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Blog: My Little Farm in Town

My Latest Find: Cold Frame No. 2

Friday, April 30, 2010

It was the big weekend--Village Wide Garage Sale! One of my best finds of the weekend turned out to be FREE! I was walking up the driveway to a sale, and there they were—the major components of cold frame no. 2—a nice big window and a matching screen to keep out varmints.

It seems that the neighbor was remodeling and replacing all the windows in a four-season porch and asked to park them where people would see them and haul them away. While I was loading my screen and window, another woman was taking a pile of screens to use in her perpetual barn sale as displays for jewelry and other small or hanging items.

This growing season, I have other plans for the space that the second cold frame will occupy. I will stash the components behind the wood and garden box for now. In the fall, I will harvest the bed and prepare it to receive the second cold frame.  Begonia               

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Free Cold Frame No. 2


My husband was relieved to stash these pieces behind the wood box until late summer--there are plenty of other projects on the "honey do" list for now!


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