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Blog: Rural Angel's Path

cheap light therapy alternatives

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm wondering about cheap light therapy alternatives.  Those lamps are expensive.  We have had a lot of rainy, damp, grey and snowy days.

I do enjoy watching the snow and walking the dogs in it.  But my nose and feet are wet and cold.

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My 18mo old Mastiff Archie and 9wk old boxer Edy Gourmet


I get lots of cuddle time and a little exercise with these guys


Cheap light therapy alternatives!
Sunday, February 03, 2008 | By

Hi, Rural Angel! Have you checked with your health insurer? If you have one. :( We have Aetna and sometimes we think it is not so great, but they told us that they would cover a light therapy box IN FULL (yes, you read that right!) if we got it from Apria, the company that our insurer deals with. There are many light boxes out there, of course. I was just about ready to order from Verilux (10,000 lux for just under $200) when I decided to contact our insurer. My husband and I were shocked to learn that Aetna would pay completely--no deductible due from us!--for this piece of DME (Durable Medical Equipment). DME covers a wide range of health-related products, such as wheel chairs, hospital-type beds, and many others. We had to get our doctor to write a prescription for the light box. It took many days to get it done correctly, between my emailing (hearing loss) to Apria and my husband calling several times to the doctor's office, but I was informed on Friday that the light box has been ordered and is on its way! This is for my husband. The short days of winter seem to affect him, so we really hope this will be of some help. Me, I LOVE winter! :) Snow is beautiful, our lawn (aka "weeds") stops growing, and I have 5 kitties to snuggle with. I can leave food overnight in the car if I have to and it's refrigerated! What's not to like?!

NOTE: We also got a SAT bed in July (please Google "SAT bed" to learn about this very different and comfortable bed). It would have cost us around $2,300: not doable! However, I checked with our insurer and this bed is the only kind of bed to be considered a DME-type of bed. Aetna paid over $1,000 toward our bed, which is king-size. This brought our cost down to $1,300, which is the approximate cost of a traditional mattress set on sale at our local department store. In fact, we had purchased a bed set from Bon-Ton in the spring of last year (Simmons Beautyrest, and a nice one) and IT FELL APART. Not kidding! My husband's side of the mattress popped out and he started rolling downhill! Out of desperation and because we had put up with a hard, horrible mattress set for over 13 years, I began to look around on the internet for help. We almost got a store-brand bed made like the Sleep Number, but I had read bad things about those beds, including the growth of molds inside the rubber channels, so that was out. My friend has a water bed, but it is very heavy and I worried about the water, so forget that, too. Finally I found the SAT bed site. They claim that this is the kind of bed that Christopher Reeve used after his terrible accident. It is supposed to put less pressure on all of the body and help circulation. A big plus is that this bed is very light in weight. That means a lot when we are trying to move around a king-size mattress. We have used this bed since July 4th, 2007. It felt quite odd at first and I thought we would have to continue our seemingly never-ending quest for a decent and comfy bed. It can be adjusted to be softer or firmer. There is no electricity involved, which means people are exposed to less EMF'S--a good thing. Also, it can be adjusted even if the electricity goes out. We have found that both of us have lost almost all of our former aches and pains--and we had a lot of them. My husband woke up with severe backaches. My shoulders, hips, and neck were achy every day. This bed is not a miracle, but it has helped us in ways we never thought possible. We just laugh when we see ads on TV for Tempurpedic; yep, we had one of those, too, in king-size, a few years ago, and sent it back because we felt like we were lying on a rock. I think it was $1,600. We were out the $125.00 to ship it back. I don't need to be able to jump on my bed and keep my glass of red wine from spilling--just want to be happy to go to bed, and we were not happy for 13 years! How miserable! I would like to be able to tell EVERYONE about SAT beds: Insurance often covers part of the charge and the bed is returnable if you find you don't like it (just make sure you keep the huge boxes that the pieces come in!). Last night my sister emailed to me asking for more input on our SAT bed. She is 50 yo and we have a family history of heart disease. She understands that this bed may help her with circulatory/pressure problems. I stayed at my sister's house over a week ago and we slept in her queen-size bed. It was not the worst bed (they usually buy the best they can afford), but my husband and I agreed that it did not begin to compare to our SAT bed. SAT means "Self-Adjusting Technology." Hey, I am not connected with the SAT bed people in any way, other than I got one of their beds. Now I want to make as many others as possible aware of this great bed so they can experience comfort and improved health. If you go to the web site, you will see that they sell other types of beds, too, but the information about SAT beds is quite impressive and interesting.

Sorry this so long; hope it all gets thru! And I truly hope that the info re: SAD light therapy helps you. I'd be glad to know if I was able to assist you. :)

Best wishes to you,

Michelle in Pa. ;) XOXO to all critters!!!

image: Cheap light therapy alternatives!

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