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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

Refurbishing, thriftshopping & so on

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Back to the life of a frugalista!  Wandered around South Pasadena & window shopped in the clothing boutiques.  So many things I liked - but would never pay that much $ for - This is the land of the $15 headband (on sale)!  It was nice - but I manage to get a LOT of mileage our of my Dollar Tree ones! (Think I was wearing a thin one that afternoon....)

I DID buy a vintage rhinestone necklace - it was so pretty, I couldn't resist, even though I paid too much money for it - (more than $5 is a lot for me!) It was missing a few stones - which is why I got it relatively cheap - But yesterday I proceeded to rehab it by moving some stones from the back to the front & gluing them in - I also covered up the dark holes of missing small stones with metallic silver nail polish & then sprinkled silver glitter on the spot - It makes a nice substitute for missing stones.  Did the same where I had lifted the rhinestones from the back closure - Really fairly good camouflage!   It's a choker & I don't know WHERE I will wear it - but I will find an occasion....Just fits me - it's small, as so often happens with vintage pieces....

Had great success at the Pasadena Salvation Army - Hadn't been there in months - & we happened upon a 60% off sale on clothing.  Some of my finds:

  • a pr. of Steve Madden denim high wedges for $1.80 (new Steve Madden shoes are @ $100 & up!
  • a nice coral t-shirt - for @ $4
  • a coral jacket from Land's End - @$4
  • a pr. of knit pants in a cool pattern - @$4 (the pants + jacket + t-shirt = a nice outfit!)
  • a pr. of black pants - originally capris, but almost full length on me - with sequined stars on the outer seam of the leg.  A bit glitzy for me, but at @$4, I took a chance....
  • a vintage sewing basket with a red silk lining for @$5 - It was the padded red silk on the inside of the top that did me in....(No doubt a semi-antique which escaped the vintage annex next door....I mean, how long has it been since there have been sewing BASKETS that were WOVEN & lined in red SILK?)

Hubby got a blue nylon Columbia jacket for @$5 - & a big framed poster for his office at @$7~

That's how I spend my clothes budget! All together we spent $40! 

Remember - #1 EVEN THRIFT SHOPS HAVE SALES! and #2 thrift shops in better neighborhoods have better merchandise!

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Scoring in thrift shops & rehabbing vintage necklace


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