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Blog: My African Journey

Encounter with Hyena

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We are a group of friends who love to go on Safari every year.

 usually we are four to eight vehicles, each vehicle with a couple we have to do the planning well in advance. The routes, the meals and who is taking what, we are in the bundu and the trip will be self catering. Each couple will be responsible for a dinner and a breakfast depending on the duration of the trip. We all help, but you will be responsible for your turn's food for the group.

Some of the friends have well equiped canopies on their vehicles and others Roof Top Tents and special boxes for all their provisions. All the vehicles are fitted with two way radio's and GPS. 

  It was late afternoon when we stopped at our camping site in the Savuti Game Reserve in Botswana. It was our turn to cook.    We pitched our tent on top of the Pajero, where we feel  safe  to sleep, away from al the dangerous animals prowling in the camp at night.

The other ladies went to the showers, quite a distance from where we were camping.

It was already dark when everybody  finished eating and as the tent was already standing on the roof  we could not go to the showers, unless you want to be a lion's meal for the night, for Savuti is well known for it's lions. They even take on the Elephants. 

 Robert made me some  hot water and poured it into our canvas wash basin.  The camp was quiet, everybody was sleeping, some snoring, tired after the long journey.

 I was washing my feet, with one foot in the basin when I heard something behind me. At first I was to  scared to look, It was dark moon,  I turned my head slowly and looked, the light from my headlamp shined in the eyes of a  the huge hyena, I lost my balance and fell in the dust as the hyena disapeared in the bushes.

From sheer shock I giggled softly, thinking how it would have looked if somebody have seen the whole episode. I know I am very lucky to tell the story, there are gruesome stories bout the hyena, one of the most dangerous predators in Africa.  


I want to quote from Patience Strong "Golden Hours":  There is One who walks beside you in the darkness and the light.  





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The Unimog Drive


We went to the Free State in winter 2009. The men went hunting and the owner of the farm took us with this old Unimog for a drive on the farm. It is an unbelievable strong vehicle, we drove from down below up here in the mountain climbing over huge rocks to get to the top.


Enjoyed your Post!
Monday, May 17, 2010 | By begonia

Very interesting. I don't think I'd have the courage to go camping in your neck of the woods! The closest I've ever come to something that big and carnivorous was when my horse refused to enter a swampy area because she smelled either bear or a big cat. I wisely heeded her warning--we turned and went another way. Begonia

Safari's in Africa
Saturday, June 12, 2010 | By leloba

Thanks Begonia,
Here in this part of the world we are exposed to danger, once you travel to Game Parks Botswana and Neighbouring countries.
I have travelled in Europe, India, Bali and New Zealand, they have their own beauty and I enjoyed those holidays, I only wish I could afford to travel more.
Africa somehow have a hold on you once you are born here.
It must be the open spaces the friendly people where ever you go there's always a smile, especially the children of Africa.
The vibe in our country at the moment with the soccer in full swing unbelievable!!.

World Cup
Monday, June 14, 2010 | By begonia

Yeah, we've been watching some of the games on regular television here. Watched Australia get humiliated by the Germans last night. My husband plays on an over-40s league and has been watching avidly. The crowd noise was incredible. It's a wonder the players can hear themselves think. It sounded like a hive of angry wasps! Do you know how and why the crowd was making that sound? (Sorry, I know it sounds dumb, but I thought maybe you might know the answer.) Begonia.

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leloba (Contact)
Pretoria South Africa
About Me:

I am a artist, writer. Love to travel. Love outdoor life enjoy going on Safari's with our friends into Africa. Like to learn new things.

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