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Blog: Living Cheap in Kansas

What I do

Thursday, January 07, 2010

In real life I'm a computer tech at the local wastewater department.  I get paid to be a geek.  I work with two other self-professed geeks - worked with them for over 18 years.  We get along great  - most of the time.   We are part of the local county government and as such, money is tight.  However, a few years ago I figured out that since other county departments seemed to spend a lot of money on computer equipment and replace it rather quickly, I would acquire their castoffs  (for free) that were still in great shape and had a least a couple of years of life left.  They were delighted that we would come and pick them up - they didn't have to clean off the hard drives and take them to surplus. We took all they had and then used the best ones to replace older machines and saved spares in case we had to repair them.  We could always fix one faster with spare parts rather than waiting for a tech to come on a warranty repair.  Granted, then we had to take stuff to surplus, but it was worth it.  Over the past few years, I've acquired flat panel monitors and printers as well as computers.  Sometimes we would buy a few sticks of memory to add to the computers, but overall we saved (the county) a LOT of money.

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Friday, January 08, 2010 | By pattysss

You are definently the "go to: person with anything from how to and best buys.

you ROCK-in a frugal way!
Saturday, January 09, 2010 | By crazy amy

i am inspired by your blog-1st im learning to use my computer(only half the emails i send make it to the intended target)and am trying to figure how to get my new digital camera(my old was was any "one use" camera thing),to work and to use it to make a blog/website and to sell on e-bay etc...however,what inspires me more about you is you can install flooring reupholster,etc.. i can sew,save money on groceries,make my own laundry detergents(it smell great and really works and cost me less for 10 gallons then it does to buy the smallest cheapest brand availabe(less than a gallon size)less than 2 dollars actually,i can also make a disposable razor last for more than 6 month-it still works great and ill let everyone know when it peters out.i would LOVE to learn how to install tile,linoleum,carpet,fix plumbing,to can veggies,make jams,grow a garden etc..would you consider teaching projects on your blog for all us cheapskates to learn or to personally trade training(on line), u know ,you show us what u can do and we show u what we can do so we could all be frugal by not having to pay for these services-lets share our knowledge!! all of us fruglets-UNITE! im sorry i dont get out much can you tell?! haha! seriousley maybe you could highlite and explain a certain project each blog and step by step explain it.then we could do the same.

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AnnieM (Contact)
Olathe, Kansas USA
About Me:

I've been a cheapskate just about all my life. In doing so I've learned to do just about everything. I can sew, paint, hang wallpaper, install tile and flooring, pull and replace toilets, sinks, garbage disposals and faucets. Remove and replace ceiling fixtures and fans, replace outlets and switches, I've installed windows (both on houses and on computers!), I can rehab almost anything from furniture (repair, reupholster and refinish) to computers (I built my husband a good laptop using three broken ones that I got for free)! I've taken cheap to a whole new level!

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