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Blog: chrystal's fight to own a home!

Feeling the pinch

Saturday, March 05, 2011

This morning at breakfast my DH informed me the price of gas was about to rise again. this time for good. And get ready because the price of food would increase as well. I was alarmed but thought ok, this is going to be later not sooner. Yikes we went for groceries today and already everything we boutght last week, has increased in price by at least 5-10%, hardly a staple in the cart, and hardly a meal to make with anything and we spent $95.00 guess starving is the new skinny!. Milk is up from $3.99/litre to $5.69/litre! in one week! meat..yikes i won't even go there! A pinch i would not say a pinch but a sunburn ! Hold on to your checkbooks people this one's gonna hurt like hell!

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Saturday, March 05, 2011 | By begonia

Our gas has been rising steadily, too, and the price of food and anything else that needs to be transported won't be far behind. I bought wheat today and went to Aldi for vegetables, chicken, and dairy products and Sam's Club for things like unbleached all-purpose flour, yeast, pasta, and olive oil. The money I saved on lettuce at Aldi paid for the gas to drive in to a bigger town and shop!! Not starving yet. Begonia

Monday, March 07, 2011 | By leftthesanebehind

Living without the use of coupons now, is not something I am going to try doing. Even at the Sobeys we shop at, you earn points from products you buy, which in turn creates money on my Sobey's card. Even with the $5.00 I had saved, I was still over budget by $14.00 this week! YIP!

Monday, March 07, 2011 | By attic_treasures

The cost of gas here is 3.45 a gallon and I heard by 2012, it will be 5.00 dollars a gallon. I don't drive. I have 2 trusty bicycles that transport me around, and a boyfriend who takes me for weekly grocery shopping. The cost of groceries is very high here, too.

Feeling the pinch
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | By patriciasimmons

New ceo/founder talking about closing down some units.Mc Donald's now is tough competitor.

image: Feeling the pinch

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