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Blog: My Little Farm in Town

My Little Potato Patch 2: Too Much Mulch?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I’ve been peeking! I’ve been watering and lifting the mulch every couple of days to see how the potatoes in hay are progressing. I wanted to see if they were growing and if I was watering enough since the south side of my house if such a dry area.

 It turns out that at first I wasn’t watering enough. It was too dry at ground level under the amount of hay mulch you see pictured in my May 3 blog, Experiment: Hay Potatoes and Ruth Stout. The potatoes were just sitting there doing nothing.

I started watering more and underestimated the ability of mulch to keep the ground wet! I found one tater that had rot on its sprouts—bad! I’ve since removed some of the mulch and left enough for the spuds to be in the dark but not so much that they stay too wet.

I checked the bed again today and found it damp but not too wet. The potatoes are sprouting nicely. I’ll add more hay as they grow up through what is mulching them now. Begonia

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Sprouting Spud


Most of the potatoes looked like this when I last checked on them.

First Bit of Green


Volunteer Potatoes!


This is my second year of volunteer potatoes in this spot! Go Figure.


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