper, and breakfast too. We have a lot of fun shopping there. I shop the Dollar store in every town that has one. Backus, MN just had Backus Days, and they are about 400 if less population. The town has a Family Dollar Store. We got picnic supplies from there one day last year. </span></span></span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">What you can get at the Family Dollar. Here is a short list:</span></span></span></strong></p> <ol> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Tide Laundry Soap-$3</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Silverware four for a $1</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Purina Cat Chow-$4</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Tampax $3</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Chips $1</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Dinty Moore Stew $2</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Crackers $1.50</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Macaroni and Cheese $.79</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Liquorice $1</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Plastic, and Paper Cups $1</span></span></span></strong></li> <li><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">Coca Cola 2 liters $1.09</span></span></span></strong></li> </ol> <p><strong><span style "font-family: Courier New"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #800000">There is a whole lot more I could say about what is in the store this is a very partial list, and I haven't even gotten to the boys toys like Spiderman stuff for $5. Well that is why I am called the Frugal Coupon Queen by some. I know where to stretch my dollar, and save money with coupons. Bye again from Frugal and Tightwad Tanya also known as the Frugal Coupon Queen to some aka Frugal T.</span></span></span></strong></p> Memorial Day Weekend Saturday Sun, 24 May 2009 07:03:53 GMT <p><strong><span style "font-family: Comic Sans MS"><span style "font-size: larger"><span style "color: #00ff00">Well this weekend was a learning esperience for our family. Never take a trip three hours away and forewarn your family you're coming to visit. My Grandma had a Pulminary Attack. I couldn't go when she had it, as my father didn't want to much company at the hospital, but we did send a card with forever stamps that are a yearly cost, and you never have to pay postage again in your life with how many letters you actually write, and stuff like buying a stamp. It should have been a wake up call that my&nbsp;grandma hates my family,&nbsp;when we got there, and my friend of the family told us our grandma went out, and my uncle told me at the cemetary that she went to the casino for two days on the spur of the moment. My aunt is up from Arizona, so we visited her instead. She loved seeing the children again, and me. She wanted to know if we were moving back to AZ. I said no. We visited 8 graves of family members who died in the past this weekend, and chatted with some family that loved seeing us. </span></span></span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-family: Comic Sans MS"><span style "font-size: larger"><span style "color: #00ff00">The car ride was one major &quot;skunk&quot; fest too. The new plan is never bring chocolate, and caffeine for snacks again. The chocolate melted, and the sugar rush sent me to the bathroom every other town of the three hour rode trip, and the children were bouncing off the car walls with overly too much sugar high energy. 16 bottles of water next time for sure instead of pop. They didn't even want to eat the sandwhiches I made for the trip. We stopped in Akeley, MN for a picnic lunch. Chaos was the word I would use. Ants everywhere, and children running around to check out Paul Bunyun Statue and Babe the Blue Ox. I wanted to make our visit to see how grandma was doing as burden free as possible, so we ate before we went to grandma's.</span></span></span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-family: Comic Sans MS"><span style "font-size: larger"><span style "color: #00ff00">Car ride games consisted of identify how far away the skunk smell was from our car, and singing along to our own limericks, which were interesting to say the least. Next time travel scrabble, yatzee, and boggle will have to go, because the songs made me car sick with the smell of skunk too. The youngest child had to pee every top of the hour, so we pulled over to the side of the road using car doors as cover to let her pee, and for the rest to stretch their legs too. That is very important part of the trip planned rest stops anywhere. I never use actual rest stops when there is mother nature abound. I suggest trying it. It is much safer than public roadside restrooms. </span></span></span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style "font-family: Comic Sans MS"><span style "font-size: larger"><span style "color: #00ff00">Well we did have fun visiting with those who didn't flee when hearing the message that we were coming to visit. Next month my oldest daughter is getting married with the family and only us in attendance at the courthouse in our county, so I will tell you how it went for us. Bye for now!</span></span></span></strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Happy April 1st and Healthy too Thu, 02 Apr 2009 00:11:15 GMT <p><span style "font-family: Comic Sans MS"><span style "font-size: large"><span style "color: #0000ff">Well I have made it thru winter, and spring is officially here. April 1st joking day. What is my joke well it is this writing style font of course, as I usually write with another font. My health is good as can be right now. We are all happy it is spring. We can hit the thrift store and garage sales soon I hope.</span></span></span></p> "Pay It Forward" Wed, 18 Mar 2009 22:01:08 GMT <p>I was sitting in a restaurant last week with a friend, and when it came time to pay the bill she asked if she could pay a little more than 15 percent. I said &quot;sure write a note with it that says pay it forward&quot;. Only she didnt understand anominity. I said dont ask the waitress it is suppose to be anonymous. She made a point of being too loud so the waitress over heard and got excited. I told my friend she missed the point and we spent the next 10 mins arguing over pay it forward. She eventually left a 5 dollar tip for 9$ and .65. It was hilarious she made such a big deal and only left 5% over the final bill. She had 20's. The waitress doesn't make much in life. I think she should have left the 20 dollar bill.</p> Making Easter Puff Bunnies Wed, 18 Mar 2009 21:48:40 GMT <p><strong><span style "font-size: larger"><span style "font-family: Comic Sans MS"><span style "color: #99cc00">Easter is my favorite time of the year. I make puff bunnies. You start out with a glue gun, beads for eyes, felt for ears, cotton of different color, and glue sticks. I bought all of this for $7 dollars at a thrift store in good condition too. You take the cotton and glue two balls together a small one for the tail, and a big one for the body and head. You cut the felt into tiny strip triangle for ears, and glue them too the top of the big cotton ball. Then the eyes that google and move when you shake the bunnie. Then with the left over felt make feet edges by glueing them to the edge of the cotton ball on the bottom. It is easy and simple fun. Easy for kids of all ages, and craft deficiant adults. Well Happy Easter decorating all, and remember the most important fact that Jesus died for our sins, so that we may have an assured place in heaven. All people everywhere not just Christians. That is what I believe anyhow.</span></span></span></strong></p> When Did America Become Scensor USA Wed, 18 Mar 2009 21:25:46 GMT <p><strong><span style "background-color: #ffcc00"><span style "font-family: Tahoma"><span style "font-size: larger">It used to be we could say what we like, and now we can not. Now Someone gets offended by what everyone says to or about anyone. We can not even vent our stress and anger anymore safely without scensorship. Well this is what happened to me. I went to a dollar store to vent my anger over stock that is in season, and the store was out due to not enough interests. Well I said &quot;that they were stupid for not having a very much needed community item, and not stocking it in the future&quot;. They told me to &quot;shop, shut up, or get out.&quot; I chose to shut up, but when I can't get glue in a dollar store I say it is time to give my money somewhere else.</span></span></span></strong></p> Home Mon, 16 Mar 2009 04:40:44 GMT Cheap Sources For Beauty Sun, 08 Mar 2009 16:08:12 GMT <p><b><span style "color: #0000ff"><span style "color: #0000ff"><span style "background-color: #ffff99">I used to think that WalMart was&nbsp;a cheap inexpensive source for my lipstick by Love My Lips. Not anymore is it under a $1. It is now just over a $1. I have never been extremely cheap, but when you ad a little over a dollar to your final bill at the checkout. It adds up. When you are on a tight budget, because I can't get cable signal without digital now, or the box which I could not afford. My family insisted on keeping TV, as we don't utilize the library for viewing movies for free, but drunken people show up for the movies too. You know the ones that smell and reek of beer. I for one don't want my youngest exposed to that sort of situation that I don't want to explain to her. Those same smelly people are also loud. The libriarian says it is public place. Yea the woman is probably a slush too. Well as we don't utilize the library anymore that is good. We get a high bill for the cable TV which cuts into my income for our family. We went with my income as our family income, as my hubby is totally disabled now, and I get more money per month cause I have been on disability longer, so makeup in the budget is expensive, and our family has all girl children. My poor hubby is the only male now. We had a foster son, but he had too many problems that we tried to fix, but could not. The agency thought the boy would be better as an only child, so he went to another family. But back to makeup. It is a necessity in our house. My girls all want it to attract boys, as some of the girls in our home are in high school. The younger ones are only allowed clear lip gloss for now. A cheap source for makeup and beauty I found is the dollar store aka Dollar Tree, and The Family Dollar store in our area. Other source On-line there is a lot of cheap, and chic sources for all ages. E.L.F. is one at I even found Avon to be a cheap source. Mary Kay is not cheap, but if you can afford it... It is an adventure to find cheap sources for beauty that doesn't only include makeup, but skin care too. This economy is so tough on small business people. I prefer to give business to them instead of places like JCPenny's, Macy's, and Bloomingdale's. I find dollar makeup is just as good. Even&nbsp;skin care too. They both work just as good as Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Merle Norman. Try the dollar store or Avon for cheap sources. My family does and we love it, so you will love it too. I can almost guarentee it. Minus those who are allergic to non name brand makeup and skin care. Well happy hunting for cheap sources. I have been so busy this year.</span></span></span></b></p> THE NEW YEAR 2009 RESOLUTIONS Wed, 14 Jan 2009 15:59:55 GMT <p><b><span style "font-family: Times New Roman"><span style "font-size: larger"><span style "color: #ff9900">What I learned in the past years is that &nbsp;I too&nbsp;am imperfect, so for this year's New Years resolution. &nbsp;I made one&nbsp;I know I can keep and that is to be kind to everyone. Something I should already be doing as a Christian.</span></span></span></b></p>