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Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's been ages since I blogged due to tech problems on the thriftyfun side which FINALLY have been worked out! So I am BAAAACK....

And here is my tale of the purses. I don't know how purses became such a big deal. I remember only having one for everyday & a fancy one or two for dress - But big they have become a big deal- so I am presented with a thrifty challenge, as the prices have gone up considerably, too! One doesn't just have a purse, but a purse collection.  I had  a nice utilitarian and sporty canvas one - but I finally wore it out & had to go on the hunt for a deal on a purse.

Well, I found several deals - There is a thrift shop up in Ventura that seems to have good deals on purse - as they are priced under $10 - the quality varies, but I managed to get a black leather Coach bag and a Tommy Hilfinger dark blue fabric tote. (I had to add a chain to the Coach bag, as it was missing a strap - but I bought one for a few bucks at the hardware store and voila) But neither of these seemed good for every the hunt continued -

I had also found a Ralph Lauren linen one with dark leather trim for under $10 - (I had to polish the body & put a colored marker to a scratch on the body - but when I did that it looked swell - wrong season, tho....And at another thrift shop, I found a light woven leather one for $10 - but it was a bit small in the end...

Then I found a tote at a vintage clothing store for $30 - but it turned out to be an oriental make with leather trim & still not right for every day....And I found a patent purse that goes for $100 retail at a Goodwill - nice for dressy, Spring.

In the end I decided to use one of the purses I first talked about for the winter - it's a boho patchwork, which I had to warm up to - but it is good for everyday wear.

Last but not least I just found a fairly large leather tote with shoulder straps and nice hardware for $20 (it was on sale at a charity resale store.)  The leather is light, so I plan to switch over to it when the seasons change.

So now I have my own collection of purses to add to the ones I already had - but I have a tendency to wear them out....So I have over the course of a few months spent - let's see

2 for $15, the Ralph Lauren for $7 - the woven one for $10 - and one for $30 and another for $20.  All that adds up to $89 - less than the going price for trendy/designer bags (You do enough shopping around and anything under $100 looks good, I must confess.)

So I live in trendy L.A. and have to keep up appearances - no one but you guys is going to know how little I spent on all these - and I have 2 go-to everyday leather bags Plus some dressier ones. And the hunt for bargains was fun - That's all for now - glad to be back. Talk to you later....


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