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Blog: My Little Farm in Town

Gardening Tip: Getting in the Cracks

Friday, June 25, 2010

I wage war at this time of year—a war with weeds. The ones in the vegetable gardens are controlled by mulch. I hand weed as needed the few that struggle up through the thick cover. My “no till garden” is hay covered and takes about a half hour every two or three weeks to weed.

It’s the weeds that come up in the cracks of my sidewalk and rock paths that are my greatest challenge. Some volunteers I welcome, such as the pink panda strawberries and the creeping thyme. Others are just Bad Seed. I’m talking about the ones with  long stubborn tap roots or tops that come off in your hand, while the real problem remains in the ground to cause trouble again.

I’ve seen people burn them and poison them—expensive and dangerous. I prefer boiling them.

I use whatever hot water I have in the kettle after making tea or coffee. I even have ladled the boiling water from my canner on the beasties! One application is usually sufficient. The really tough ones might need a couple of dousings.  

Don’t bloody your knuckles pulling weeds this summer. Try the boiling water method. Begonia


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The Boiling Water Method of Weeding


This One "Ain't Growin Back!"



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