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Blog: Charlotte's Blog about her life!

Baubles everywhere

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Everyones helping out taking all the decorations down. I was up bright and early this morning around seven banging and crashing, Bradley got up about an hour later and said I was making two much noise, really he came down just at the right time because i fell off the ladder when he said that trying to take the garland down in the stairs. Then Jamiee came down after being out all night with her boyfriend Paul, she had a really bad hangover even though shes only seventeen. she sat in the kitchen drinking fresh orange. shortly after Pixie came down and offered to help so i gave her a bag and sent her to take the baubles off the tree. Lloyd followed and I told him to do the same. Then when it got to eleven I went to get everyone else up, Alex was up but was watching TV in bed, Rhianna was sleeping and was very reluctant but did eventcherly slump down the stairs I'm not even bothering with Conner because he came in at 4 o'clock this morning so I left him. Liam and Nate were up and was on there Xbox again theres never bloody off that thing. Vanessa was up as well but dancing to her pink iPod nano 4th. that she got for Christmas and she stole all of Rhianna, Jamiee and Alex's cd's aka paloma faith, girls aloud, Taylor swift, Jordan Sparks, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Lily Allan and other people who I haven't heard of. Caroline doesn't atcherly live with us anymore so I dont have to worry about her but I still do Univercity is a scary place!

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Jamiee and Paul

Charlotte Abel

My second seventeen year old daughter Jamiee and her boyfreind Paul


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Charlotte Abel (Contact)
London England
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Me, Charlotte Abel nee Basnett, I am born and bred in Hull but i moved down to London when I was eighteen. I am a jounalest for the metro. and my husbend is a Football Coach for my son Liam's team.

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