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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My day has been fantastic after a long period of time me and Bradley have decided we would like another baby but we are a little mature for one and i dont think I could handle another screeming baby or pregnancy after the complications with Liam and Becca. So we decided to adopt a little girl who is fourteen years old called Pixie. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and shes very shy she has been in care along time. She is into a lot of sports, but shes not in any teems so I got her into teems, she's into Basketball, Football, Netball and Hockey. So Rhianna goes to netball, Jamiee goes to Football but i've never been to a basketball or Hockey but my best freind Alice her daughter Lillie goes to Hockey so she gave me the number of the leader Lizzie and Alex said that theres a basket ball club at school so thats good. I am really happy that I am gaining another daughter. I always complain that I am taxing everyone about but i do enjoy it I am so sad!

Love Charlotte x

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Charlotte Abel

my adopted Daughter Pixie


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Me, Charlotte Abel nee Basnett, I am born and bred in Hull but i moved down to London when I was eighteen. I am a jounalest for the metro. and my husbend is a Football Coach for my son Liam's team.

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