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Blog: Janet's Jolly Junk

finding stuff for my Garden art projects

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Another beautiful day here on the east coast. I'd rate it a "10". So, in my on-going quest for pottery, plates, bowls, glassware, figurines etc. for my craft called "Garden Art" I took a trip to my local Salvation Army. I hadn't been there is years & thought it would be the usual ares of semi-clutter. I wasn't sure they would even have a china section but to my surprise I found a lovely well organized beautifully displayed area. There was a gorgeous end display of red glassware with stemware, plates, bowls & vases all artfully displayed with several stems of flowers & a lovely silk-like scarf. There were equally lovely displays in blues, yellows, greens & clear crystal & a striking display of black glassware & dishes also with vases & figurines. For a moment I thought I was at Neiman Marcus. I bought a few more items for my craft project & had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Take a few minutes or hours & go to your local Salvation Army. You'll have just as much fun as I did while helping a good cause.

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Garden Art

jan lee

Just to let you know what "garden art" I was refering to in my blog. The "insects" are beach stones I painted to look like insects...some real, some imagined....some fun! The bird house was a gift from my grandson & his wife. The plate was 99¢ & the blue galss bowl was $1.99 boith from Savers thrift shop.


I love the Salvation Army!
Monday, October 11, 2010 | By MzScarlett

I always donate things there. When I was there the last time, after donating I went inside and got a wonderful white wicker chair for $10.00!!!!
Joy Joy Joy!

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jan lee (Contact)
West Hempstead, NY USA
About Me:

I've always liked to do things with my hands. I knit, sew, embroider, draw, craft, & a lot of other things. I'm slowing down a bit now but still keep active an attend a weekly craft-sewing-knitting club & am always looking for ideas. My biggest regret is that young people don't seem to be interested in learning to knit, sew, etc. I hope it all doesen't become a lost art. I did a sewing session making yo-yo circles with a group of teen girls & they loved it...picking out thier fabrics etc. There is great satisfaction in creativity.

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