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Blog: My Little Farm in Town

Garage Saling: Free Box Microwave Potato Chip Maker

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I rarely walk away from a Free Box without something useful. This week it was a microwave potato chip maker. I have a hard time resisting a kitchen gadget at the best of times, but when it is free, it’s twice as potent!

The potato chip maker was still in its original packaging with the instructions printed inside the box, so I know that it was purchased but never used. (I had to destroy the packaging to get at the instructions.) While researching my new find, I also found more recipes and ways of making potato chips in the microwave without the special round potato chip holder.  (See .)

We enjoyed the microwave potato chips. They’re not  greasy and are only as salty as we want to make them, which we all felt was a plus.  My potato chip maker is very simple. It is just a round tray with slots in it so that the potato slices can stand on their edges as they cook. Other microwave potato chip makers also include cutters and bowls. On ebay, they range in price from 1 cent and shipping to $11-$12! Free was the right price for me! Begonia

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Mandolin Slicer


This slicer cuts the potatoes to the perfect 1/16th-inch width to fit in the microwave potato chip cooker. You could also use a food processor or a very sharp knife and a very steady hand.

Soak the Potato Slices


This gets rid of the extra starch--you are supposed to soak them for 10 minutes.

Potato Slices Laid Out on a Towel and Blotted Dry


At this point, you can add whatever seasoning you wish.

Cooking the Chips




The amount of time it takes to cook the chips depends on how you season them and the wattage of your microwave. It is best to stay close as they cook. The first couple of batches are experiments!

Finished Chips!



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