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Blog: My Little Farm in Town

Spring Has Sprung!

Monday, April 12, 2010

We are having some nice warm weather after almost 2 inches of rain. The temperatures are in the 60°s F. Everything is growing, and a lot of the early bulbs and flowering bushes are blooming. The birds are back—we’ve been watching Sandhill cranes, great blue herons, lots of raptors, and even one kingfisher. Today, I want to share some of what we are enjoying on My Little Farm in Town after a cold, snowy winter.  Begonia


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First hellebore! Worth the wait.


I planted this hellebore almost FOUR YEARS ago, and it is blooming for the first time this year! They weren't kidding when they say these plants take a few years to get established!

Dwarf Forsythea...patience pays off.


This is one of two bushes I dug and transplanted. They had rooted on their own in the bark chip mulch around the mother bush. I shared one with a neighbor, and both are blooming fully for the first time this spring.

Tulips and Hen


These tulips were the wrong color for a neighbor's garden, so she gave them to my daughter to plant in her garden along with the little hen that reminds of our first chick--The Budge.

Lamb's Ear Heart


I had a lot of lamb's ear available when I planted a new flowering border in my "back 40"--several of these hearts where the result of planting in threes. They make me smile every morning when I go out to collect eggs and tend my biddies.


I love the small bulbs--they are always the first to brighten the front yard!



More Crocus!


These little beauties are popping up in unexpected places. My favorite bulbs are those that naturalize!

Blood Root


This is a wild flower that started in my shade rock garden and has spread delightfully. We enjoy their flowers for a brief time in the spring, but their leaves are interesting all summer.


Great flowers
Monday, April 12, 2010 | By Rylae

Hey, great spring show of flowers you have there my friend. Just writing you a letter - well the usual epic so you may get it next month! This is one of my daffodils. Sxx

image: Great flowers

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