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Blog: My Little Farm in Town

Save Big Bucks--Cut Your Own Hair!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It all started when his dad came home with the hair clipper.

When my husband was a child in the 1950s, it was common for moms or dads to cut their boys’ hair with one of these contraptions.  My husband had a home mown crew cut from the tender age of 8 through junior high school. His dad finally let him grow his hair out when he entered high school, commenting scornfully, “You look like a Beatle!”(Strangely enough, his father never wore a crew cut. He claimed he had too high a forehead!)

I’ll bet every family has a haircut catastrophe story of a distracted or inexperienced parent (or sibling) leaving the guard off and cutting a bald furrow down the center of some poor guy’s head! In our house, it happened one harried Sunday morning to one of my brothers—but I digress!

 When I married my husband 20 years ago, he still was having his hair cut by a professional every four or five weeks to the tune of $20 per visit. That’s roughly $200 a year! That was until our son came home with a heavy-duty, used hair clipper he bought for $10 from his barber. He wanted to use it to trim his beard,  but his dad asked him to try it out by giving him a haircut first! Our boy only did the job once. (He said he was too nervous to do it again!) So my husband cut his own hair with it the next time.  It was a nice, short crew cut and it looked good on him (still does!). My son moved out shortly after that and took his hair clippers with him.

Late one Saturday that summer, I stopped at a moving sale and noticed a long narrow box on a table made out a door and a couple of sawhorses. I always dig in or open boxes at sales, so I naturally opened this one. Nested inside it was a gleaming, mint-condition hair clipper! I squinted at the price, which looked like 25 cents to me and brought it to the woman running the sale along with a pile of other stuff.  She was doubtful about the price of the clipper, but it was someone else’s item that they didn’t want to see again, it was nearly the end of the sale, and she didn’t plan to take anything back into the house.  She said something like, “OK. You can have it for 25 cents.” It was many years ago, but some golden memories never fade!

To make a long story short, I brought the clippers home, and we have been saving money on haircuts ever since. What could you do with an extra $200 this year? Begonia

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It Looked Like 25 cents to me!



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