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Monday, January 03, 2011

I picked up a table, free on craigslist that has a card inside that identifies it as an "Expand-O-Matic" table by Saginaw Furniture Shops and the bottom of the card says "Plant, Saginaw,Michigan. There are two brass handles on the front and it pulls out to add four leafs, to make an expanded table to accommodate extra seating. When closed up it has the appearance of a desk, 3 drawers on the left side  . It measures 21 1/2" deep, 38 1/2" wide, and 30 1/2" high. When pulled out the table extension measures 54 1/2" in length.

So its my next project to refinish this beast lol...

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desk with 1 leaf


Front of desk


Has 2 handles(original) that give thee appearance of a drawer.. that slides out for the four extra leaf's

3 drawers left hand side


3 drawers left hand side with original hardware


Watertown Slide


The expanding mechanism is called a Watertown Slide and was made by the Watertown Slide Corp. of Watertown, Wis.The tables were sold in the 1940s and 50s in different shapes chests or desks in various finishes. Saginaw Furniture Shops is now out of business. Tables from this line have sold recently for $450 to $800, depending on condition. Saginaw Furniture Shops was in Sparta, MI. They made a line of extending tables contained in cabinets beginning in 1946 using T. E. McFall's patented method under the Extensol name. ...... heres a link I found

desk with all 4 leafs


starting to use wood filler for the edges


Wednesday, January 05, 2011 | By pamphyila

I <3 furniture of that era & have collected a few pieces myself - Such nice hardware & solid hardwood!

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