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Blog: Balancing Thrifty And Fun

Kids Sharing A Room

Friday, December 29, 2006

Today is my first day of entirely working from home.  As it is still winter break, I have my two boys home with me.  We will see how much work I get done! Luckily, Ethan (4) is still asleep, in my bed.  Beck (6) is playing with some of his Christmas toys and singing to himself in the bedroom.

We have had some challenges lately regarding bedtimes and staying in your own bed.  There have been nights when both of the boys will be in our bed and my husband and I will wind up asleep on the couch or in one of the twin beds.  Then Ethan, who is especially persistent about sleeping next to Mama, will track me down and we will both be in a twin bed instead of in a queen.

The boys currently have their own rooms.  I often find them sleeping together in the morning in one or the other room, if my door was locked or something.  So, we have decided to move them both into the bigger room and change the smaller one into a playroom, maybe with a guest bed.  I figure there will be some giggling and silliness until they get used to it but maybe they will sleep better for the companionship.  I shared a room for awhile with my two brothers and they shared a room until they were teenagers.  

Another problem this may fix is the mess.  My younger son's room is always a disaster because they both play in there and then my wily oldest refuses to clean up "Ethan's" toys.  If they share a playroom, they will both be responsible.  As I am going to be working exclusively from home now, I need to be able to concentrate on my work.  I can't do that if I have mess around me all the time.

I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.


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