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Blog: Balancing Thrifty And Fun

Organizing The Clutter

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Well, my husband and I are on a mission to organize our house. We don't have a very large house, around 1100 square feet and we have two kids and a dog.  So, as you can imagine, there is stuff everywhere.  We recently built some shelves for our office "corner". This weekend, we went through box after box of "Important Paperwork" or "Office Supplies". We got a bunch of small containers to organize the supplies and a bunch of file folders for the paperwork.  We have a little labeler so we have clearly labeled all the boxes "Pencils, Marking Pens," that sort of thing.  It is very nice to know exactly where to go for scissors, or stamps or birthday candles.

One of the most challenging things is sorting through all the keepsakes, and deciding what to keep. With two young boys, we get lots of art projects and drawings that seem precious now but may lose their meaning as the boys approach adulthood.  They also tend to be bigger than the standard letter size for file folders. I currently have them stacked in larger boxes, but I'm sure some of it is getting ruined over time. What I would like to do is get or make an oversize scrapbook (12x18 inches) for each child (and maybe one for me too!) to put in newspaper clippings, holiday projects, etc.  Don't even get me started on the greeting cards, I guess I am a packrat!

The next thing we are going to do is to work on organizing the garage and slowing converting it into living space. I want to make it a family room with a TV, video games, etc. but also room to work on projects and store extra stuff.  I think this family room will be very important as the boys approach the teenage years. Plus, our front door opens directly into our small living room and it would be nice to move the clutter from the entry to deeper in the house.  Well, better to put it all away, but I am a realist :)

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I'm a 39 year old . . . what? Mother, college graduate, housewife with a full time job, mostly unpublished writer, the list just goes on. I'm spiritual, but not religious; lazily liberal; frugal but with a love of pretty, shiny things. My mother, Susan, was the founder of ThriftyFun and scrimped all her life to have enough for her kids. I try to do her proud but sometimes stumble along the way.

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